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Now please pay attention?

This is a very, very cutr down version of most of this blog. Its a kind of summary of what has gone on thus far since its inception. However it came about asd there are people from my past popping up left right and centre that have no idea what I have been up to for the last ten to fifteen years.

A lot.

I dare say there will be some that will not like hearing it and refuse to believe it, even when someone we muitually knew says 'no, no, no ...' yadda, yadda, yadda. These people are, or not as the case may be, on my Facebook account and I dare say more will...emerge over the coming year or two?!

Right before I forget as I often do I am putting in the keyword 'MY HISTORY' so that I can quote that in future and people can do a search for this cut down version.

Once again more specific details, data and evidence will need you doing more specific searches using keyword relating to you or who or what you are involved in or believe have just been shafted by.

Now here is something I made earlier ...

A few … no a fair few people from my past have re-emerged on my peripheral vision of late and just today I started thinking about the things that have come to pass since we were last face to face.

It is fairly reasonable to assume that this will continue on over the next year or two.

Many have absolutely no idea of even just ten percent of that have taken place in the last 7 or even the last 12, outside of my father's death and appearance on TV.

Even though I have spoken briefly on Facebook and left the odd comment I have not spoken or even remarked at all of any of the things I have on here.

I am pretty sure a large chuck of them are not even aware I acquired a BSc Single Honours degree from Middlesex University in Applied Computing? Or the fact that I turned down a PhD which would have involved creating software to teach keyhole surgeons on how to perform...well their surgery.

I am really not one to want to go over a large list of things for a whole range of reasons so I thought about creating a post, though first off in Open Office, and typing out a short version for those in my past who wanted … umm a brief version?! Lol.

Well there are two out of the way already my degree and the big mistake of turning down that PhD I have regretted ever since.

Well I had three deaths in the family over a few short years being my Nan, Dad and then my Uncle and there are some shenanigans going on about my grandfathers...let us say possessions but I really want nothing to do with any of it, including him. Though I can advise to say approach the right people, professionals and solicitors in the right way. Well if someone is turning into a grand scale thief then they need to face the punishment of being one and this blog has one intention of being one huge embarrassment to a whole list of people when the time comes around.

Hmm now there are three more out of the way and they will likely know that my father was set-up, falsely accused and embarrassed on national TV by the BBC and Nick Knowles. I would not even have to explain the reasoning there as all of them and the 500 people at his funeral all knew the truth and have likely spent the last ten years telling the story of him and the BBC to a great many others.

Now I they knew I had a daughter and that she was taken way from me and a legal battle started up as I was extremely worried about my ex-girlfriend's mental health. Well I still am and believe me when I state that Sylvia's...problem ended up being far, far worse than even I thought it would be!

Liverpool Hight Court and the judge took no notice nor did the Social Workers Department of Wirral Council who then later realised and spent a decade covering it up. Bad move because I found out and wrapped up with my anger towards them they also got the anger towards myself for not trusting my instincts from around 2005. I also made the mistake at the time of deciding not to do anything at all and pulled out of another legal battle because I trusted that the authorities, namely Wirral Council Social Services, would do the best for my daughter as all Social Workers Departments within Local Councils claim that they do right across the country? I could not have been more wrong and they actually knowingly put children through horrific periods of time lasting years to not only make themselves look good but cover up their mistakes.

Then imagine my reaction when I discover at the same time that this was all being covered up that my daughter was being held against her will by radicalised Muslims that were indeed making plans at the time (err this was 2010 so you figure out what the plans involved two years later) she had two children prior to turning 16 and had them stolen from her by her mother who also deliberately made her homeless and the radicals were keeping her bank card as their own and helping themselves to her benefits each fortnight while living in homes and owning, running shops that we paid for?!

You cannot get close to making up my shit, not even CLOSE.

Now I am not going to go into detail here about WHAT I did regarding their...plans but I will state that there are a whole load of recordings on this blog of meetings with detectives (FROM MERSEYSIDE POLICE) that visited me, yes 250 mile trip, and correspondence between myself and both MI5 and GCHQ. The feckers went on to say that they did it all by listening in on us?! Err...NO!

All the detail to that is online too. No restrictions and no passwords.

Now as regards to me personally, not going into battle to do both the jobs of two Police Forces and the secret services, it really is so NOT like James Bond, I also had some ongoing ones with Local Councils and the NHS, DWP and someone called Atos. I kind of lump these all in together because they work in cahoots with each other, whether the front line staff no it or not.

Turns out I have a hereditary condition that is a disability and a not very nice one. I had symptoms twenty years ago but they were nothing major and no Doctors knew what they were and I just got on with them. Just over a decade ago, well around 2001 when I left university, I started to get some more notable and ever more debilitating symptoms. I therefore started to ask...somewhat more sternly. It was then I was strangely getting refused referrals, treatment and diagnosis. I started to get suspicious and had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that I was being lied to by both General Practitioners and hospitals.

As I was beginning to make noises over this I decided to sell a bike I had custom made to pay for an MRI they were repeatedly refusing me. The nest thing I know is that some big arsed bailiffs turned up and attacked me! One was around 6ft 2 and the other about 5ft 7. Looking like turbo versions of Grant and Phil Mitchell. They hit me from behind and I hit my wooden stairs face down. That was their first mistake when the next thing I knew I was holding the neck of the biggest one in my left hand and had him pinned against the wall and not really sure how I got there. Was not the first time something like that had happened to me. I am pretty sure it wont be the last either.

Deciding not to kill this guy who had a terrified look on his face while has mate now looking not so hard and terrified himself decided to stay outside. They took some bits to the value of around £4,000 give or take.

This was for a parking ticket. One I thought quashed. I was told I would get £3,000 which would pay for my MRI.

They took a brand new Blu-Ray Player costing £350, Omega Seamaster Watch worth £700+ a Samsung Series 5 TV brand new I paid £1,500 for and a cheap Toshiba DVD Upscaler and my £4,400 Litespeed Ocoee Mountain Bike which featured with my name in a copy of What Mountain Bike Magazine one June!

I never got any cash.

They told me later they got £400.00 for all of it at Plaistow Valuers and Auctioneers, used in TV series by Channel 4 or 5.

I knew they were lying.

The people that built the bike found out how much it really sold for as they had a friend who spotted it and called them about it. It sold for £2,800. I still have the email conversations with the builders over this.

On a site called Consumer Action Group I was intercepted by someone offering to help. Instead they vanished after getting the details of one the main witness who also himself vanished into thin air. The witness name was Tony Murray and I still have the email with his phone number that went offline.

I still had the issue of trying to find out what was wrong with me and the DWP lying about medical evidence and refusing to help me ion anyway. Well they did for a bit, but then decided they were not doing that any more despite my symptoms getting both worse and more numerous.

Many had decided that they were much smarter than me based on their degree subject. Around 8 years ago I decided to prove them wrong and I gathered together all the documents I had kept for the last 20 years plus and acquired some recording equipment. I then spent the next 8 years, including the period where radical Muslims came into it, and recorded absolutely everything. I also very much DO mean everything. And then some.

To give you an idea I was told by both departing Police Detectives and MI5 that “You are a … GENIUS!” I simply said “Yeah I get that a lot”.

It turns out there is a reason lying behind my genius and … well I did have a suspicion if I am honest.

Across no less than five hospitals and as many GPO surgeries and three dozen or more health professionals I get an absolute mountain of stuff...

Lies about drugs, drug families, maximum daily doses, existence of various NHS departments including both Podiatry and departments that deal with my condition of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Contradiction galore.

I also got just as much on the DWP and Atos, lied about home visits, lied about not getting here for home visits, lied about how many times they made appointments, lied about what one GP of mine told them, her name was Dr Huq and announced immediate retirement when she realised that the |DWP lied about her to me stating to staff she had 'had enough'. Then I had two following GPs lie in such a way we rowed....loudly...then there was a conspiracy to first say I was mental, failed miserably, and them say I was violent, also failed and was kicked off a register over it. Next GP they also thought themselves smart and started to lie and manipulate me upon request of the NHS. This failed too and they did not realise but did at the end that I had recorded them. Someone at the NHS discovered this blog...made a phone-call to them and after a big row, with their patients all sitting in the waiting room open mouthed at me shouting for their benefit “and I don't like being FUCKING lied to” they kicked me off the register because, as we rowed about in our meeting, they said me recording them was illegal. UMM … NO!

Not only was he wrong I warned him that I will prove that both he and the NHS are not only talking bollocks and lying but I will prove it and that if he and his dad decide to side with the big evil corporation they WILL lose. I then pointed out that I really could not give a fuck either way! They chose...poorly.

After watching me switch off two devices I had about my person he them sent me a letter kicking me off as the entire appointment was STILL recorded including him refusing to give the the Pregabalin drugs, the only reason I manipulated them into referring me to Guy's Hospital, he then refused because it did not state this on the letter, with a smirk. SO I reached into my military backpack and pulled out a DVD and slammed it onto his desk...”what’s that?!” he said as he lurched away like it was a sample of Ebola in a test tube! “ the recording of the appointment with Dr Kirkham at Guy's Hospital whereby he not only PRESCRIBES PREGABALIN but he also spots something with my right knee, which as been spotted before and then the NHS has done everything they can not to look at it and even looking at my feet and not my knee once in an appointment that was to do with my knee and a MRI scan on my knee that was cancelled and them lied about? Well there is the Doctor first spotting it and then placing his hand around the top of my knee and asking me to stiffen my leg and me screaming in both pain and shock! You will hear him clearly stating ...'Yeah, that is s separate issue you have their with your knee! Separate from your Fibromyalgia”!!

His response? “I cannot listen to that its not proof.”

Mine to that? “Err but that’s his voice! It is far batter proof than your bloody letter!”

He then states that it is illegal for him to listen to it, YAWN!

I say it is not I then offer for him to take it, speak to his lawyer and then listen to it when his lawyer tells him it is not illegal. He refuses. I offer to return after he has spoken to his lawyer. He refuses.

Of course he now has no bloody idea that I am still recording as I lead him on to say ever more things and refuse more options. THAT … recording is on here.

He also has no idea that I have been doing this for a number of years now, blowing to fecking pieces the NHS attempts to label me as both mad then violent, and nor does he know that a year before hand I recorded a specialist at Chase Farm Hospital, Darren Francis, lying to me about an ultrasound scan that he said had nothing on it but actually showed a black patch in the inguinal hernia repair area that cause pain and a second inguinal hernia on the other side.

YES they lied about a condition that can kill you and YES they have only ever done one operation on me for a condition that was not painful but now is.

I did tell you that you cannot make this shit up? I did say that I recorded EVERYTHING? Good.

Well on this tape I accuse him of falsifying the results and he admits it.

Only when I started all this, as your now thinking about governing bodies and ombudsman at this point, I knew the watchdogs were all corrupt too. Yes I contacted each and everyone and yes I recorded everything I did and kept everything I got and yes its all on here.

Surprised? I can also hear you thinking … 'But he said this was the short version?!'

Well I am not going to go into details of the above nor am I explaining the list below I am, not mentioning at... so all ombudsman and …

HMRC, GMC, NICE, NEWS MEDIA (oh yes) errrr I get memory loss as a result of Fibromyalgia and it has its own name of Fibrofog, its a pain in the arse! I get that too! LMAO!

Trust me when I say its still ongoing but that they are all on the back foot now and have been for several months.

Also as regards evidence...what is on here runs into many gigabytes and in itself is incontrovertible and … not even all of it...because I got a bad habit of forgetting...ooh remember?! LMAO!

I have forgotten to catalogue and rename a very large portion of my recordings from the day I started. I used a few cloud storage services to allow access on here to anyone...err victims in need of help and am not going to pick and choose who is worthy of help. BUT … DATA measures over 100GB or I can fill 20 DVDs with all the crap!!

If you really want to raise your eyebrows I suggest you do a search on THE FOUR DVDs?

I have a set of four dvds's (yeah go figure) and I called them this for a reason. Two dozen sets or more were made of them containing of almost 20GB of this data. They went to four TV News Networks along with a couple dozen tabloids. By recorded delivery, ooh I so love recorded delivery. I even have DNA of the Police Detectives. Hehe.

What is funny is the 5 hour plus recording of the two detectives in my home was in two parts unintentionally...because the bloody app hit a file size limit and switched off! I them told them my phone had disconnected from the Internet and that I had to restart it so right in front of them I re-started the app I was using to record their visit!

Well I think that loosely sums up what I have been up to since we last met and leaves everyone else in little doubt as to both the contents of this blog, my abilities … (yeah I did not get into the Kung Fu and weapons stuff, lol) and the things I claim because I only mention my theories when I already possess the evidence.

Oh yeah and you can bet your bottom dollar that the scrutinise this site looking for a weakness and figuring out a way to stop me and shut me down along with what I may do next?

Yeah...I learned a very, very long list of things since we last met. A humongous amount.

They wont win. They were NEVER going to win. I did warn them about this several times many of which are likely on the recordings. They most certainly are in the hundreds of letters, emails and reports that they received from me.

Oddly they do not seem to have any now. Especially funny is the fact that the FOI section of the DWP and Atos claim that … they do not possess a single medical document on me?!

1 Because I knew they would bin them …
2 I can prove that they do from both me and GP's
3 Even if they NEVER had any how have they refused me three times in the last two years?!
4 My latest application, PIPS, was just refused after taking a whole year so how did they manage to NOT WRITE to my GP in that time? I knew they had not … because as stated I changed my GP twice after being kicked off

I have a suspicion that after seeing some odd building work going on at the last GP to kick me off that they have realised their mistake and left the NHS register. Well I suppose they could have been kicked off?! For a number of reasons to. I could be wrong but I am going with them quitting the NHS as they realised they would leave them high and dry? The DWP and Atos obviously have an agreement with the NHS to destroy any files they have with falsified information regarding patients.

The one thing you learn is I simply do NOT use question marks when I am absolutely sure.

Oooh yeah I just remembered another thing IU got wrapped up in … most of the crap sold in this country electronic wise is refurbished and used shit from America.

Yeah, sorry about that.

No? You do not believe me? Now what is it I said all along?! LMAO!

Hmm now that I look at it again ... my, my I did do well keeping that short!! Lol.

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