Monday, 12 January 2015


Well whaddya know? Yet another hack against the good old US of A and I have a sneaking couple of suspicions going on in my head now.

One is that this will now continue unabated, admittedly this might now seem obvious?! Lol!

Second that the friends of the good old US of A might now be snickering away thinking 'see what it feels like? Not nice is it? Even worse when it's your supposed mates!'

Hmm there was a third thing... but as is so often the case these days ... it's gone. Just as many years of my life have done, lol!

Anyway there seems to be a picture emerging and in fact I am now wondering whether it might turn out to be the case that several emerging picture start to appear almost simultaneously? Probably all very bad things too.

You know the trouble with trying to keep a lid on things is the pressure will airways build up to too great an about. Sure you can change it for a better lid and keep the issue in but eventually it's inevitable that instead of the pressure blowing the lid off and spilling over the rim but instead the next weakest point becomes the or edges of the pot and eventually... Boom!

What worries me is just how many of these things the morons that have run this country for several decades have gotten wrapped up in without our knowing?

US military's Twitter account hacked

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