Saturday, 24 January 2015


Yes will here is a BBC report with a recruitment video for GPs?

Well we all know why that is? Hmm but then maybe not?

Sometimes you just have to see way beyond the obvious and look at other possibilities.

Now as you know I an responsible for several GPs, I simply do not know the correct answer and locally is definitely one and possibly half a dozen while nationwide could be more?

Well the people that have caused all the damage, told all the lies and forced Doctors, GPs and Nurses to cheat patients are still there. In every respect... quite unfortunately. Still onwards and upwards... until people get it. Because turning a blind eye or accepting official lines is how they remain there cheating you. Because collectively you let them!

Right then... I want to ask you one simple question as the last line of this post. That's it and then you can go off and think about it when the pets that be have not got you chasing your tail so that you don't want to know because you naively believe it's not in your best interests. But cab you say the same for your children? Your elderly parents? Oh yeah, the question ...

Who is easier to manipulate into cheating the public while they keep getting impressive salaries ...

... the older, mature Doctors that have been on the NHS registry for years or decades ... or ones that are young, wet behind the ears, foreign and desperate to be in the UK?!

They have a hell of a lot of cancer patients to now lie to.

Food for thought as always dear readers, food for thought.

GP recruitment drive film 'tackles outdated stereotypes' -

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