Thursday, 31 May 2018


Right let me get this one straight?

A report linked below states that the DWP 'claims' it has no record of whether it showed Work Capability Assessments and its links to deaths to an expert it hired to review the assessment?

Well that is a completely worthless report. Something to do with an expert the DWP hired themselves, therefore corrupt, being shown some documents to do with deaths? Or in other words .. he might have slipped up? Nothing to see here .. move along.

Oh wait? There is .. something ..

Litchfield (pictured) published the final two independent reviews of the work capability assessment (WCA) in December 2013 and November 2014, but neither of his reviews mentioned the documents linking the WCA and the deaths of claimants.
Right .. let me get this one straight?

Two reviews were published in December 2013 and November 2014 but neither mentioned about the deaths being linked to the Work Capability Assessments? Riiight ..

So then these independent, which they probably are not as we have not fucking been told anything, would have taken a bloody long time. And the first was published in December 2013 which meant it likely started anywhere between December 2012, a few months after I started blogging, and July 2013.

Soo .. if this was done or expected to mention something about these 'deaths' as it states then .. why is it after all this time we still have not heard anything?

I am afraid it gets better ..

Because if there was documents at the time and these existed but were not released than this means that they were not released because they were extremely damning.

Do you know what else this means? I am afraid it means something far, far more serious ..

What this means is that despite the knowledge that these things were killing people and forcing people to take their own lives they not only continued on regardless while making it worse as time goes onn .. it means their intention was to kill people. That, my friends, is mass murder.

If these were Nazis then they would be in a trial in Hague before you could even blink. They spent years hunting and tracking down Nazi war criminals because they killed loads of innocent people.

But kill off a few hundred thousand British people and no one bats an eyelid. Six years go by and all you get is a mention of a very much outdated figure of the dead.

Well I am pretty sure if you go back in my blog I was reporting the number of dead at 120,000 and after a while when bringing it up was estimating that it could be 130,000 to 150,000. But a few years go by without me mentioning it and it is getting reported as the old figure of 120,000?!

Yeah .. except I have seen a massive increase in the last few years of reported suicides and the last year has had more than the previous one!

I also wondered at the time that if this was the number being put down to the DWP then what figures could be applied to other public services? Like the NHS and Local Councils?

I never really gave those other possibilities that much thought until recently when I was doing a revisit to these figures, due to the mainstream media reporting this old number on Calum's List, ad spotted the New Scientist Magazine questioning if the NHS was responsible for another 120,000 dead?!

If this figure is old like the DWP one reported recently and these have increased as much as I think they have we could be talking about 300,000 deaths from just two public services?!

I bet I can guess the nationality of 99% of them?!

If you look into that one and want to discover the answer, prepare yourself as it is going to make you ask yourself why for several days and then it is going to hit you. Like the proverbial hammer.

Do they, the government and their puppeteers, think that we have had so many horrors over many decades that the public and the world have had enough desensitisation that they could get away with this intended mass murder?

I will tell you something else too ..

If all of them had been full on home owners I think the housing market would have crashed?! Half a million homes going on the market? Unless these were just filled with foreigners coming here with money and maybe that was part of the plan? No .. I do not think so because ..

.. I firmly believe that all those that died could not afford to own their own homes. In other words they were killing off the poorest.

This will inevitably become a curse for all involved unless they can do a Jimmy Savile and had planned that this would not get released until everyone involved was dead? Or had some pay off agreed so that they could emigrate abroad?!


Major YouTubers I can recall and many of these have thousands to hundreds of thousands of followers.

There are a lot more than just these too and if I have missed anyone out then I apologise wholeheartedly.

Well I do have memory issues, you know? Lol.

EDIT: Damn it! I forgot to state that if the irony of 'fake news' has not been lost on you, those that were accused of it stole it for themselves and tried to then throw the term at everything else that report what they do not, you might want to look below? I only deal with facts .. that is the scientist in me (BSc Applied Computing, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Herpetology, Batrachology, Ichthyology, Orchidaceae, Gaming, Photography and Cycling among others! Check my many blogs!)

Ones I have listened to personally .. some more than others but only fractionally so in most cases ..
  • Sargon of Akkad (British)
  • Thunderf00t (British/Scientist) Did a good job of SJW's and Islam but stopped doing political stuff .. was not so sure about his Brexit stance mind you
  • Bearing (Australian)
  • Heather Southern (Canadian) & Rebel Media
  • Tim Pool (American?)
  • Lionel Nation (American?)
  • Alex Jones & Info Wars (American)
  • Volitaire
  • Computing Forever (Irish)
  • Iconoclast
  • Vee (Romanian)
  • Joe Rogan
  • Mark Dice (American)
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Woz Lee (not posted in 6 months)
  • Roaming Millenial

Others on YouTube I have heard about may have listened to some but forgotten as I do have a condition that causes memory loss among many other things ..

  • Black Pigeon Speaks
  • Barbara4u2c
  • Social Justice Fails
  • The Echo Chamber (funny name)
  • Trigger Happy Media (again .. funny name)
  • Rekt Media (My these are funny names)
  • SJW Triggered (a pattern forming?)
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Blaire White (self-confessed ex-SJW and one of many)
  • Armoured Skeptic
  • The Liberty Hound
  • Clash of Ideas
  • Liberty Bell
  • Brian London
  • Opinionated European

  • Katie Hopkins
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Sa Ra Garvey

Of Note:

Complaining about forced diversity and politically correct agendas you have to be bloody incompetent to think will work in movies and games ..

  • ComicArtistPro Secrets (an actual comic artist)
  • Geeks + Gamers (Movies and Games though obsessed with Last Jedi & Solo)
  • SC Reviews
  • Mike Zeroh
  • John Talks Star Wars
  • Clownfish TV
  • Film Gob

Who else I listen to .. if you get my drift I am referring to non-bullshitters and shills here ..

  • TheFilmJunkee
  • Chris Wong Swenson

  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup (despite what idiots .. fanboys  may claim)
  • Kai W
  • TheCameraStoreTV
  • Jared Polin
  • Matt Granger

  • Thomas Heaton

  • AngryJoeShow (bit of an SJW though lol)
  • Good Old Gamer
  • Pretty Good Gaming
  • Jim Sterling

PC Hardware
  • AdoredTV
  • HardwareCanucks
  • KitGuruTech
  • OC3D TV
  • Hardware Unboxed

Other PC Software
  • Level1Tech (someone called .. umm Wendell. Knows his stuff of PC's and Linux)


My daughter was threatened with legal action today.

This was for not and refusing to attend a domestic violence course despite her being the actual victim and they are helping the domestic abuser. Who got out of prison 9.5 years early, not being deported as we were promised sooo .. lies. Housed by Wirral Council and they are going to help the man who tried to throw his daughter out a window, to see a solicitor to see his kids.

Oddly enough for the four months he harassed us by phone from a prison cell he was always really confident about getting out earlier than they stated and then getting his children. Starting to think these fucking Muslims know something about our country that we do not?

I also believe that the government are doing this deliberately to provoke hatred and a civil war in the UK between the Muslims, not that hard to do is it now, and everyone else.

This is why everyone I hear about that has committed suicide and everyone disabled on DPAC's Facebook page and white and British. No other races seem to get disabilities?!

No .. I noticed it many years ago and everyone I point it out to are then shocked that they did not notice it themselves before. I could not even post about this very obvious fact because it would be deemed as not politically correct and not allowed. Which is how they are getting away with it.

But it is a fact.

So my daughter has said that she cannot go because she has no choice but to go to work and this is about to start and this complete bitch turns around and says that is not good enough.

What does she have no choice but to go to work?

  • Domestic violence
  • Encouraged to move home and given no help
  • Despite having four children
  • After moving .. they halved her rent payments
  • She has Deficiencies which are dangerous (social worker says she does not have anxiety but ..)
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Gets from me)
  • 'S' Protein Deficiency (Gets from me)
    • Serious Blood Clots
  • Hypomagnesemia (Gets from me)
    • Magnesium Deficiency which could become malabsorption
    • Malabsorption would result in death .. no matter how much B-12 and Magnesium you pump into yourself
  • Folate Deficiency (Gets from me)
    • This can be pretty debilitating in itself also linked to magnesium, one needs the other I think
 Various pains, memory problems, anxiety, tiredness, blood clots, high blood pressure, blood clots, and many others besides.

This bitches name is Chippo and hails from Luton and works as a social worker for Wirral Council whose sole agenda is to sit on their fucking backsides while they order you around and the look for things to blame you so that they cannot get into trouble and sued!

I have now emailed the council and said if they ever threaten my daughter, call her a liar I will have them before a Judge before their feet could touch the ground.

I have told them in no uncertain terms that if my daughter dies inside of five years I am going to do everything within my power to have them prosecuted for manslaughter ..

Because they have been told about the health conditions, my daughter is the victim and they are making threats against her that puts pressure and anxiety on her and this can kill her .. very literally.

My daughter told them she was recording them and Chippo and the other one, cannot recall who it was, suddenly turned nice. Well as they now know they have been recorded I told them that I was the one that taught her to do this, taught her not to trust any public services and told them that my daughter is not the only one with recording devices.

I was up there for four whole months and saw this woman visit like a dozen times so it is foof for thought for them.

I also told them that I knew what they were up to .. looking for things that they can protect themselves with because they did fuck all and that to do this to make my daughter look like the guilty one. I told them that I had been telling my daughter for years that they are not be trusted at all and are lying cheating bastards with an overwhelming feeling of self-entitlement.

I also demanded that my daughter be apologised to.

It is like living your worst nightmare?! I cannot believe how they are treating people today and even more shocked that they are actually getting away with it?!

So much for the British Legal System and British Justice that is not worth a wet dog shite today and soon to become the laughing stock of the entire world.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Well want to see a cover up in action?!

How about a poor woman they claimed .. umm .. 'fell' from a motorway flyover. Yeah because people normally and casually go walking over flyover and then accidentally fall off them!

Fucking amoral pawns!

Claire Prince's Facebook page stating that she will go jump of a bridge ..

It is utterly incredible .. as I seem like I am told of this happening in that one area every few weeks with one even falling in front of a car with my eldest grandson in it?!

What the flying fuck do you have to do in the UK to get the public to pull the proverbials out of their proverbial?

The plights I see for other things and fucking cry-baby like fucking things is utterly despicable when you have shite like this going on!

I have been reporting of those 120,000 deaths of disabled people for years and there is no fucking way it is still at 120,000

The Liverpool Echo, who just paid at £20,000 to a wife beater an release from prison for said crime because they got story wrong and did not bother to speak to the victim about it, told not to ..

The Mirror ..

Daily Mail ..


I remembered a line, I think as it was a long time ago, from the Who film Tommy from when I was a kid. Hence the title .. just popped into my head.

Although Tommy, as depicted in the film, was blind and famously duelled with Elton John in the films using a pinball machine, Pinball Wizard originates from that film. Hmm I seem to recall Oliver Reed starring in it too and lots of .. baked beans?

Well this petition for Tommy Robinson shows no sign of slowing down and nor do the videos being uploaded about this to YouTube!

In fact looking the the numbers of signatures last night I had this feeling that it would be close to 510,000 bu this morning.

It is currently several thousand over that amount and I started to think that this might actually tip over one million and might not take very much time at all?!

I was also wondering .. the government claim they will respond if a petition reaches 10,000, that is fucking nice of them, and have a debate in the House of Commons at 100,000 sooo ..

Does this mean we can expect five debates about it or have one very, very long debate about it?!

I think not. As it is fashionable to pander to apologists and social justice warriors as well as the extreme left in British government and politicians. So yeah .. no. Or it will be seriously slanted or extremely brief.

I imagine that many politicians, public servants and judges are shuffling uncomfortably in their seats right now as this number races upwards and more and more videos talking about this just keep getting uploaded.

It is a shame that this had to happen and I hope the guy comes out of this OK .. from this prison everyone claims is run by Muslim gangs.

But at the same time it has reached a great deal of people whose focus has come into sharp contrast over this which I hope and pray leads them to realise everything else that has been going on ..

Like the murder of 120,000 disabled people and in all honesty if your going to talk about the vulnerable and neglected then who better to go to war over then them?!

The Petition ..

Some screenshots with figures taken a day apart from each other ..


That is it British government .. keep on corrupting, colluding and twisting the arms up the backs of ever ore people, companies and organisations!

Please .. no, pretty, pretty please!

Because the more that you do then ..

  • The more that will inevitably come out in due course
  • The more subjects I have to TAG into my posts
  • The wider the audience I will attract
  • The more people I will reach and ..
  • The more I will get with grievance towards these organisations and companies
  • Then the more chance there will be that one of them turns into the proverbial Canary
  • Eventually a big name that people pay attention to will call you out

Yes so keep on doing it.

Oddly enough when I started all this I pretty much knew almost everything was corrupt. I mean there will be exceptions but they most certainly will be few.

The one .. let us say, industry I could not be certain of and had no dealings with, outside of a Mickey Mouse one with no credibility whatsoever, is the British legal system and more specifically .. the courts and its Judges!

I mean I knew the one I was involved with was suspect and I had already been one court and they proved my suspicions and that was HMCTS who then proved my suspicions over and over again. I can say that I had five dealings with them and each time they were biased and very, very obviously so.

What is pleasing to me is that more and more people are realising and instead of pointing fingers at the front line pawns they are now pointing their fingers very high up indeed.

The British government and their corrupt courts are making their umpteenth mistake in all this in that they are continuing on regardless, foolishly believing that they still have the majority of the public behind them and believing their bullshit. Except it does not work like that..

You see eventually and before very long all you will have left and the sandheads, most naïve and amoral people and as for the rest of the population? Yeah .. they went give a flying feck about that.

Well that is .. as long as there is someone around to point out the mathematics and the parts of the mathematics that simply do not count. Because for amoral reasons they were always going to say the obvious and nothing else because it suits the purposes, goals or agendas.

I shall explain ..


That was the biggest clusterfuck in history.

The remoaners thought they would win easily except .. being seriously cut off from the real world for decades they had no idea, and still do not, how everyone thought.

I explain it to people like the following ..

  • Majority voted to leave (obviously)
  • For Just two reasons
    • Stop Immigrants
    • Stop giving Europe money
  • Except
    • Many that voted to remain agreed to wanting the two things the leavers wanted
    • I know because I have seen many videos and comments about it
    • Same comments that had me convinced Trump was going to win when the world media laughed at the idea and literally so
  • This is because it is the British people paying the price
    • This is obvious amongst benefit claimants and ..
    • Obvious to disabled people, or some of them
    • Obvious to many working too

Go to DPAC's website. Go through the long, long list of members and make a note on the nationalities of the and something will stand out once you get two twenty people or more.

This fact went unnoticed for a long time. I did not point it out for a long time. But then I got speaking to two members and I simply asked them to tell me of anyone who was not white who was a member of DPAC's site which has thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands for all I know? Immediately they reacted with shock and could not believe that this very obvious fact had slipped right by them and I said ..

Why? Do you think that people of other races do not get disabilities?” which of course was obvious that they do.

I had noticed many years before .. over a decade before that white people were being cast aside and left for dead in what is claimed to be a leftist and civilised society. Well sorry but neither 'leftist', 'socialist' or 'civilised' can be applied to the UK. Not in any measure because what I always find is people are always caring when the cameras are on or a microphone is on.

Yet day after day, week after week, year after fucking year the government and the public services are constantly being cught out for doing some very immoral and highly illegal things?!

So what gives?

Keep your child off school ad your fined. Child keeps going in late and your fined. Make sure you have every scrap of paperwork for your car or the book is thrown at you. A good one I heard recently and had to look up because I did not believe it is ..

Have to ask your child's permission to change it's nappy?!

Are you fucking .. serious?!

I am sorry but someone was paid to come out with that crap?! Really? I cannot earn an income despite spending years at it, cannot be allowed to build up a portfolio to become a photographer despite the cash I laid out in the equipment? And your fucking paying someone to come out with extreme left bats in the belfry and utter CRAP like that?! They should be locked up in a padded fucking cell and wrapped in a snug straight-jacket you bloody moron!

I never understood why my father called the the 'loony left' and I wonder what his reaction would be if he was around today?!

In fact I am aghast at 90% of the things that people get paid to say and do in today's world. Within the UK at any rate as I cannot speak for other nations.

Another one I have been hearing and not actively working on, nor will I ever, is these call centres and the crap they are getting up to which includes tax evasion.

I can guarantee that the tax evasions probably run into several billion ever year but they are going after vulnerable people that have not evaded anything. Yeah .. there might have been the excuse of cheats in the beginning and no doubt they ran with that. But then they proceeded in murdering well over 100,000 disabled people to catch a dozen cheats?! Fucking .. REALLY?!

Why can we not have a right-wing government hat is not extreme as an extreme left-wing government that is also honest and does not shy away from the 'real' tough decisions .. not deciding to attack and murder a bunch of vulnerable people that mostly cannot fight back and call that the tough decisions?!

Two words ..

Shameful and utterly embarrassing!

Oh OK that was four words!


OK well this one was unexpected. Kind of.

Not entirely you understand because every time I was out I always felt like I was being watched .. oddly enough in Sainsbury's too.

But then I had put myself in the line of fire, so to speak, by having dealings with MI5 and GCHQ who, at the time, had absolutely no choice but to watch and listen in on me.

However this feeling of being watched I had long before I had that involvement with them. Long before GCHQ was interested in interviewing me for a position.

I had a friend send me this link and once again the now becoming infamous, The Canary.

My friend stated that Sainsbury's have been found out to be spying on their own customers for the government and the DWP was specifically named in this instance.

On the page it states that other supermarkets have been doing the same thing, with both Tesco and Asda named.

They wouldn't do this without incentives so what was it?

Is this more evidence of the government using your money to suit their own ends or dues this sound like the actions of a private company? A company run by Serco? Check their 'About Us' page for an answer to that one. Make sure you make a note of everything else Serco does as it's all there in black and white.

Billions upon billions wasted every year for decades. Money used or given away however they want, to make themselves look good.

An overwhelming attitude of self-entitlement to those same taxes for their own salaries and expenses.
Yet well over 120 thousand disabled people alone have been knowingly left to die.

That last accusation has been reported on online for many years. I myself was told about it around four years ago or more? After knowing about this for several years myself out has only recently been reported on by the mainstream media?!

I also find myself asking just how long the figures in Calum's List had been knocking around before I was even pointed at it?!

So the next time you see an advert or some politician in the news state they care about someone's plight .. somewhere .. anywhere .. will you believe them like lots of native people have done for decades?!

I haven't believed any of them for a very, very long time.


I was having a discussion with someone when they said something that reminded me of something I thought about years ago .. except I had missed the bigger picture and an almighty clue in doing so ..

Or at least I think I did? With memory issues it becomes a little difficult to .. actually be sure at times.

HE made a remark about certain countries that might get some policy right on one thing or another and how our government, the UK, will ignore it and then it hit me.

  • How many countries across the globe?
  • How many government?
  • How much time has passed with each of them?
Your telling me that across all this time that no one has ever gotten something right?

Oh OK, so every now and then they have? So after all this time how have we all not just copied each other and how then are we not living in a perfect world today?

Because it is not what they want.

For some strange reason it has been staring me in the face for all these years and I simply have not see it before. Either they do not want it for all the nefarious reasons you can think of. Or they think that we do not?

But then when your stuck between an evil and un-policed Islam on one side and a highly corrupt, dishonest and uncaring .. no evil government on the other you hardly get time to think.

So what gives?

I suppose someone or some scientist, I am one, or psychologist might argue that we would reject a perfect world and probably quote a scene and/or line from the movie The Matrix. Where thy tried to create a simulation of Earth, they think we are now anyway, for us to live in and every time it was prefect our minds rejected it and we died. Or something. Was a few years ago now.

Yeah .. I wont ever buy that.

This might turn out to be the case only if sections of society was perfect and not others and this would create some sort of conflict?

But I believe we would have progressed a lot further technologically and scientifically had we been living in a perfect world. Of course we would!

Maybe that is why the science books of the 1980's talked about men on Mars by 2004? Maybe they thought that as a species we would improve as that has been our mission for millions of years.

Except now it seems we seem to go sideways from left to right, no pun intended?

I believe this is by design but I do not know why and I believe it is wrong, if there exists to be genuine reasons for it. Well when I say 'genuine' I am ruling out crap based on 'feelings' which you seem to get with everything today.

Just like Islam these attitudes based on 'feelings' have spread like a disease and with the country rife with lies and corruption you do not know where to turn and you find yourself asking at nearly fifty years of age what fucking world and country you are living in?!

I have discovered there are several ways I can die and several ways those that mean the most to me can die or suffer and we are all suffering .. except .. 

Literally no one gives a flying fuck and I do mean no one. Forget all your solicitors and help and advice agencies and those claiming to represent vulnerable groups .. NO ONE.

I have one chance at changing things before these changes kind of get forced .. many have already had their last chances and failed but I am about to try one more time from my end. In fact there may be one more chance at the other end but it is hard to say. There was the person who was going to help with a coupe of things but we have heard nothing yet.

I have stated these things over and over and over again and they have barely created a ripple.

In the event that there are no ripples at all this year, and I seriously doubt that if I am honest, then the UK must all be capable or being immoral and corrupt.

If this turns out to be the case then it is going to be very easy for a particular ideology to take over and not much time to do so either.

I mean the fact that this ideology is full of shit, lies, corruption and murder makes no difference because there is enough apologists in the country to help then get far enough on their own. The rest they can do themselves.


I bloody well roared with laughter when I saw this title of the video linked below.

Apparently according to the Daily Mail all protestors fit Tommy Robinson at Downing Street are "far right"?!

Then I laughed even louder when I looked at the Like and Dislike ratio. Oooh dear. Lol. It was bad.

The dislikes were in the thousands. Nearly 3.5 thousand while the likes were only ten percent of that. 

A few hundred then no doubt all Muslims.

This is .. the Daily Mail?! A far right newspaper whist lame Andrew .. Pierce? He argues with Kevin Maguire so much so on TV that I often wonder if it's all a ruse?!

Although they admit to being friends?! Lol.

Well .. they are not referred to as right wing anymore and I laughed for a third time when I read the comments section. Ooh .. dear.

Yep they are being ripped apart and no doubt stick to the excuses like all other British tabloids these days and bitch and whinge about how they are losing money because of the Internet and 'fake news'.

Don't bother watching the video .. unless you want to of course. Go to look to see what number the dislikes have reached, add your own and have a laugh at the comments section.

Do the deliberately employ naive people and idiots in journalism now? Or have the found a better way to silence people and whistle-blowers in the aftermath of the News Of The World fiasco from years ago?


Well I did it recently ..

That a woman who had been fucked about by her local council and the DWP told how we don't open, for want of a better word, out children anymore .. the government does.

In the video below Sargon of Akkad speaks to a Polish, of I remember correctly, scientist, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who ripped Piers Morgan apart on one of those morning TV shows. At around the 13.40 mark they say that ..

If you don't agree with the government they will come for your children.

But only if you are actually a real citizen of that country. I know this attitude exists here but whether this is Europe wide and other countries I do not know.

By saying that it's like a lot of other things in law and rules and stuff .. it doesn't apply to one particular group.

His accent is quite .. think so you might have trouble understanding him. There was a few remarks in the comments about adding subtitles. So might be worth putting this video in you favourites until a time that they are?



Well they have been under attack and mostly physically for years and you fucking did fuck all and now your freedom pf speech is under threat your gonna throw all your toys out of your proverbial prams are you?

Ahem ..

Well these Social Justice Warriors really think they are a roll now, are quite formidable and unstoppable.

I cannot believe this report below and in the BBC of all places and in so tempted to email them and say .. "feeling somewhat stupid, are we?!"

Ooh I just remembered this BBC Radio interview between a woman tying to be typical BBC journalist clever getting owned by a psychologist called Jordan Peterson .. or something. I wonder if I can find that and link it below?

This man made a lot of sense and they were talking about men and women in the workplace. It seems now that they have that they have now decided after all these years they are now not happy with that and are complaining. But .. there is this attitude once again that women cannot do no wrong and men are all bastards. Naah people are generally amoral twats in my experience and gender does not come into it. But hey? If you can make it a gender thing maybe you can get brownie points, followers, a promotion or extra cash? Perhaps even fame? Yeah well this guy I had never heard of before just takes her attempts to trip him up and make him look wrong and dismantles every attempt she makes. Making her look foolishly, in all honesty.

So it turns out, getting back on track, that some women are speaking out about Transgender Ideology and that was from a feminist group.

Some Transgender group has accused them off trying to whip up hatred towards them?!


Yeah because a bunch of people who don't seem to know who they are and may have the biology that .. mixes things to a bit are going to sound completely sane, are they not?!

I don't know about you but I've spent my whole life struggling for anyone to sound sane and those are people not conflicted with who they are.

But I knew once given long enough that these groups that have lined up side by side would fall out and tear their fragile partnerships asunder.

This is, or will prove to be, true of the public services too.

You see the NHS had been lying to patients via the GP Surgeries and Hospitals.

This in turn helps the DWP to save money who also not only lie but employ other to lie for them.

This also helps the local councils too so the same, who rather bizarrely like helping domestic abusers and rapists along with drug addicts while leaving disabled and terminally ill people for dead. 

Literally. Doubts? Don't care, it's the truth and by the end of 2018 if you still doubt then I'm afraid your beyond help.

But as I've told several groups of people recently that have realised that's the lies and corruption are not just people like Atos, it's right through all public services. I also told them one thing and that is there is a weak link that no one's thought about ..

There will be tears appear and more and more people will be aware of what's going on except .. 

there's the very first lot I mentioned that haven't considered something? There's one that has a lot more to lose in all this getting out than anyone else and ..

There's nothing that the GMC or PHSO or anyone else will be able to do to help them because ..
Hippocratic Oath and that is meant to count for something and the ramifications, with no corrupt courts of course, are very, very serious.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Twitter 'bans women against trans ideology', say feminists -

Monday, 28 May 2018


Well what do you know.

You only have to watch the first few minutes of the video below to see something that is blatantly obvious ..

We are lied to everywhere and by everyone and for everything.

The only reason I can perceive is the same is reason. We get money but it's not seen as actually ours and they want it back. Because they all deserve it. The money is really theirs, you see?

There was this Social Justice Warrior influence, or sometimes referred to as feminazis among other names, going on everywhere and it's been seen in television and cinema.

The weird thing is it's in your face and to be honest .. a little too much on the nose for my money. I have to ask myself why they are being so obvious.

It's like there are some deliberate provocations going on and it's almost akin to being repeatedly jabbed in the shoulder until we react.

This seems to be occurring in everything in the UK and now even using Police Officers to do some very sinister things towards some very innocent people. Even old ladies!

What better way to incite something than to do something towards someone who looks both innocent and vulnerable?!

In fact I referred to it as sinister but it's a lot more than that. A lot more than evil.

I just hope that if anything does kick off it ends up as a revolution. Whether it starts out as one or not I don't care. But if it does start I hope a revolution is how it ends?

Because I know who is inciting this and it's been obvious to me and others now for quite some time.
Only in recent times I've hardly had to tell anyone of this because they are making it look extremely obvious to everyone.

It's kinda scary but I've had a suspicion fit sometime now that's it's inevitable. It was heading this way anyway, that's the stupid part about it all. But it looks like they are trying to give it a deliberate push over that proverbial cliff?!

Only if it does start up .. or something starts up I hope scores of people don't do crazy stuff and at random. I would only hope that some thought goes into it, some planning and some .. focus.

Yeah the last thing I would want to do is to do anything that basically covers myself in very sticky glue so that any label going could stick even when tossed from a great distance.

In the past twenty four hours I've seen just two scary acts that have gotten a lot of attention. Not just here but in America too!

Actions that took place right here in the UK and the things that they are saying in other countries is .. alarming. Understandable but alarming just the same.

So you have this film reviewer, stroke, journalist called Neil Harrington or something. He features in the video because ..

  • People have been getting ever more pissed off with the Star Wars films because ..
  • Forced diversity .. 
  • Forced sexuality
  • Political messages intended to brain-wash the masses .. or so it appears to most
  • The Last Jedi was a joke and the last straw
  • Fans decided to boycott the next film Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Neil Harrington ranted at those claiming to boycott the film, called then names but ..
  • Stated it would never happen and ..
  • Printed an article, using none other than Deadline, stating pre-booked sales had sold out and gone through the roof

Now here is where things get somewhat .. tricky ..

Yeah .. what he claimed was going to happen .. didn't actually happen.

Not only did they not sell out and break records as he claimed the film was going to do but .. well .. it was quite the opposite in fact. Where they thought it would take in excess of £270 million in its opening weekend it took less than half of that.

If that was not bad enough then look at overseas where it tanked in China at $10 Million dollars and they think it wont even been on show anymore in a week or two?!

He is also extremely patronising in his preview of this film that I think has the worst opening of any Star Wars film and they oddly ignored a young guy that looks and sounds just like Harrison Ford to boot. The film has a pansexual, ooh they are supposed to shag anything so make sure your drainpipes are all in place. It also has an odd and annoying android by all accounts.

Even the people that are saying it is not a bad movie are also stating it is not a great movie either and a 'good movie' is about as good as it gets.

But in all honesty I have watched so many videos about The Last Jedi that I know it is abysmally bad .. especially when I heard about Princess Leigha's Mary Poppins bit in space that left me scratching my head and that alone has stopped me from adding the blu-ray to the Force Awakens one. Yeah I had this funny feeling that I was going to regret giving in and buying that Force Awakens blu-ray, I just knew it.

A lot of blame seems to be on someone called Kathleen Kennedy and in all honesty she does sound like a completely horrid person.

I have even given in and watched some stuff Mark Hamill was saying and though he was trying to hide it I felt sorry for him because it was obviously cringey what happened with The Last Jedi and I for one was so hoping it was going to be good.

So everyone had to wait for the moment where Rey hands the light-sabre to Luke Skywalker and to see what happens next? Would you believe after all they went through in the first film Luke Skywalker then just tosses the infamous light-sabre over his shoulder?

Or how about drinking alien milk straight from the .. err source?! Green in colour too?! Eww! I was very simply .. out!

Or how about a side-story that wasted 30 minutes but was boring and did not add to the story?

Or one of the bad guys was underused yet again?

What made me laugh is this viral thing to call the new film Soylo was going around like wildfire that kind of made mu chuckle each time I saw it.

It is good seeing all this though after all this time and the word 'shill', I was unfamiliar with a few years back, is banded about everywhere for everything now.

I mean fifteen years ago it was joked about that reviewers in magazines could not be trusted for anything, cameras, computer gear, audio systems, TV's and many others. But it has gone way, way further and to the media and beyond.

Now it comes across that we are all naive and bleating sheep that are easily led by the nose because we are all stupid. We are forced to work with a proverbial, may as well be a literal, whip behind us and then are extorted for that money we are paid from the moment we receive it.


I strongly suggest that you watch the following video ..

Take a look at what the Police do to this od lady around 25 minutes in .. it takes some believing it really, really, really does.

Personally and I cannot expect her to do this, but they would have gotten a harder time with me.

They threatened, lied, tried to force the poor lady's door open and damage it and .. then arrested her and dragged her out of he flat.

I absolutely guarantee you that unless your completely brain dead .. you will never trust the Police ever again.

I am sure the powers that be are trying to force a civil war and these Police officers should be either shamed of themselves for being used for something like that or ashamed of themselves even more for knowingly helping something like this.

Earlier in the video Vee runs a series of clips from the American media, I think it was, where the same line is repeated over and over and over again until it goes beyond creepy .. to scary and shows you fake news for sure.

How about the views of a couple of ex-Police Officers? British .. Police Officers ..


Well this is frustrating .. wait? Let me have a little count up..

Twenty six.

Oh God .. now this post is in danger of sounding like something taken from The Hitchhiker's Guide The The Galaxy?!

My latest thing has been to increase the quality and quantity of my photographs. I had this planned last year and was basically stabbed in the back and then it was stopped altogether and this was the government's and public services way of helping people back to work. Though they were fully behind it and then pulled it a week after I went self-employed and then proceeded to stab me in the back over it.

Yeah all that despite the fact ..

  • I have several things classed as a disability
    • I have several ways I can die
      • Heart Attack
      • Heart, Liver and Kidney Disease
      • Several areas of pain
      • Memory Loss
      • Extreme Anxiety
      • Self Harming
      • All that and more from conditions they ignored for years and ..
      • Then failed to tell me about and ..
      • Failed to spot links to symptoms I already had, started getting to things they diagnosed me with
        • Hypomagnesemia for one
        • Fibromyalgia for another
  • This has been admitted to by a clearly corrupt court called HMCTS
  • Then found out by daughter had been victim of domestic violence thanks to mistakes by successive governments and attributed to the PC crowd .. once you read this, and you will, you will be I absolutely no doubt
  • Then I find out my granddaughter is seriously Autistic
  • They admit to that then lie about it
  • Then I find out my daughter has cervical cancer
    • Just to add to the dozens of horrors she has experienced already at 25
  • Then the public services continue to stab us on the back, refuse financial help or any other help and then ..
  • Go and help criminals and paedophiles
    • Oh if Tommy Robinson and others knew our details it would go .. wild

My plans for a couple thousand photographs from June or July 2017 until the end of the year .. go out of the window. I get next to nothing. Thanks a lot.

I left an area far, far away I did not want to.

This was down to both my health conditions as well as public services .. except in my absence they are now helping domestic abusers and have no doubt helped paedophiles and I fucking well kid you not on this one. One of these stores is currently on the cover of Love It Magazine, go check it out bottom right corner but you have to buy it to read it.

The other stories are coming throughout the rest of the year with the next one being around the 22nd June.

This is the only ray of hope that two of us and five children have. Because the results otherwise will be homelessness and death. In no way an exaggeration the the reasons will be clear in just four weeks from now. Some are already. The current story is just a single part in what are likely well over a dozen. The next one will be completely different to the current story.

Well there was a reason that a media agent sought us, or someone else, out and pressed hard to get a contract signed. I have also been a bit suspect about their conduct ever since said contract was signed.

The one thing I have been able to do sine being back here is get out and take some photographs, though nowhere near as many times as I would have liked. Currently it has been several weeks since I have managed to get out with my professional camera.

Once again this is because of another idiot public service doing something out of the blue, doing this something very badly and doing this something for a lot longer than they stated.

It feels as if it is by design and some others think this.

Also my health contributes to these failures as the heart palpitations have had my stop dead in my tracks. I am worried about passing out and having my camera gear stolen. I would rather not wake up at all if this was to happen.

Did a test run down to the city, as it is only a couple of miles from here, but the first time ever I actually had a damned heart palpitation attack while I was out and decided to sit on a bench outside on office block with some very, very tall Bamboo for thirty minutes.

But yesterday I had the opportunity to use my non-professional Nikon to get some photographs of some animals. So no 42 megapixel raw files but 16 megapixel, or is it 20, jpeg files. No problems them uploading these to my Flickr account? Like hell!

Twenty six, ahh there you go, jpegs and last night the utterly atrocious Flickr uploading system, both of them, just kept keeling over and dying before even one photo was uploaded!

Today and the following afternoon I still have only managed to upload one .. ooh let me check? Yup .. still just the one after half a dozen attempts to upload the next one. Because I gave up attempting even small batches of uploads and did them singly. Yup it still keeps keeling over and dying!

There in lies yet another of my problems ..

.. I should feel lucky that I have access to the Internet but is is not only a really bad Virgin Media broadband account but by far the worst one I have EVER come across. Though the naïve people that live here think it is fine, lol. Yeeeaaaah .. your paying for a 50MB connection you do not need and have absolutely no clue that it is even worse than a 3G mobile phone connection?! Riiiight!

If you look at that sight you will see one picture of a Solomon Island Eyelash Frog or Ceratabatrachus guentheri ..

Let me see if I can show Flickr's appalling upload methods up by uploading the second picture here?

Wow .. that took about 7 or 8 minutes! Should have taken 7 or 8 seconds. Factor of how much extra in length of time it should have taken?! Embarrassing amount, that is what!

EDIT: Yeeaah as long as that sounds I may have been a little generous. You see I managed to upload a second picture and I made a note of the time when I attempted the third. Now what happens is most of the time it normally fails and you get a message something went wrong. I started the third frog image upload at 17:35 and at 17:56 it is still telling me it is uploading?! Considering this is a jpeg that is compressed, 6.78MB, and that my RAW files are anywhere between 22MB and 35MB you can imagine how utterly ridiculous this is? I mean imagine just trying to upload ten jpegs? What about 100 jpegs? Well if I have a good day with my professional camera I can easily get well over 100 RAW photos to upload!

Ten times 20 minutes is 200 minutes. One hundred times 20 minutes is 2000 minutes. Now double or even treble those times and how is anyone supposed to work with that?! You cannot even leave it overnight because it fails so often! Now it is 18:02 and it is STILL UPLOADING?! END EDIT!

I did mention I was a scientist in several fields of animals and several other scientists, am BSc Applied Computing, got a Distinction for my thesis and turned down a Doctorate, right? Yeah nearly worked for GCHQ as well as was wanted by the MOD at one point too.

Only little jpegs and I have spent twenty four hours and only managed to upload a single photo?! Oh my God!

Trust me sating something like 'you don't know the half of it' would be the understatement of the century and I am now mere weeks away from proving that once and for all.

Yeah .. good chance that dozens of public services are going to fold over .. or like Flickr's upload mechanism .. keel over and die. Would be well overdue too. If it were not for idiot and naïve members of the public wearing those rose coloured spectacles?!

I will single handedly, well .. figuratively speaking, give a whole new meaning to conspiracy theory, let me tell you.

In the meantime I will try to find ways to get back to the wildlife photography, landscape photography and monochrome photography I wanted so much to get into.


I had a load of notifications come through on YouTube .. watched a few videos and I could not quite believe what I was reading about a man I know nothing about.

Hmm come to think about it I was going to look to see what Sargon of Akkad said about this when I got back to the house and as this damned laptop is on and off the very shite Internet connection and Flickr's crappy upload is once again refusing to upload a single jpeg, 16mp ones at that, I might as well now go and see?

Oh and after initially feeling somewhat better after staring to take those vitamin B-Complex pills in conjunction with my magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3 pills .. I am still having the humongous heart palpitations. Still experienced some aching in my legs too. So looking as though a malabsorption thing is going on. It its early stages, no doubt, as a full on failure to absord magnesium and I simply would not be here.

Let it be said here I have no idea who this man is, not listened to him at all and on being told this had actually happened a couple of days ago I was told he was the leader of the English Defence League, it also has to be said I no very little about. Well nothing in all honesty. They do not even come up in part in anything I watch on YouTube or anywhere else I might watch a video. Show how much I know because only up until I typed that line I kept thinking he was the leader of UKIP?! Lol. As I typed I then remembered I was told it was the EDL and by someone I know that does not follow them or know very much about them.

I probably should look at them .. because if there is one thing I have learned it is that the mainstream media and especially the national TV news networks lie and mislead and do this intentionally. Also that there is this overwhelming desire to label with PC terms like 'racism'. 'fascists' and 'neo-nazis' .. and and 'alt-right' and good God do I so hate that last one. As I said to someone this drumming in has been going on for so long that it has become ingrained into our consciousness and with the intention to silence people from speaking out about their thoughts and feelings.

Yeah .. yet all this is supposed to be about someone else's thoughts and feelings and yet we are supposed to suppress ours so that they can act out theirs. Hypocrisy in action.

So anyway there was this rally and I only see a short video and it did have Sargon speak in it and not the other guy.

Oh? He was the leader of the EDL but no longer is .. something to do with white nationalists .. whatever the hell they are?!

Hmm I just remembered that some black guy whose name I cannot remember .. here let me look ..

.. hmm I cannot find it and I have a notification to state that a video has been deleted soo .. I guess that is it? Oddly enough I thought I heard that it was illegal to talk .. once again let me just say that .. again .. it is illegal to talk ..about this incident?! To be honest I totally ignored that and thught it was bullshit but now? Soo .. they are shutting people up now? Oh cool!

As it turns out this man was talking about paedophile rings and .. was .. arrested and from what I am hearing and within the space of an hour or two was imprisoned for 10 to 18 months or something?!

I simply could not believe this considering the amount of English disabled people have died since 2011 and would have prevented by a court case that took way too fucking long. In excess of 120,000 people and rising and I think closer to double that have died in total. But someone talking about paedophile rings gets a court hearing and locked up before the day is through?

For fucking speak and the fucking truth at that?!

Want to see what a piss take is going on in this country?

Here is a video by Sargon of Akkad but at the end of the video, like the last minute, there is a video of this man driving along. He is being interviewed. HE tells in the video how if he was to walk along the street he would get beaten up. Probably killed. Now the interviewer, I think, does not take this seriously .. within no time at all the car stops and a man comes over to his open driver's window and starts having a go at him. Take a look at what this vile evil scum of a person does ..


At times like this I start to wonder about my claims of American owned Serco running the country and start to think it is Arab Muslims?!

Because it is like people are just laying down to be shot in the back of their head and giving up there country.

Even the media are at this crap and I sat opened mouthed recently as I watched a British Army video of a Muslim man praying on his mat while his fellow soldiers sat on a few rocks. Really?! My God have you any idea how many things there are wrong with this picture?!

Out somewhere as soldiers and he has to stop and pray on his mat?! In the armed forces?! Are you fucking insane?

Umm .. have any children now growing up talking about joining the armed forces? Well take it from the great grandson of the man who died test piloting the Avro Manchester that then became the infamous Lancaster .. do not let them do it. Your children's lives might be lost because half the squad are praying on their mats?!

Some of them might even be hoping their fellow British soldiers get shot? Fewer nationals while they keep growing .. brings forward that which now looks to be inevitable?

I saw a video with Heather Southern doing being her controversial self to prove a point and then did something not illegal and was threatened with being arrested and has since been banned for entering the UK?!

Yeah .. Heather Southern is Canadian which many like to portray as being the most leftist and tolerant country on the planet.

One of the best videos I saw .. for the hypocrisy and the sheer idiocy of the Police, Islam, Muslims and these Jihadists were in a video of this black guy called Sa Ra Garvey.

Now follow this carefully and I will bullet point this ..

  • Sa Ra Garvey a black guy
  • He interviews this other .. leader of the EDL
  • They get attacked by this Muslim guy .. I assume has a big following
  • They each get accused of being supremacists because of their skin colour
  • Except they then get accused of teaming up to attack Islam
  • Because they both hate Islam


And the British Police and the British government along with British courts are complicit in all this and it is now going to get far, far worse.

I published a petition against the PHSO recently.

In this petition, which not many would sign because not many would have gotten to reach the PHSO and even only a small percentage of them would have realised they had been lied to, manipulated or duped. It was never going to be big.

Yet in a week 346 people have signed it and from areas right across the UK, so you cannot claim it is just family and friends nearby to do with just one case. So there are things being lied about right across Britain just as I correctly claimed the all the national tabloids and TV News Networks way back in 2012.

Yeah .. I make bold claims and predictions because I know I am right and I know that I will be proved right at some point down the line, even if it takes a few years.

So would it surprise you to find out that I was sent a petition about freeing this ex-leader of the EDL and that it was very close to 300,000 and went over it by the next morning?!

PHSO Petition number at 346 .. despite the fact I proved the PHSO were lying bastards and corrupt organisation the taxpayer is paying for, just like the GMC and others but .. 346 ..

Petition for the ex-leader of the English Defence League and .. races over 300,000 .. soo .. should be racing over 300,000 people now that will believe anything after what they just did?!

Oh? It was something like 290,000 plus when I signed it and it is now 353,000 plus and I am sure I only signed it last night?!

I signed because what the Police and the courts did was purely illegal, immoral and politically driven and I have exposed everyone as being corrupt for 7 years but called mad for most of that time.

To cut a long story short it was wrong and in all honesty fucking .. obviously .. wrong. If you idsagree then I am afraid your a dictator type. You cannot be happy because your locking up someone because you do not like them or what they say. Otherwise you had better go and start demanding the arrest and prison sentences of all politicians. Because most of the fucking country does not like anything they say .. or like them. Instead of blind fools that would not recognise a lie if it was turned into an anvil and dropped on their heads from the top of The Shard?!

I now have one aspect of my story in a major nationwide magazine and with a lot more to follow throughout the rest of 2018 and I imagine taking place throughout most of 2019 and beyond?! I just hope I live to see this take place?!

But like Mrs Robinson's son .. I have had my fair share of thwarting tactics from various angles and each one gets a little more direct than the last.

At least now I am not in an area where it is easy to be taken out with a damned sniper rifle?!

Yeah .. that paedophile ring subject matter he likes to talk about? You know Mr's Robinson's son?

Yeah .. a shame he did not meet me before he was locked up?! Oooh boy he could have a field day with what I and others have in our possession and .. he may well be well aware of this by the time he leaves prison. If he ever does leave prison, that is..

Because the other troubling thing I hear is that there are a lot of Muslims in this prison. Umm .. just this prison? If so why would the put him there?! If not then are all prisons full of Muslims now then?!

Hmm so much for immigrants not being a cost or drain on society and coming here to contribute to the country?

Attack and kill people, rape young girls and fill up our prisons while attacking politicians who speak out against them while driving along in their cars?! Yeah right.

So .. every few years they become more and more brazen .. so begs the question if you was to list the brazen actions over a timetable ..

What would be the next half dozen brazen acts and when?!

Food for thought, dear boy, food for thought.

I speak about this as do others because we are scared and fear about what is to become of this country.

The leaders and politicians clearly gave up on it and its people years ago, while maintaining this attitude of self-entitlement to large salaries while sick and disabled people along with children starve to death while watching our country sink into oblivion while slowly being over-taken.

Oh and do not even get me started on delusions of grandeur in all this idiocy and hypocrisy.

Look at my last post The Fugliness to see a glimpse of a first part of over a dozen in stories to be released over the next year or more.

Oh-oh-oh I nearly forgot .. Heather Southern on being banned from the UK and Mrs Robinson's .. son  lol ..