Monday, 12 January 2015


Will this is one announcement that I never thought that a certain bunch of people within the NHS would ever have the balls to make while still sitting in their made up jobs sticking the life out of patients?!

Now they are doing this quite literally!

I simply cannot believe it. It is stunning and it seems my work add far as the evil corporation guess is done.

There is nothing left to talking about, whine about our argue about. It speaks for itself that your paying for dozens and dozens of offices throughout the UK that do nothing but seen to think they are mute deserving of your hard paid taxes than those suffering from cancer?!

Really, what more is there to say? Nothing. Well not to anyone with more than six brain cells working add a team that is. In fact that's suddenly their problem all over everywhere, the UFOs in owe that is. They actually think that we are actually more stood than they are? Or that they think the majority (or enough that is) of us are? Because their answer to the fact that the people of Britain have become completely feed up with their lying is to nor only lie some more but to be more patronising towers us in their speeches too?!

Keep up the good work! Your on exactly the right track! Just keep it coming and keep on going!
No, no it's not the right track for you but it is the right track for me!! Lol!

Keep on rewarding yourselves and not the people you were setup to serve in the first place. Keep in showing just how utterly fucked up and all backwards the UK, it's government and it's priorities are! More to the point your showing the rest of the world you not just America's pussy boys and guess thugs but your also showing them that we as a country cannot be trusted. So we'll get no money at all and you will then court everything so that you still get paid. Only by then there will be next to nothing of the Police forces and tens of millions of angry mobster Brits?! By them someone would have worked out what all your addresses are by then and likely posted them online?!

What you don't think do-gooders cone in different flavors? From the ones thinking themselves warriors of God but only disciples of the devil to hackers from Anonymous up to groups of angry IT workers or hangers that know you have ripped everyone off?

I would not want to be in that position for all the tea in China, so it had better be sure it was all worth it?! Lol.

Cutting cancer treatments?! I mean, REALLY?! Are you that fucking thick and heartless?! New balls, please! I mean new staff and organisation, please.

Cuts to cancer treatments announced

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