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This is not the something big coming...that is still coming it seems. Will be this week and it states tomorrow but that might not be the actual date.

Anyway this is not it ...

I mentioned before that I had been playing my first online game and it is very suspicious in thew way it plays. On mentioning it to one UBI Soft they came out with something extremely annoying and not really been a problems, well in developed countries, for a couple decades. Maybe one? I cannmot remember. But it was 'lag'.

Now Lag is when your connection is slow. Basically what happens is your connection is getting the data to map everything out you can see late. Think of it like lightning and thunder where the flash is the static letting rip but the noise comes so many seconds later?

So if someone is running across your line of sight and you have some serious lag then despite the fact they seem to appear in front of you...they are already gone.

This was a serious issue when everyone was using dial-up modems with a 56k connection. Even when ADSL came out it was still an issue. However when broadband came out...BOOM! No issues unless your lied to about your broadband. Yes I do have some issues with my 3G broadband connection but bizarrely the issues only crop up on some things and with some devices it worse than others?!

My web surfing on my desktop computer that has a 4 CPU core and 8 GPU core (general computing for CPU and Graphics and Gaming for GPU) and surfs pretty much OK. Oddly my supposedly super fast Advent Tegra Note 7 tablet with its nVidia Tegra 4 chip having 5 cores is slow and the Amazon App is bloody useless, often given me a blank screen when I select an item. Bad business because this is costing them a lot of money! You would think they would get that right? Well its not just restricted to my tablet and the same occurs on my Moto G too?! Surfing the wb is a bit slower on the tablet than on the desktop.

Now heres the thing! I am afraid this is topsey turvey and I have known for some time now that something is wrong and deliberately so. There is a damn good chance this is to manipulate people into buying another device for the latest service. Oh yeah and I might as well mention that 4G is crap apparently according to fgures I have seen and there is a new modem chip coming out in Samsung phones later in 2015. Most tech journalists seem to think this will ber called 5G!

I did state that this 4G and the pricing, by EE mainly, was decidedly iffy as well as wrong. I am rarely wrong...oh it does happen trust me on that but the majority of the time and am normally in the ball park somewhere.

Anyway I asked some very ... awkward questions about their pricing as I keep getting hit in the face everytime I start the game to give them, ANOTHER, £20 for things that are only cosmetic and you wont notice. Well that is until you kill someone and they get shown who shot them and all the toys I have when i did that?!

What the FECK UBI Soft? Was this designed for 5 year olds?! Lol.

Plus I hate this pay to win crap and am already giving tyhe industry a headache over this which will only get more painful over the next year or two. One stupid arse developer stated thats the way its going?! Translated this means "We want to be far more lazy but increase the millions we already have coming in!" It also is a problem because they are no longer games anymore. They just are not!

Hmm a comparison?

Right if your fron anywhere in the world and your into football, if your American you can think your American foootball if you wish. Let us assume you all have a team you supprt avidly? If you do not imagine that you did, or something similar.

Right now think of your teams arch enemy? My team is Tottenham Hotspur or Spurs as I like to call them. Not the American nasketball team, no. Their arch rivals are Arsenal. Manchester United's change a fair deal and was Liverpool but more Manchester City of late.

OK now the big derby is coming up? Your all excited and your in the stadium or in front of the TV waiting for the teams to appear when they announce that your team has to play bare footed while the others do not? Fair?

If it is not fair does it remain a game? Quite simply, no.

Angrily I tried to explain this to UBI Soft and I had already pointed out that I was shot in the head behind a wall that I did not even peek up from?!

Also and jusy yesterday I filmed a seqence where my team was being thrashed, I ended up with awards at times like this because I get more determined. Me and a  team mate was in a room and despite the fact I had thought and hoped the game would be tactical, well it IS called Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms, instead everyone just runs around shooting people. Well how it works it someone shoots someone else who then gets shot, respawn and repeat. Sometimes if your lucky and focused you can get what is called a Kill Streak together. But this particular time we are in this room. There is a squad team mate and an opponent. I have shot the opponent several times and so has my team mate. While gtting frustrated yet again at the effing physics they insist exist in the game the opponent jumps down so he is lying on the floor. I am still shooting him as is my team mate. He then manages to shoot me and kill me and then my team mate?!

When you have been tactical and managed to remain hidden, worst if your right behiond someone and shoot them in the head, shoot someone a few times and then have them turn around and shoot you dead?!

Effing stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It is incompetent and I did use that word. In fact the whole game has you believing that your actually getting your arse kicked because he has better armour or weaponry. So you then buy some things to get up to their level and its fair...or so you think, lol. The reality is very much different I am afraid to say meaning that you just spent a load of money on things that were merely cosmetic.

It does not end there are there are...well all I can describe is colured items of both weaponry and clothing somer of the designs based on games like the different Assassins Creeds and Splinter Cell among others. Now if you saw what they were asking you of these items its incredible. Three or four times the price of the standard items. They have a slight improvement in armour defence or damage to opponents over the standard items but it will be neglibible. In fact this is true when going up from one tier to another in the weapons and the improvements are only a fraction of that jump in the specs.

Without working it out I am sure some items cost about the same as a full price full game? Like Dragon Age Inquisition or Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, yes, yes OK the latter was extremely short I know! Lol.

So the price of a whole game for a single item within the game?! Now consider there are dozens and dozens of items.

This to me is trapping kids into hading over stacks of cash. Not good.

I more or less said this to them when I complained and I stated "No wonder you give the game away for free?!" Lol.

After I typed out a post about the big event that has just occured I then attempted to log on and got a message, now they have had about £50 out of me, that my account was suspended?! Lol.

But I made a couple of transactions yesterday and I also do not cheat. I hate cheating because as I said earlier it is a game, like chess. You work out the puzzle and find a way to win while looing at some nice scenery along the way. Plus you can have interactions and discussions...inteligent ones I hope when I get around to it in a few weeks time?!

Anyway here is a screen shot after my accusations of them cheating people, well kids, out of money, lol...

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