Wednesday, 28 January 2015


OK I apologise for those who ... umm ... may have been waiting? Lol!

The other night I had my landlord comeing round with a new washing machine as mine had packed up for daysd and I was buying, ooh little clue there, loads of new clothes to keep me from selling like a horses anus, lol. I had also ... umm mislaid the documents I had the night before and could not look for them when the landlord was here.

As for yesterday...I really do not remember. I have been busy on a shopping spree for days and getting a little...umm lost and confused at times as well as forgetting things.

In fact I have been thinking a great deal about my own psychology in all this as its all been a bit mad and topsy turvey but in a good way. However I did note that bloody news report about Amiptriptyline causing dementia?!

For those that have forgotten or do not know Amitriptyline is a drug that I did not want to take and instead wanted Pregabalin. I was refused Pregabalin by several Doctors, was promised it by Dr Kirkham who is a Fibromyalgia Syndrom specialist in the Orthoipaedic Department of Guy's Hospital but when the letter arrived at my...last GP neither the drug Pregabalin was mentioned and nor was the fact that he spotted something wrong with my right knee, put it to the test which had me surprisingly experience a sharp pain and shout out. Not as loud as I had previously thought but ... well the recording of that is on here. So is the letter ommitting mention of either the drug or the knee, good job the Fibromyalgia confirmation was on there as I would have become violent and knocked someone spark out.

I do not agree with violence or hitting any health staff, but when they lie and cheat about things and even those which can and will kill you then....they are not only NOT Doctors to me anymore they are not even human.

Several still practice within the NHS though!


I won. Well partially.

The DWP caved in and without any medical evidence whatsoever they agreed to pay me Personal Independent Payments and backdated it 7 months longer than several people insisted I would get. A year in other words!!

Umm I presume I mentioned in a post the phonecall I got from them two days after posting those letters I flicked through in a YouTube film? Told me it would be sorted in two weeks and I told my Doctor I do not know how they think they are going to get a form to him and him fill it and send it back in 14 days? Especially has he only has his clinic one day a week.

In fact I will tell you how good they are currently as after forgetting for 5 days I actually remembered to go in there and ask them for the Tramadol they forgot to give me. I left a little noted and as I walked out a kind lady came out calling my name and it turned out there was a prescription already there waiting for me?!

Now thats professionalism for you! That is what I would do...probably land on my face but it is what I would do, lol.

Now before I go ahead with putting the scanned documents in this post I want to explain that within this post is a detailed description of how councils use trickery for everything. Forget the parking tickets they are evil and corrupt and do it with everything right down to council tax and housing benefit. A quick example that is coming up in a later post...

Never paid my full rent, never warned me.

Told if I cancel and reapply they will pay full rent and I would lose a weeks money, I did and lost the weeks money and they still did not pay the full rent.

When I lost my DLA, Disability, they were wrongly informed, err Serco?, and put my rent payments down because I did not get DLA anymore.

I have a letter coming up that states once again they have been informed that I am now getting my Disability, or Personal Independent Payments which I warned you all was a trick, and guess what Enfield Council went and did?

Put my rent wait? DOWN!!

My ten day shopping spree for ... TOOLS coming up in part two...with some videos to boot!

Piccies ... then I am off to play Dragon Age Inquisition! Lol!

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