Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Well I told you so.

I will also two you it will get a lot worse too unless they pull their heads out of their arses!

In a roundabout way your heading towards some very bad events. Everywhere.

I am here to show everyone that this has been known about for awhile and I have been predicting them on here... mostly successfully.

The question remains of that do you want to have a name that will go down in history as synonymous with not only being part of the darkest times but instead being directly responsible for them?

Well, do you?

I will always be here all the way through this and there are plenty of my predictions on here and plenty to come.

Can you be sure that there won't be books published? Books regarding these few years of difficulties and dark times? No books published day in the next year? Even two? Because if I was one of those that came into contact with me in the won't way, the worst way or leaders that tried to say they had no idea of knowing of the bad things that are going to happen? Yeah well this blog is here, had been here and will remain here.

I said repeatedly and started a long time ago that in time many things that do not seem relevant will actually become relevant over time.

I planned everything I did with a great deal not foresight than the end of the next financial year.
Did you?!

I previously already said that the health service was like the third world. I pointed out that people are queuing up to fly out to countries with no money to help them. Whether this is the late Ebola outbreak, Malaria, Polio, Dengi Fever or another one or better still in a worn torn country?!

Well why dies this not happen here?

Why is it I have three recordings of the NHS and Chase Farm Hospital who had mislead a load of poison sufferers and tried to get them to work for the hospital for free? Why was the Citizens Advice Bureau involved in this?! Among many others?!

Despite covering those three supposed pain support groups that were really a recruitment drive that had a friend I know after a porters job at Chase Farm Hospital immediately cease and desist?! Lol. Yes despite covering these there is more to those than meets the eye. I did not mention one thing because I wanted readers to make up their own minds.

Like no one was allowed to talk about their illnesses with each other at all? I knew of someone else attending something similar where they did openly speak about them. Why?

Maybe it was because those of us at ours all had been refused a diagnosis, well like me.

What would any of us thought if we discovered that out of all these thirty people all our most of us has no diagnosis?

I believe they knew mine and can prove that they knew what it was when that recruitment drive was taking place. Yes despite me diagnosing myself several months later they already knew. Should always be careful what you say to me, especially but not only because I'm recording it all!

So how much of a piss take so you think that is? Deliberately lying and not diagnosing or even keeping the diagnosis from a load of people in pain and thought all they were good for was to mislead and manipulate into working full time for free?!

What's funny is that when you listen to each of the hour plus long recordings they like telling you that they are doing it for nothing and our of their own pockets?!

What?! Did you miss that bit?

Hmm now out of the tens of gigabytes of data on here I wonder what else may have been missed?

Hmm I have over 100GB. I wonder that out of all that I lost track of just how much did I miss?! Lol.

Labour seeks summit to find A&E 'fix' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30705689

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