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He is a shock?! I expecting this sort of anti Muslim rallies last in 2015 and yet it's suddenly happening now?! Bizarre.

Also bizarre is that it's the unlikely country of Germany where these rallies are being held.

Now this has been in the cards for so long because people, will read western societies, have quite literally bend scared into saying anything because it's become very fashionable to whack a racist sticker on your forehead. In fact it's being widely abused by then in this subject and I had an Arab play a race card simply because I wish nor allow him to jump in front offer me in a queue for the ATM at Tescos.

I can also tell you you there when he did play the race card yet up women at the other two ATM's, one white and one black, is launched a tirade of anger and abuse at him!

Now what I found out at this time, along with another incident of two black women living the air and dancing when they realised a Muslim family were moving away from them?!

What they did not know is they were only moving a couple of hundred yards!

The is a real problem is Europe and it is biggest in the big three of Britain (obvious), France (I did not know about and bigger than Britain's) and now Germany.

I am sorry but I am afraid those being portrayed Scott only haves themselves to blame. They have an excuse fur everything being that the culture and card thing game. Also and as I have often been told by people from around the world... we get the shite and criminal element here. I am not sure if this is the case in France and Germany.

I can tell you that it's worrying that such large sections of the societies of Britain, France and Germany are all saying the exact same thing has to simply be the for time in history thus had ever occurred?! Not even the end of World War 2 could match this common cause!

Sorry but your still get no sympathy from me because you lie,  thieve, cheat and I know for a fact that they end this is perfectly achieve to do if your... 1) Not a Muslim and 2) A woman.

Also those that always appear on the news condemning sine act of violence or bombing only seen you do so because they need to?! Yet that's about as far as it every goes and it does feel like they are cowards waiting for others to do the dirty work before they step in and take over.

The completely blind morons of The Human Rights Group have something failed to see this and also they have helped create this tension because the rest of these societies have bed treated like shite for year after year while they get everything.

I have even seen incidents where they have thrown it in people's faces too!

My correspondences on here involve ALL the above and including the Human Rights Group. I tossed then straight shot some very serious things going on towards children,  my own,  and what they had been put through.

I did not get a response.

In fact I can tell you with complete confidence that each and every single organisation I ever sent emails to simply had no understanding of computers or Information Technology in general.

Each and every idiot that ignored me, I always did this repeatedly and now you know why, failed to realise that I could show that they ignored me.  All my emails for saved, both coming and going!

Now that they have screwed everything up where are they? Are they trying... even making any effort whatsoever to correct the pissholes they have created in the UK?

I have watched Londoners slowly get forced further and further out of London only being replaced by an Ethnic Minority.

You cannot bang your human rights drum or the political correct card to force this behavior to change! Banff on about things and what is inevitable is that people so saying things and bottle it up inside instead! Quite how they failed to raise that they were basically putting a kettle in the boil and that sooner or later the pressure from the stream will blow the lid clean off.

So now you have a growing number of people who have been here for hundreds if not thousands of years now complaining and protesting.

What are you going to do?

Tell everyone, the world, they are all the scum end of society?

Ignore them?

Tell them...sorry, no drum into then yet again which dutodes boot work hoe they should think and feel? You tried that and look where that got you?

Hmm how about shoot them? You have not yet that one add you obviously won't give in and address the fears of your own people who are beginning to feel betrayed and genuinely in danger?

This is only going to get a great deal worse as both 2015 and 2016 progresses and taking side swiped at them is not going to help.

Mind you I say all that but I know nothing about this group,  they could be some supremacist outfit that this it's the master race? Lol. Again!

It often looks to me that the powerful and politicians in Europe FPO not want to deal with this issue themselves so are winding up the public hoping that a civil war, lol if it can be called that, whereby those that the problems see as the worst of cultures kill each other doing the jobs for them?!

I don't know about you but I'm bout one to accept being used and manipulated to ski the things they have not got the guts to do it themselves!

My word I am completely out of it and it's shut to get worse because I've taken more Tramadol. The headache is a killer.

If this situation is not dealt with your not going to have a few people hurt in a riot or unrest, oh no. Despite their cocky nature and master race attitude despite being 300 years behind anyone else and they're women boot allowed to be intelligent at all,  because they will realise their men are twats,. Muslims are vastly outnumbered and it would be a ROUT!

Then all the criminal elements would no doubt move into another country and lie about their lives being in mortal danger? I have heard so many stories of them boasting they made this up ages we are all stupid? Well no, the stupid ones are the PC crowd of twats  and the Local Councils who thin themselves so bloody smart it's laughable! Lol.

Here then is a link to the BBC report about these Anti-Islam protests in Germany..

Rival German rallies over Islam

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