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Right ridiculous!

Just like the complete joke of gaming I want to talk about I want to have a go at Google for their total destruction of Android, rendering blindness of tech journalists (or either do not know what the hell they are doing) and screwing up YouTube.

This is the third time now I have written this out and the last two were lost because their Chrome, yeah probably well on the way to breaking that too through narrow mindedness of trying too hard, lol,to achieve world domination by owning the Internet. Would the real parents of Stewie Griffin please come to aisle three please?!

Now I have a rule and that is to not type anything out in the description when uploading a video to YouTube because just like their blogger and blogger Android App...ooh and Android it is no longer fit for purpose! They are obviously still aiming on world domination by aiming everything at children, so like toys and not tools they do not work all the time...

...well they are called 'Google' you know. Ever thought about the executives or even coders sitting around a table thinking up serious business names? Imagine someone saying “How about...GOOGLE?!”? I would immediately request a blood test to see if they are intoxicated. I believe it was something to appeal to the new computer literate generation while they were you and impressionable and that the parents would just follow suit.

There were a number of perfectly good search engines around long before Google, like Yahoo being the most well known. Universities and lecturers, well here in the UK anyway, used Altavista as well as Netscape.

Anyhoo...back on subject before I go meandering off on a history lesson.

Here is what I believe to be a good example of what I have been absolutely astounded by since I returned to gaming in a big way, or read that as having a system where I did not wonder, or indeed KNOW, that my PC would run it or not.

Or in other words I had a few Bethesda titles, you do not need to ask me which ones now do you? These ran on my laptop.

Now the only game I thought was bad while on my laptop was actually the title Dirt 3. This was...simply confusing. The game ran OK, albeit with the setting turned down, but for the first time I had ever come across the MENUS did not?! Totally unheard of in my universe! Oh yeah and its stubborn insistence on running in windowed mode too.

I simply cannot believe that state that games are in and yup I did not like the idea of Steam when Half-Life 2 first came out, I go into greater detail on my computing blog. Now what just occurred over this last Christmas, 2014 if this is a year or three later your reading this, is a perfect example of why this is and I am afraid to say only giving fuel to the game cracking crowd as well as the 'software should be free and for the masses' crowd too.

Now if you do not want to be seen or viewed as a big and evil corporation then at least try and stop every move you make and every things you say look like something a big evil corporation would do!

The funny thing is I have known how bad things are and have done for years but the Internet exposes many things, somewhat too much at times. One of them is that these big evil corporations get seen for what they are by 'the masses'. It also spreads like wildfire and I find it completely hilarious that groups that thought so highly of themselves, both intellectually and their God complexes, failed to realise that this would happen.

Maybe they are run by an idiot board thatr do not even own a smart-phone to this day and are all old draconian dried up shrivelled bits of skin covered skeletons that believe the second world war ended a few weeks back?

Here is a tip for them...

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, harp on about piracy when your doing the exact same thing as they are in effect.

You write one bit of code, a game, for a console and then use the same code and sell it for machines it is not optimised for. So in effect your basically stealing the money from gamers for doing...well fucking nothing really! That alone to me is dishonest, lazy and greedy without getting into the reasons behind one lot of theft being lack of money and the other lot just pure and simple evil greed.

I have stated on various blogs, groan there is a list and the most popular on corruption, that the hypocrisy that exists is totally and utterly unbelievable and that if people watch closely as each excuse is dealt with their excuse for utter greed and gluttony will remain the exact same as it always has.

Oddly the Conservative Party currently in power proved that and so every time that we, or at least I, hear them calling the Labour Party things like this in the House Of Commons I literally laugh and then shudder with fear as I first think … 'Oh my God, you don't think the British Public are stupid enough to buy this crap any more? Umm, are they?'

Another very recent example is people noting large fluctuations in the wholesale prices of things and that when an announcement that they are going up, the retail prices go up immediately despite not even having bought anything wholesale at this price yet. But WHEN it comes down its weeks or even MONTHS before the retail prices come back down to where they were. Even when the globe has been in a financial crisis for over 5 years and everyone is pissed off at absolutely everyone in big corporations, governments and public services.

Example? Oh, yeah sorry...OIL! Petrol prcies shoot upwards literally overnight and come down overmonth, ooh I coined a new word?! One for greed...the overmonth, lol.

In this game of Splinter Cell Blacklist I was shocked at the game controls and dear God after witnessing this atrocity that I personally would not have my name linked to as a coder! It is terribly designed (not realistic in its maps or opposing force behaviour), idiotic load outs (you don't send someone into the heart of the middle east with two useless guns and a restriction on the number of bullets) and have a control system of no less than FOUR TITLES in your Tom Clancy series with totally different control systems to each other!!

What angers me even more than these greedy, fat, lazy wonkers doing this are the other ones paid a salary in a organisation that is supposed to stop us being ripped off like this?! But today the downside is that the more money you can demand the more right you have to rip people off and act as if you have a right by birthright to be handed vast volumes of cash belonging to the wider and poorer public?!

It is also evil worthy that the corporations that expect this latched onto something that has a far greater drive in us even more so than SEX to do this...or play. Playing is a strong mammalian instinct because it helps us to survive in the big bad world. Kittens do it, puppies do it and WE do it. Polar Bears have recently been filmed turning up at a place where Huskeys are tied up and playing with them before the sea freezes over and they go off looking for Seals! He even turns up with a few friends too these days!

They are called addictions for a reason. Because at the end of the day it comes down to chemicals, whether these are actually produced by our own bodies and inserted into them one way or another. It is also escapism which we have needed more and more over the years because these people insist on doing things there way, giving us some crap at how it only works their way and they make the world go around (like FECK...OFF!)?! Narrow minded morons cut off from ANY kind of reality. Who would honestly want to be like that? No...don't answer that! Lol.

Now what these people need to do is be taught a few lessons. No not one or two but a fair few and the very first thing they need to do is figure out that we, or at least some of us, can smell bullshite at 100 paces! Hmm maybe they might actually need to have it explained to them that they ARE actually talking BULLSHITE in the first instance?! Well they do sound dumber than a brain-damaged while terrified kitten shrieking when I hear them speak.

They also need to be taught several lessons, no not just an EXAMPLE, of why they cannot do this any more. Like what happened to a bankers house but more widespread.

You see when it only happens to one or two all the others sit atop their empires of evil sniggering at the ones that have just been caught out and knowing or just hoping that they will benefit fro the demise of someone similar to them.

You see that is the one thing that evil doers have as an Achilles Heel that simply fail to take into account...there is no trust among them all and this can be used against them. I personally have over 100GB of data of them lying and cheating the public over and over again. Now we are into the phase where not one of them wants to take the blame and started pointing fingers at each other.

Forces for good, whether based on some form of friendship, comradeship (not I am not a commie lol), belief in some sort of daft idea or deity or even just family is that these can not only work in large numbers but that all of these can COMBINE into far greater numbers. These rish and powerful cannot … ooh I just thought …

Yeah they can hire large numbers of thugs. Most countries call them the Police!

Yes the Police who are supposed to protect the public but in the last couple of decades have shown that quite the opposite is true and that this is getting worse all the time.

Lol, can tell you that this is also true and widespread of Doctors in the UK and they take a Hippocratic oath so therefore showing that British people, no matter how highly professional they are viewed, will break that oath quite willingly at the right price, set of perks...or even in acts of self preservation.

Many things start off with a thought along the lines of 'oh, it is only a little lie' or a white lie or something seemingly insignificant but that is how it starts. That is how I watched it start twenty years ago in a court room, of all places. From that moment I knew these times were coming and each following year I saw more and more evidence so much so that 4.5 years before the recession hit in the UK I predicted it would occur within 5 years. OOPS!

So this sets me up to highlight to these morons one other thing that they have failed to do thus far, that was so easily predictable that they would, and that is you better wake up and drop the act fast.

Some countries have had there...moments of unrest and trouble and yet the lies are still prevalent as is the avarice. This is not like any time in recent history, not the UK's history anyway. Your heading for a fall and I for one have been spending over two and a half years telling anyone that would listen, had around 200,000 visitors thus far, not to accept someone who was thrown on-top their own swords like that scientist at the start of the film Serenity.

I find this attitude of people most naïve and irritating as I know that the real culprits...understatement and I mean evil doers are sitting around somewhere laughing that the wider public did not even get close to knowing who the guilty ones are.

Well, yes. This is most certainly true of the wider public but I learned a long time ago that this was obviously going on because the same hit just kept happening and doing so far more frequently. Now what kind of analogy could I use to describe what is going on there?

Ooh I know...BANK ROBBERS?!

OK let us just say thieves in general? When someone is pushed, for whatever reason be it right or wrong, to steal for the first time (individually or larger collective) one of two things can happen. They might get away with it by the skin of their teeth and scared so much they never do it again? Or they could breeze through it without a hiccup and they are them extremely tempted to do it again? Of course there is always the third and obvious one and that is they actually get caught, locked up and once been through the system, especially the easy rides they get today, they re-offend?

When I look about today I see every single industry from what I have seen both public and private, save a few, as being totally corrupted and full of bullshit but speaking as if they are of some sort of higher authority despite the fact there isn't one plus they show themselves up for being uneducated (read embarrassing) and do not even get me started on blood or breeding, lol.

The final and funniest part of it all is the fact that these people are labelled in the media as 'bean counters' and yet it is staring both them and everyone else in the face that it is so easily proven that they so obviously cannot add up simple maths.

The last reason why its different today as to that of history is that the rich and the powerful exist as a ratio, or percentage if you will, of society. Now any idiot should realise from this that one is hugely different from the other and that the smaller number of people grows very slowly while the larger number grows very rapidly. If there is a finite amount of money and land most of which owned by the few you have a recipe for distaster. A disaster waiting to happen.

Nope, they most certainly cannot count and that is not all. They also fail to see that when an animals is cornered, has its hands tied and its mouth sewn up and then prodded you can keep on doing this and its cruelty. Should the animal escape somehow or a bunch of them teach each other to escape or escape TOGETHER and the one with the stick is now in a very precarious situation.

Now what do you think may happen in this scenario?

When the recession hit everyone said that capitalism was over and even journalists on TV and tabloids would have to report things very differently.

Changed much? Lol.

What really gets my blood boiling is that all this is caused by a group, or groups of people that not only have no bloody input into the design process or the coding and basically take a large chunk of the cash for lying to the customers. They also seem to understand very little, or just do not give a damn, about people and professionalism.

Or in other words the marketing, legal and board members!

Here are some some examples I put on YouTube, well the Splinter Cell ones mainly show the issues whereas the Dead Island Riptide videos do not show its faults but had to be uploaded quickly because Google, like they effing do with Blogger which Wordpress do not, limit you on words without actually warning you about this or even telling you the maximum number WHEN they tell you you have gone over the limit?!#

How and why these people develop their God complexes is totally beyond me, it rtuly is, lol.



Last two do not really show much of faults, or I dont think they do, Google just doing their crapfest again by first limiting you on stuff, like on Blogger when Wordpress does not do it and has cost me visitor numbers. Also they rather stupidly then tell you there is a maximum when you go ever it and do not bother telling you WHAT IT IS!!

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