Monday, 5 January 2015


First off and right here and now...  what?!

Not only was I shady at this comment made by those within the council I claim are cut off from reality and vastly overpaid for doing feck all.

A councillor in a local council,  Newcastle I think,  stared that a girl called Serena Bowes could not haves been tattooed because she was too... UGLY?!

Your not by the way far from it.

It's also a completely and utterly stupid thing to say and God,  the knob actually said he was tired and that's why he said it?!

For feck sake keep him are from Beer!!

What an absolute joke this twat is and no matter which four corners of England you go to the same thing applies! Oh boy it did not like the word 'supplies', lol. These organizations are rife with morons and I do not know how they're are so many? I don't know how the situation is in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland but I hope for their sake they do but have the dagger half-wits!

'Too ugly' rape jibe councillor quits

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