Wednesday, 31 December 2014



David Cameron that is, not you the reader! Well unless your David Cameron reading those of course! Or George Osborne. Or someone that believes in the Conservative Party, wellll the current one. Or indeed anyone that agrees with them. Wellll with everything they say and do.... OK, OK some of the things they say and do!?!

Hmm that one kind of run away from me.

Well the title still stands... he lied to the British public after being in power for all of five minutes.
I can assure you that you do not even have to hear it from me as thousands of disabled people will likely explain it to you as can the Citizens Advice Bureau!

Unless of course they are more than just window dressing and actually help the government?

After all it was THEY that told Cameron that people with several ailments that combined were classed as a disability were not treated as such and he that agreed and did he would change this!

He did nothing. No that's a lie! He then made it a great deal worse.

When I started started all this I was one of these people... with one slight difference or two ...

1 I had over a dozen things that had no diagnosis

2 I had thought I had two or three undiagnosed conditions to go with the three I had.

3 I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and A Free Freedom Pass that was then taken away

4 I then start closing in on my condition while the NHS fist in their seats and after a false start I then realise my dozen pains and embarrassing symptoms can all be under the same condition when a dozen Doctors said it was impossible

5 Despite proving that I have a dozen physical disabilities under one condition and three other conditions on top of this they still find a way to say no.

This very last reason is what has driven me mad for quite some time and in fact I am going to show the reason why and that I suspected this long ago.

Now you must realise that I have alluded to this very thing previously... I just... did not go into the subject in any detail.

There was a lot to do and a lot you divulge. The still is. But it was always going you be hard doing all the things I publish on here as well as... well punish it all and keep track of everything.


Embarrassing Conditions

Several Legal Battles still several to go

No help,  no car,  no travel help even

Memory Loss

Gathering Gadgets, Devices, Building Computers, sold sub standard refurbished crap that don't work, through several smart phones

Two Police Forces, MI5, GCHQ (if your calling me names.. Grow up and read the fecking stuff I on here before you look like a DICK to millions of people)

Four Local Councils

The NHS several hospitals and surgeries

DWP,  HMRC and others(ooh feck me blogger! You worthless piece of crap!)
Several household name retailers.

And do not even ask me how many ombudsman I have dealt with our hits many I have missed...

Ooh like Bailiffs

Ooh and Debt Collectors

Ooh and Courts

Oh and... DAMMIT!!

Oooh yeah the media! That's a long list.

Lists of lists, lots of long lists. Funny that was what one ex said about me. 'Always writing lists' she while laughing. Hehe yeah well she ain't laughing now about them and will be glowing neon green with envy later in 2015. Lol.

Why am I listing the things? I'm taking screen shots over three next week and publishing them over the next few weeks?!

I'm tired. No I'm a dumb arse at times. Just not when it matters most.

No. When it matters most I am whatever I am needed to be.

Hence why my knowledge bases are very broad. Knowledge bases can be more than just intellectual things.

As much as I love intellectual subjects of various sciences from astronomy through herpetology, batrachology and ichthyology to meteorology, seismology and volcanology to areas of botany like Orchids and carnivorous plants there are needs for other things too.

Well like cycling... Kung Fu... films and music. Hmm music, a deep subject for me music. Maybe later in the new year?

I started off talking about a dick and ended up on music.

Cameron urges 'right choice' in 2015


There are many things I have seen over the years that have worried me and have not liked thte fact that they have not been...kept in check.

This is just one very good reason why I have asked myself how bad everything has gotten despite the myriad of watchdogs, governing bodies and ombudsmen there are out there.

Just today a couple of friends talked about how much debt we are in as a country and the amount it comes to is utterly preposterous and that is something of an understatement and then some.

I am absolutely at a loss to know not only how we were allowed to get to that stage but also how whoever it is we owe money to let us get to this stage?! We cannot produce anything that could possibly pay off that debt. No one can see a time when we proiduce something whereby we can either.

My attitude is well whoever it is we owe money to, well dont pay them. On the one had they were completely fecking incompetent to let it get that far and iuf not incompetent then there is only one other reasonable possibility...

That they let us do it knowing it would prove to be our downfall eventually, so someone with a grievance?

Who has Britain pissed off? It would be easier to list those that we have not pissed off! Even America celebrates kicking GB butt, but, but, lol ... look at them now? Far worse than their opposing force in their war for independence.

One of the things I thought would get really bad and once too far down the road would be a nightmare to back pedal and that is the Internet. This is largely to do woth the fact that greedy and lazy people realized that there was cash to be made and that despite the fact they are legally allowed to sell to the world the laws of any given country do not apply in the opposite direction. Well either that are no one can be bothered to enforce it. Or indeed far more likely they are taken backhanders to look the other way.

What I have witnessed over time is many things capable of generating money all on their own being sucked dry by groups convincing them that they who have no input whatsoever in the creative design or manufacturing are needed and also need a large slice of the pie. Marketing wonkers! Oops my spelling!

If everyone turns a blind eye to something they deem not that bad you end up with...hmm you end up with...thinking of an analogy or anecdote here...oooh wait?! Just watch the ten o'clock news for a couple of weeks and you will get the idea.

I succumbed to paying money into one of these games of late and I am furious after events that took place tonight.

Now the game is Tom Clancy's, dont hold your breath its a long one, Ghost Recon Phantoms game and the UBI Soft publisher, well only its not a game. This is a little gem I have been holding back a long time, no a long, long time. They are not games and whatever element of the programs you hang onto for dear life so that you can still call them games is evaporating. Fast.

I simply do not understand cheats, well not those that play online games and want to cheat that is. It is simply madness and I really do not see how anyone can enjoy doing that?! I mean you have to be some kind of brain dead moron to think that running around shooting everyone and ending up on the top of the list which is a full gone conclusion because you cannot be touched at all is at all enjoyable?!

That is NOT GAMING and nor is it a game. At best its merely an interactive movie and a pretty dull one at that! No story as suck, well not in this one and even the maps are only a few hundreds yards long and...well I have only seen three; Rooftop (oh how original, bland and bloody boring too, I hate it), Tomsk, Attica (I like but its bloody tiny) and umm oh yeah The Nukes. Oh so four then you dumb-arse?!

Anyhoo...tonight I got enraged and was effing and blinding over the game as impossible bullets were at work again, which also reduces the physics model to a joke. I played four games on the trot whereby the team we faced were far superior to us, well leaving aside any cheating for the moment. I normally ended up high up, except for one game, in my own teams leaderboard. Once again I was emptying a magazine into someones face to no effect whereby he or she then turned around and with a inferior weapon to my own killed me with two bullets?! I technically BOUGHT these guns with REAL CASH and yet the bullets and gun do very little. I lost count of the number of times that I died while chanmging the EMPTIED magazine over for a full one?! Fucking stupid!

You know just because you can programme in 'C' or 'C++' or even Assembly does not mean that you should then start coding games. because a dunce is a dunce and whoever thought that this was a good model...well the things I would like to do to them is unrepeatable on here! I mean some or even all of the coders have absolutely no concept of fairness so should not be allowed near a model that requests cash from its users online. Its that simple.

I have watched and read about gamers getting more and more pissed off by the day and not good when they say 'sorry we are greedy twats and we are going to get even greedier and make games even more unfair because we want to be paid millions of dollars while sitting with our thumbs up our arses 90% of the time!'

...oooh wait a minute is there not a really nasty hatred for people that sit around with their thumbs up their arses in the UK?!

Oooh no thats only those that have no money and when you dont WANT to sit around all day with your thumb up your ARSE?! Yeah, silly me .. I forgot! Damn this bad memory Fibrofog bullshit!

Hmm did I just post a couple of things abnout pipelines and ...well hints and secrets along with concurrent things working along the lines ...

Well, you get my drift? Hopefully?! ;)

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, snapped when I saw a guy 100 yards away with a machine gun that scatters bullets all over the place shoot a team mate in the head 100 yards to my left and then literally as my head came into view, just my head and for the first time in this spot and without being scanned or seen by anyone, I was DEAD!! D-D-D-D-DEAD?!

100 yards away, shoots a team mate 100 yards to my left and inside of 0.5 seconds puts a bullet on my head before my shoulders even come into view?

Also a good one is being thrashed by your opposing 8 member squad and then realising that you only have two team mates?! When I stated in the room that this was not fair, sarcastically, some moron answered 'so?'

I simply said that I do not have the numbver of days spare to explain everything that is wronmg with his answer and nor did I ask for it so BUTTON IT!! LOL!!

Oh yeah, snapped so sent them a stinger of an email!! LMAO!

I do like a fair fight! ;)

If they think its nothing I will simply state 'Oh? Well I can tell you that your outage over Christmas will seem like nothing if you persist with this choice of direction. Will likely only be the beginning too!'

Oh but, hey? You wont have to worry about it because it will all blow over or someoine else will sort it out, right? Lol!


Can you please tell me what in the hell you think this piece of crap is?

I am a blog writer who happens to be becoming fairly popular with my direct and honest attitude. I absolutely hate these pay to win crap because you are illegally calling them a game and they are not a game.

Now onto my specific questions ...

1 How is it that I can empty a magazine into the face of an opponent before he realises I am standing behind him, turns around hits me with two bullets and kills me?! He wearing a tier one Tac Suit and me a Tier 3 Tac suit?

Since when do bullets pass through walls and go around corners?!

Oh and I watched as one opponent shot a team mate in the head and hit me in the head also within a split second despite standing 100 yards to the right of my shot team mate?!

These things are impossible pure and simple. You DO kjnow what physics are, do you not? This game is supposed to be based on warfare and though it may be advanced 9mm bullets will never pass through walls or go around corners which leads me onto ...

How is it that I have now been tricked into paying out £26.00 and yet each time I do, as I feel like my opponents are super human somehow and probably cheating, I seem to end up being far weaker and more vulnerable than when I had the previous gear?!?!

I have very recntly purchased a tac suit and two sub machine guns but I seem to get killed even quicker while my opponents take longer!

You do know that the law applies to everyone don't you? If you sell something you need to supply it and I simply cannot see a blind bit of bloody difference in any of the advancing or with the things you pay for.

You had better not tell me its merely cosmetics as I will kick your arses all over the Internet if you do.

I studied software engineering to BSc Single Honours Degree so please do not answer with lies and a patronizing attitude.

I also have a blog where I am applying pressure on government to grow some gonads (look it up) and stop the con that is the Internet and primarily with pay to win games, because they are NOT games.

Martin Haswell BSc


Good God, I hate people sometimes.

I've just left my town centre after putting down since much needed pairs of socks I had been clutching onto for over ten minutes.

But then something happened.

Now after seeing a queue that only had three people in it that made me grab the socks it increased in length by the power ten.

It was not like those on the till suddenly wandered off for lunch. It is closing on on 4pm. The tills had plenty of people but for some bizarre reason that had escaped me for years shoppers climb out of the woodwork or a pile of discarded clothing on the floor that is on sale and all suddenly have the urge to queue up all at the same time?!

This... drives... me... insane!




How the hell does this even happen?

I don't like queues... never have of I'm honest about it. Don't like large crowds of people and hustle and bustle. Because the average public are rude and inconsiderate mostly. I don't like that either, rude and inconsiderate people. I'm not like that. Which makes it all the more annoying when you consider...

I have always got a walking stick and a limp.

I am always in pain and at the very best I'm angry and shirt tempered and my usual limitless patience evaporates. Fast!

So I then moved around looking at other things in the got that the queue would fritter away to just a few. But, no?!

I just cannot fathom it?!

In the end despite the moving less painful than standing still I replaced the socks and left... disgruntled.

A minor inconvenience you could be forgiven for thinking? Well, yes... of your not dogged by a list of pains and discomfort.

Oh yeah and provided you had not done the exact same routine the day before!!

Yes you read that right. I did the exact same thing yesterday and the people out there did the exact same thing too.

More of a surprise was that it was not just TK Maxx either. After picking up a flight simulator they were selling for £4.99 I thought they had sold weeks ago I put it back down yesterday afternoon. Because the queue was absolutely massive!

Of course I rather stupidly thought the mad shoppers would have all done there bit and there would be no couples standing right across the aisle before me blocking it for everyone else and between them not seeing my stick or not noticing I want to get at the boot behind them?!

No I was wrong, it was the exact same today! Annoyed at this weird and bizarre behaviour I cannot fathom I decided to queue in the Game store. Even the store girl laughed because the usual queue along the right hand aisle bow snaked across in an 's' fashion and down the left hand aisle! Fuck me, do I hate Christmas and new year.

I hate them because they are a painful time of the year made worse by the fact the general public seem to be air headed! Normally a term I hate but when annoyed I am more than capable of hitting both above and below the belt!


Why is it that this time of year everyone seems to congregate on the same days? The time limit on these things and even the statute of limitations, of there is one one, is more than one week.

So you see even if I was returning something or exchanging something I simply won't queue up.

Now think about traveling in the rush hour and then think about food shopping when you keep coming back for the or for days without the most important item?

Consider this being a burden over a long period of time without any help and maybe if the people reading have both working grey matter and empathy they might get an idea.

Now you have that very... lengthy... testy... stressful and boring period of time in the forefront of your mind...

Now their into the mix some of the most horrific events that many could not go through without winding up in an institution...REPEATEDLY.

Now ask yourself one simple question...

With this done to not just you but to those you love the most beyond imagination would you stop without...

...kicking everyone's arses that are solely responsible?

Look around on here. Look at the evidence I provide. Look at the lengths of time I have strived single handedly to acquire that which I needed to completely destroy. Destroy because there is nothing that is good left within that I attack.

There are plenty of words spoken which day the right thing and often strike the right chord.
Means nothing.

I am starting to appear as that which I intended all along to many people both online as well as of it.
Doubts now drip and ebb away and replaced by wonder and interest. These I speak of are not regular visitors of this blog!

No doubt they are seeing and hearing and finally starting to recall. Recall that I have waited for, for so long.

If not the blog then where? Where indeed.

Over a decade collecting documents.

Over five years recording everyone and everything.

Applications, screen shots, appeals, tribunals and phone conversations.

All the while waiting for them to contradict themselves over and over again until there is boo doubt left. Five GP Surgeries. Five NHS hospitals. Dozens applications for help and advice and not forgetting the approaches to solicitors.





When with evidence no one anywhere has requested to view. Even that sent did not receive a reply to of their was any more.

All because people stopped caring about their fellow man. Even those disabled as only I spotted the wheelchair bound person and shifted while the couple looking at XBox games and the guy looking at PC games stood there doing expert impressions of Meerkats sighting a tasty scorpion in the desert sands.

After all no one else gives a shit so would should I?

My landlord picked up his rent today and I told him about the bolt from the blue. He answered with laughter and said "Yeah it just your luck that you will blog that you process yourself correct but only have so long to live?!" I laughed. Well it was funny!

He then said he knew that I was not drying because I was far too "chipper". I said, yeah that's a problem on my blog... I probably sound dark, miserable and morbid when I'm only showing the truth, the way and that I will kick their arses so hard that out will go into the history books!

They do their lying and cheating for fame and power and high time lessons were taught to one and all about that one?!

He also said that he was shocked as business had gone very quiet this year. He was down about it but not as low as he could have been but then when it did pick up I did tell him to make the most of it as it will not stay that way.

A river is not actually endless, sorry DAVE, but does have a source. A collapsing society does start somewhere. It starts with a feeling and ends up with several more so directed in the wrong direction.
Unless you have a degree or higher in business you cannot be expected to know how things are going out well go. Whether to or down.

Those that are seen or accepted as experts have done so purely because the gambled or invested when everything just went up continually. Well that's not hard to do especially if it's your industry is going up in.

However what had happened now that things have bombed and bombed and bombed again?

Nowhere to be seen and because they got it wrong. Wrong in a fucking big way.

They have, however, insisted on doing things how they want while avoiding being punished or paying for their mistakes. They still insist that their way, without comebacks, is the right to do things.
Utter moronic tossers, the lot of you.

Your time is also running out as I edge closer to getting your names and... well naming and shaming you, like I have you victims for being fecking idiots where you are concerned.

All that from the fact that the queue was too long and no one gives a hoot.


This ones going on two blogs, which does happen ... rarely.

At the moment I am NOT doing that which I ordered myself to do today. Cleaning and tidying up!

Mainly because someone hung on the phone for ages that wanted to ask me something. I also had another phone-call today where I found out that someone, sort of within my family had slagged me off boxing day morning, he is rather lucky I did not know as the mood I was in the last punch around the face off me would have seemed like a walk in the park compared to what I would have done.

No after all that, lol.

Something else I had not gotten around to checking and that is my gaming devices, namely my Racing Wheel. My Joystick too but mainly my racing wheel.

Now I have constantly uttered on here that I do not like the way that games have migrated online and that they have been doing this for sometime because of us, greedy gamers who do not want to pay an arm and a leg for their games.

Got away with because a group of narrow minded morons said that they are looking after their business interests and their rights, namely their 'property'.

I always knew this was wrong from day one even though I did not realise quite why. This is exactly what I thought when Steam first came onto the scene and in all honesty I got it wrong as I thought it would not last.

However I had thought that the piracy thing was not so much as an issue and I got that one wrong too!

Now you may recall that once or twice I have slated PC World, among others, because here in the UK we are sold shite from America that was returned bevause it did not work? Or on other occassions because some ham fisted yank had dropped the item, dented it, sent it back for a refund and it got shipped out to the UK, sold to me and ended up getting filmed coming out of its box complete with its dent?!

Well you MAY recall?

You may also recall that my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel seemed to sudenly pack up? Though I did think this might be to to do with Microsoft whereby the program their software they charge you for to act up if your doing something they really do not like, like using an unlicensed copy of Windows or trying to use it alongside another Operating System like Linux wherby Windows suddenly goes blind and starts lying to you despite you paying them all your cash and already having ONE LICENCE already?!

Yeah I call it the thumb up the arse attitude and the world only rotates ideology.

Well guess what I am doing right now?

Well first of all I bought IL Sturmovich ummm the Grand Total Edition, lol. Or in other words whatever it was called and was £4.99 in Game. It is a World War 2 flight simulator and I thought I would give it a go at that silly low price. Yes its an old title and its maximum resolution was not even close to what my monitor can handle. However if it was fun then maybe I would look at the up to date versions to see what they are like?

Well while on my second phone-call today I suddenly remembered that I had bought the damned game! Yes I kid you not and even my daughter asked if I was serious. Yes indeedy that is how it can get, though on this ocassion its more to do with the latest in a long line of shocks at just how I can forget things. Not one, for instance, to lose your rage over.

So what am I doing right now?

Oh I am only trying to get my copy of Dirt 3, a car rally racing game, as the Games For WIndows software it insists on using first off keeps failing to download the latest software which is not at all susprising as I am suyre it was all taken offline? Secondly it fails to load my profile, despite the fact it knows my bloody password somehow?!

I just checked and the software has just asked for the permission to download the latest version which is now the thrird or fourth time it has asked and failed to do this.

I then realised that I was now slap bang in the middle of one of those situations I have harped on about for years before I started bloggin?!

Here is a product I have pourchased I can now no longer use, I think and until the software allows me to, despite the fact I have paid them money to do so?!

Herein is why I complain about QUANGOS and ombudsman on my other blog, because when the rich get greedy and screw you for money and excuses to screw their customer base while grabbing cash there is nothing in return for protecting gamers with little cash when suddenly they no longer have that which they paid for.

Sorry to all greedy wankers out there but you stubbornly refused to ao anything and not giving a crap as long as your money was coming in but I do believe its starting to just nip you in the arse just a little lately. The really big bite sized chucks taken from your arses are yet to come.

How has this carried on for so long?

Well because a bunch of people not included in the creation or the manufacturing process not only refuse to admit, give up their share due to them not being needed anymore but are actually insisting on ever more money?!

Mind getting into a conversation with me as to why?!

Your all a prehistoric group that have not been needed for a fair few years now. I just cannot fathom out why they think your still needed? Do the creatives really believe yoiu when you tell them that they cannot make money without you? No self-esteem oir belief in their own creations?

Uno momento ...

Huh, here we go again. For some reason the software is taking bloody ages?! I can game online on my mobile phone and downloading anything is not too lengthy, except for ones exceeding 4GB and a 10GB file took a good few hours.

But Games For Windows Live is not big and yet I started downloading it before I started this blog and it is only around one third through?!

Remember the first two times it failed, despite knowing my username and my password!

Go figure!

EDIT: Oh I apologise, for those interested in the reference earlier to being ... well slagged off ... well I have some conditions as many know and its no so much the cosntant pains that are an issue...well outside of the busy periods as otherwise they very much are, no its the sudden onset of electric like stabbing pains, really painful knees and back that can have me limping home.

Well this person slagged me off for having to pick me up, which I was not aware they were going to do. In case I forgot I thought I lost my wallet on Boxing Day and was freaking out over where it was. I had lost my temper in my bedroom and things got...broke. 
Unintentionally but they were broken nevertheless when a whole slew of things were hurled across the room.

The odd thing is that despite having these issues the one doing the complaining not only has a car but has forgot that when I drove, yeah I lost my car years ago thanks tot he NHS and the DWP along with me ten years no claims bonus for insurance, I was always the one ferrying everyone else around, none of who which had a single physical ailment at the time.
Yes it is funny how people forget and ... well so did I! It was my sister that reminded me I used to do that when she told me I was being...well defended to my surprise.

Not used to being defended but I am used to being stripped bare behind my back because I simply wont accept absurd statement that people utter without thinking about that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

Right now a full ten minutes later the upgrade to software is finish so ecuse me while I go and press a button and watch a crap piece of software by one of a slew of companies that have gotten far too big for their boots crash and burn...or maybe it will work and ten minutes later I will realise that I was right and that my Thrustmaster Gaming Wheel is a piece of faulty garbage flown over all the way from AMerica just to be sold to some dumb-arse Brit who has no rights in his own country anymore.

Play ya later!


Well I have shown a series of documents over the last two and a half years now.

It would have started right back at the beginning with documentation to prove that I was physically attacked and then defrauded out of £4,500 by bailiffs on behalf of Waltham Forest Council for a parking ticket.

In recent times I have made my own Freedom Of Information requests and published much of them on here, yes I do now recall that I forgot to publish them all. Oh and I also how recall I never finished that... err series the titles of which I have also forgotten, lol.

If you, referring to my 'city halls' now becoming my 'victims', missed it I have been urging others with similar situations to any of the dozens or more that I have had to use my... methods to catch you out.

I don't keep track of everything... lol well nothing really because the mainstream news is bullshit and paid to avoid the worst stories, but there was at least one GP kicked off for telling his rape victim patient to kill herself. There will likely be others and it will vastly increase as 2015 progresses.
Simple math.

Here is one I did not think of and that is that the number of Freedom Of Information requests has sky rocketed this past year. Lol.

Now take a guess what that number will do in 2015 and then have a stab at guessing what will be the inevitable outcome of that?

Over 400,000 in a decade?

The sole purpose of paying things O an never going to see through to the end, like FOI's is that victims of each public service that want to be able to do their own thing can. Good at maths is helpful or watching a tutorial on spreadsheets would be more than enough but others can gather their own figures and publish their own results.

In theory each and every single public service could have it's own smarty pants opponent or better still a whole team of them for each service?

Now would that not be cool?

Then you have the ombudsmen and any other QUANGOS. Their are plenty of potential victims for anyone to make their name out of, so to speak.

Of course now, what with way over 10,000 people coming to my sites each month, I am potentially training an army of do-gooders?!

Imagine that?

I dare say that if they are reading this they probably think that while concentrating on me they have had others 'flanking' them on each side? Or perhaps they are wondering now whether they should take their eyes off me and start scrutinising all correspondence from anyone else anywhere in the country?

Oooh, I must request the sales figures for Horlicks and any sleeping pills for the last 5 years?! Lol. Oh and for the next two years.

FOI requests exceed 400,000 in decade

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Rather an apt title due to the sunny weather. Well yes, winter but sunny. Well, yes he in the UK... err or here in London at least.

You get the idea.

The bolt in the oceans of blue sky currently being experienced cane by way of a phone call. I am afraid for a list of reasons I am only going to the minimum for now.

I also won't be informing any family members for now either and they will find out when I know for sure when the time eventually comes. No more than about ten days at most due to certain...time constraints.

It has the potential to be a biggy! However this would be at the expense of being extremely detrimental to me.

I can take that heat for the greater good. I think?! Lol.

This potential had been here for awhile, it can be easily argued, but was not considered to... potentially... be... anything. They normally are not, without giving to much away. They sell would not.

Were it not for that phone call.

In the last two or three previous emails I explained... loosely how I have set a number of things in motion? Yes an understatement I know. Well it is not to do with that the same subjects but is to do with the other thing I alluded to finishing off now I set those envelopes adrift. Well... not directly linked to the things I set in motion. Or go be more accurate anything to do with the recipients of those dozen envelopes. Not... directly, as I also said.

However it should be mentioned on here at least because everything that occurs had the potential... to be used by those I have been attacking and providing evidence of. Used as an excuse to come to with a plausible story in any event that involves any accidents.


I am just putting it out there that there are no chances of any... mishaps and nothing will change.
Well except for the fact that the evidence may not be hovering far from my last lap to bring forward a certain conclusion by several months?!

Yes it may be annoying to have to wonder what this may be but the same thing applies to me.
At worst it will be life altering, that much is sure but no more than this and it simply had to be something because this is the first time I have ever had... a bolt! (Fecking Google and their useless Blogger App and non English Dictionary! )


Monday, 29 December 2014


Or the plans that move mountains.

Yes I admit there are times when I should have been more obvious and others when more time was needed before stabbing out at the keys laid out before me.

Though as I always said I prefer to 'shoot from the hip' sort of thing to givew some sense of being genuine, if a little cringe worthy at times. I do not blame you if you do, I would cringe if I had to re-read much of my...musings.

For what seems like an eternity, well it so appears to me, I have shown many different truths, tricks, tribulations and much more besides.

I apologise if some did not seem quite so obviously immediate. And I am about to do that once again but not nearly as bad.

Every now and then I prefer to show a little more of what I do and how I do it, or at least expose a bit more of the overall puzzle. It serves many purposes by doing things this way.

I said in a recent post...possibly my last post that I was going to do a number of things this year and to watch out for a video I post on my YouTube account the link I will include here?

This video is done. Well it was 'already' done but I wanted to do something rather different his time and with the use of a new...ish gadget which is a Zoom H2n Professional Condensor Microphone.

I stated months ago that there was going to be a change and as ever it has been delayed as is always the case with me and the things I want to do.

There is...however one thing that if you have not been on here enough you must get to know about me very quickly...I do not give in and always carry out that which I state I will.

Promises are not necessary.

The big change I referred to is that I want to do ... PODCASTING! There I finally said it?! Or did I already? Lol!

As well as podcasting I also wanted to start narrating on some of my videos using the professional microphone. I still have bits to acquire for this like a shock mount and holder, though I am not sure if this microphone will fit into them just yet.

So onto the video then...

I filmed a 4 minute long video sequence of me merely flicking through a pile of envelopes. All addressed and shown in turn to see the intended recipients. I did not want to edit the narration onto the video until all of them had been stamped and posted. Which they now all have.

Now watch carefully for the slight of hand!

I show you a series of envelopes bursting at the seams ...

Perfect timing but why?

To whom are they being posted?

What is contained within the letters?

There are different groups of people but can these possibly be linked together, despite seeming far apart?

What is approaching that is 5 months away?

Of that which I have already exposed how much more can their possibly be that is mere window dressing ... or to put it bluntly a fake?!

Just how deep?

Just how far?

For just how long?

My simple and humble video that means the beginning of something for some...

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Was only a matter of time.

Had previously figured it would likely be 2016 before the cracks widened into gasping chasms exposing the most rancid of internal wranglings going on within the NHS?

The first fractures showing themselves just a few months before the big crumble.

But here we have a very real possibility.

Planned NHS changes have led to anger due to the way they will fall with specialist operations including certain cancers?

Lol. They are obviously showing anger because they have to die to this blog's existence?! But they did try reading some times.

I have bitter only already covered these things previously but shown that it had been going on a very long time. Yet a number of people have become...angry?! Only... NOW?!

Hmm something of a mystery, that one. There is no way that any amount of Doctors or General Practitioners are going to convince me they had no idea any of what I have exposed actually going on within the NHS. No bloody way.

However I did expect something of a parting of the Red Sea when it comes to realization that many things my since going in where going to be... reaching the wider British public and indeed the world.

Planned NHS cash changes spark anger


If I wanted a story that was not only totally weird in every way, made an identical earlier incident look even more suspicious song with highlighting why journalists have no brain... well this is it!

Rather unfortunately this means lives lost once again to the tune of a couple of hundred.

I find myself in utter disbelief once again add yet another aircraft had gone missing.

I heard one BBC reporter say ask the same things stated the last time this happened back in March 2014. He then stared that they will solve this mystery and I wondered where he was in the last eight months?

"Mate?! You have to solve the last one before you can start claiming this one will get solved!" immediately flashed through my mind.

Then he mentions that there were previously two planes that have gone missing?! I then wondered where in the world I was in the last eight months?!

Now I could be mistaken but I thought I heard someone say that the aircraft were all the same model of Airbus? If true this is simply to much of a coincidence. I also have to wonder as to why then that they have be an unable to figure out is their aircraft at fault?

I think even Meatloaf would agree that in this occasion three out of three is bad?!

I wondered whether I heard this correctly because I realised that if this was the case then it would strongly suggest that some corporation burial plan had been going on, surely?

Time will tell as this amount of occurrence is impossible to go without the inevitable questions... inevitable questions from those with any grey matter working simultaneously as a team, that is.
Meanwhile I am wondering whether I should feel astounded or not that it has had to take three of the same aircraft going missing before anything is done or even asked of Airbus?

I simply cannot believe that it chilled happen twice within a year that two huge aircraft laden with passengers could just completely disappear without trace! So imagine how I am thinking that it could now be three of them?!

Sorry but flying is it for me, especially if it's an Airbus A320! Until such a time it's proven that the vanashings have nothing to do with the aircraft being faulty.

I do not know if O mentioned this recently, but trust me when I say I do, but I believe today's aircraft are catchy in the stone age,  so too speak.

You would no doubt find my ramblings on this on the other posts where I talk about Concorde. A futuristic and supersonic aircraft that amazed me when I was a kid and could not wait to see what came next! Imagine my disappointment when I look up to the clouds today when Concorde is long gone and the bulbous pigs with wings still down the sky leaving their snail like trails everywhere they go?

Despite the claims by companies to the contrary, everything had stagnated these last two decades. Sure things have moved forwards but at a snail's pace. I do wonder you this being deliberate in one or more areas. Because certain... factions decided that there were some things the wider public should both have while their military should.

If this was the case it was the most brain damaged, stupid bloody thing to ever do. Because you would then hold back everything and when you got that...someone else who come along, do it better better and on a huge scale, sell their products which will help them produce far better devices before very long.

Hmm now that would seem hugely unlikely... after all what's the chances of any other countries surpassing the likes of the UK...hmm yeah maybe not the UK, but the USA and Germany?
It would seem that father time has a great deal to answer for?

Search resumes for AirAsia plane


This front page article by the Daily Mail, which is a shocker because they are notoriously conservative and one journalist there extremely cocky, hear the headline "The Queue That Shames Britain".

It has a picture of people queuing way outside a GP surgery in Sunbury in Surrey of all places just to get you be seen.

I don't know if the details and numbers but the first thing I thought of the staff, Doctors and the NHS was a line from a song dragged kicking and screaming once again into the news media while had beens using the opportunity to get in the media by singing on a charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All"?

Or in other words is bloody winter and Doctors surgeries are for people with ailments, viruses and problems that cause physical pain! What better way to deal with these aspects than to make people stand outside exposed to the elements of winter while they wait an inordinate amount of time?, is an old London saying that immediately springs to mind.

I am surprised to see a picture with a queue like this! Well...that is I soon?! Lol.

As I have stated for a bloody age on here and for many years these absolute fecking morons and the naive jobsworth idiots that they enjoy were only going to succeed in destroying the institutions they they thought they were running so well. I sun seeing more and more that 2015 is going to be... ugly and remembered for many a year to come and possibly 2016 too?!

I also heard that the paedophile ring and the big name also looks to be coming out before long. In fact someone interviewed by Sky News stated that Special Branch Officers had come forward and wanted to give evidence but are prevented from doing so by the official secrets act?!

Well if you were paying attention I did say that I have...a very high up name that I believe is responsible. As I also stated that I cannot name them as this is not my endeavor...but I will highlight the fact. I will also go as far as stating something that will also show you something else about my personality I have only ever alluded to.

When I hear things enough times I can usually work out whether there is anything to this story or it's just some crazy belief that the government will highlight to falsely show that all conspiracy theorists as nutters. In fact someone mentioned to me and a friend today about something called Zeitgeist. I had a quick look and is a short series of shows that claim that the US government were behind the 9/11 plane attacks in the World Trade Centre. Chatting to another friend who thought that the US government was involved because of the explosions that took place in different floors I then explained what happens to extremely high temperature and molten aluminium when it comes into contact with a common substance of water. To say it is explosive would be an understatement. But water in the towers, I hear you say? Yeah the drinking water dispensers with their large bottles, the store rooms holding all the refills and then the best one of all? The sprinkler systems. I have no doubt that the authorities probably acted and spoke suspiciously, maybe even lying, because they realised their mistake and were worried about the backlash and wave of legal actions against them?
I don't think there is a conspiracy here because I simply do not think the US government could be that callous and evil towards their own people. That does not mean you should not consider it as a possibility ever because no matter how insane it sounds, if it is a viable possibility then that is that it is until proven otherwise. If it can be easily debunked then fine. But you have to prove this is the case. You can't day that something is true because you believe it is our because most people think that way so must be the case. Because this has simply not true in reality.

I stated before that I don't like the mad and obsessed conspiracy theorists because they muddy the water. Some are just desperate for game and will then argue the toss for there theories even when it's obvious they are talking utter shite?

But like I said to a friend today... "You don't know but these worst theorists could be government people doing this deliberately to give the decent and factual theorists a bad name by just casting doubt. Well that is decent theorists other then myself of course. Well...technically I am not a conspiracy theorist. Because from day one I provided evidence... a lot of evidence. I also continued to acquire and publish evidence. Lots of secretly recorded audio asking with mountains of documents, letters, forms and even a few videos too. That will continue throughout 2015 that much is certain.
So I'm not sure how I should be classed, lol. I never really thought about it in all honesty.

'Runaway' lorry and Labour's Clegg 'plot' - front pages


The plan is afoot. Nearly, almost!

My correspondences of which there are..many are laid out before me.

This time around there will be a bit of a show.

Look for the next few posts that will occur over the next 24 to 36 hours.

I will, this time, be filming a video to be watched to be linked in here. When you watch it play close attention to that which is filmed as I provide some alarmingly obvious clues as to how I do things and you need a keen eye and a working mass of grey matter.

It is all in the slight of hand and the numbers are everything and can be used to provide the answers that would appear so elusive at any other time.

I will also introduce the use of a new...GADGET.

I will attempt to garner laughs from one location prior to my...letters being posted. A laugh I will mention once they have gone and I have posted up the video, if indeed it does work and get a laugh.

This is a rather grandiose plan based on the things I have already implemented but on a much larger scale. Because as my monthly audience grows and where circumstances permit I will do things on a larger scale.

The large scale of this particular...venture also has to be simultaneous. Well...that is not true really but to to get the immediate effect of realisation it has to be done this way. This is oddly due to the public's attention span presently which has diminished in recent years.

In fact this blog attempts to make people aware that this attention span has indeed not only been eroded away by some faction but has been eroded away quite intentionally so.

So I typed out the various reports and letters tonight, the 28th December 2014, so that when the new year of 2015 starts you can safely say that from that date all was in the post. Well as of the 29th December 2014.

These letters will take a varying amount of time for their associated responses to get back to me. In such a way that it will highlight a number of things over several months right up to the date we have our general election! Oops!

If I am honest this blog was started with the general election of 2015 in mind. An extra 6 months or a year would have been great but I was held back for the sake of causing...a situation. All explained within the posts of this blog in more ways than one.

I like to think that some would see these mechanical meanderings as a kind of … poetry?

Friday, 26 December 2014


I would just like to state straight off that this hack they are speaking of regarding a group called Leaping Lizards had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me!

Umm I think?!

I will rephrase that as far as I know this hack has nothing to do with me.

Now as all must realise I cover corruption on this blog.

Not quite so many but enough of you know that I do not just have a blog on this miserable subject? I have twelve blogs and one of them is on Amphibians, Fish and ... REPTILES!!

You can imagine what I thought when I heard about this hack? You don't? Ah well did you know I have a blog on computer software and hardware? Did you know it's somewhat rate to find someone an expert on animals as well as computers? Not many of us. I do have many other blogs but I thought as I often slag of the big IT companies because they creepily try to look a force for good when the opposite is true and I show them to badly and then there Leaping Lizards strike?!

Not me. Lol.

Could be a group of people that had been on here though. That's a possibility.

What is also a possibility is another group dig this, or not as the case may be, and trying to make it look like me?

Those things I cannot be sure of at all but I am sure that I had no direct post in the hack. Not that I would not get involved in something like this but it would have to be towers someone deserving of it. Crap! Yes, OK that could be argued that most companies are deserving of attacks like this? Lol.
Well this is turning out to be harder than it seemed to be in my head!

Still...'Leaping Lizards'? Cool name! Lol. Probably more likely to be lounge lizards? Lol.

Anyhoo, just wanted to chest that up for anyone that knows what I do and say on my blog, knows about the knowledge bases I have in both animals and IT, puts two and two together and comes up with FIVE?!

Hmm, was it Microsoft? Odd I have not been asked as two people linked to me purchased one each for their sons. They both know about my areas of expertise and my blogs.

In fact I was stating to another XBOne owner who had decided to sell his that I know 3 people with XBOnes but no one with a PS4. He then said he planned to get that and I said that he would be the first one I know with the Play Station.

If I was asked on the day of launch which gaming machine I think would be most abundant with people I know I would have answered "Play Station!". Reports also have stated that the Play Station has outsold the XBOne. Not where I live it hasn't.

Monday, 22 December 2014


My, my!

I have been a bit lackadaisical with posts but now a flurry of stories appear that I simply have to post about.

Firstly I need to explain that from day one of my postings I would make my predictions add well as my claims to how fucking stupid, selfish, naive and completely cut off from bot just they test of society but also reality many public services are.

I always knew that failing my postings going viral like that of free pornography, free beer or a dancing baby or even, sadly and worryingly a violent video of a beheading that the enemies mine would hang themselves at the right time!

There was a bit of a test with this blog I for one was interested to see..

I help people. I have helped many people and maybe not as many as the total number of visitors but a fair listeners of them. Because many of my enemies are visiting here. They have much to get through now they realise they have been naive dicks caught with their pants down. Think about it for a moment. Just this blog alone has around 2,500 posts and many of them get like Tolstoy's famous work. Yeah... OK I am exaggerating but you get my point. There is a lot.

Knowing that stupid or depraved things can go viral I was particularly interested in seeing if the same numbers occurred when obvious facts were presented to the wider picking gaze. Hmm well there are some factors in all this I know not the details of, this is true. But the spreading of the word is what it is. It's one other reason why I held back on starting a blog. This way I could dump a large quantity of data into cloud storages and link them all on here and continue on collecting more.

Would people be as willing to help others in difficult situations or times of worry or stress? Not quite so much it would seem.

This did not really matter it was just one of the million things that his through my mind far too regularly, lol. As long as I was helping people that was all that mattered.

If anyone did not believe what was it here with all the obvious evidence there was little I could do.. except scratch my head and wonder how this was possible, lol.

While actually attempting to help people in strain situations that did not understand by showing them out is not actually them I was also doing several other things and had even more in motion. This seems to note often true than not of late and I simply must remember to print out letters tomorrow and get then posted off this week.

I really do hate having things to do... well not things to do but the issue starts as a pain in the arse add things to remember. I often scratch my head over this one myself. I mean why is it so hard to remember things along with the fact I know why and it happens to Alzheimer suffers and I then become annoyed with myself for asking myself why?! Yup, that's how it starts.
I have rambled a bit.
My point was that actually it's all the time, they will screw up and drop themselves in it. Welllll I think we have established that they are not too bright, have we not? As for the real world, well let's not go rambling on again.

So when I heard that councils up and down the country were either switching off their lights completely or dimming them down I was stunned and momentarily paralized like a rabbit caught in high beams. 

When I came to I thought just how this was a classic example of the idiots that show themselves to be completely incapable of running a service for the public and have not been suitable for a very long time. A very long time.

Oh...just remembered that my back played up today something chronic and I ended up taking 200mg Tramadol and needed my waking stick to get from my friends shop to the town. Once I was there I was in TK Maxx and I realized I could walk, or rather limp, without the need for my stick, which I hate having to take everywhere. I was, however, as high as a kite! Now I must now right a note for when I'm at the Doctors to bring it up while getting the results to my tests. I was thinking just then about how the tests will come back negative. I am so used to that being the case it's what I immediately think whenever I was referred to hospital or sent for tests. There was a time when it kept happening and thought Doctors would think I was having it up, which was obviously before I started to suspect they were lying to me and trying not to refer me off for tests and scans. But then I realised that they did realise that I would have to be done sort of incompetent twat to keep going in for tests with nothing wrong with me. Bloody stupid and once conversing with me would obviously not be something I could not do.


There it is, done and I wrote a note using the Bamboo Paper app and now watch when I go to the GP next...umm on the...err 8th January 2015 due to the Christmas period and only being available Thursdays.

There was someone else that was important and I was going to mention her here...but I have forgotten what it was. Annoyingly. I am sure it was to do with local councils?

Back to the point. Many, many services run by idiots with no clue about reality will show themselves up. By doing things or sing things that will prove it. Ooh and I just remembered something else with councils?! Note!

In an interview with two women where ur way mentioned about people volunteering to help where the council were making cuts there were two extremely contrasting replies to the idea. One said it would be great...hmm I'm willing to wager that she was a council staff member, while the other was not and nailed it left right and centre when she said...

"Well if I get two days off from work and I'm expected to volunteer. Those two days for free to do council jobs then what is the point in council tax? Why am I paying it?" or something very close as damn it.

In another report some members of the public were venting anger due to the fact that a bus service somewhere has been cut.

So what is actually happening is that everything is or will be gone leaving behind just those sitting on their arses repeating that the 'computer says no!' thinking they have done god given right to get paid for feck all but will laughingly still employ traffic wardens to fine your arse for parking in your neighborhood...sorry I mean on their land. Hmm, what else? The must be someone else they will employ that had something to do with getting more money out of the public to pay themselves salaries with for doing feck all other than baking your life miserable? Oh yes, of course...the people that change the film in the speeding cameras. Lol.

Hmm I still cannot think of the thing I remembered earlier and then completely forgot!
Well the local councils have already pissed off loads of the public and they will continue to do this for the next twelve to twenty four months. It will then become obvious that instead of these bow large organisations being public services they have instead been used as places for complete knobs to create a career that they believe is theirs by birthright and then continued to waste an ever growing amount of money and turning the public services into businesses in all but name. Business, I might add, which are miserable failures showing that those that set out to do this as equally or even more incompetent than the tossers who allowed them to do this.

What will then occur at some point is that those that sound have asked the question a long time ago who have also put themselves in the frame for suspicious behavior will realize that this was never something they could have kept to forever. Complaining in recent years that they have been gradually losing money because of the Internet, no doubt lining up for public taxes handouts when they take the piss out of benefit claimants as they repeatedly try to demonize them, people will realize that they only have themselves to blame for ending to in the verge of collapse.

My word, if my degree was in business or journalist...hmm or environmental science or any other degree whereby it bites might look like they were taught all the wrong information I would be pretty pissed! Lucky though it did have business elements to it, or modules, these were minimal.
I am very eager to see how this unfolds and I already know they have...

Grrr, losing my temper here! Tablet is just driving my crazy with mistakes and touchscreen not working in places and had to resort to using finger as styluses no longer work and Google have become incompetent with operating systems and only a matter of time they do the same with their internet browser, if they have not done so already? I was always getting extremely severe heartburn and threw the tablet onto the bed in anger before uttering "what's the fucking point of buying things and taking tablets when they don't FUCKING WORK!!"

On downing several Rennie tablets I realised this sums up in a nutshell for me not only what is fecking wrong with this country but at the same time now it contributes to wasting every more money. Not a good day and done nothing to aggravate any of this!

If any tool purchased or any person has ailments that affect them this costs time which in turn inevitability costs money! Your slowed down at the end of the day ahead tine is money which is only important to the few if it's their money.

It is for this very simple reason I get angry and frustrated with these organizations and they have had the fecking cheek to talk down to me when they do not have one whole human brain between their entire departments that are bleeding the country dry and will insist on pointing the finger everywhere else and in the process making themselves look more and more incompetent along with evil and amoral, like Erik Schmidt did when he took over Google and I missed it, the money they stubbornly refuse to face facts.

The facts have been becoming more apparent and will be inevitably and eventually obvious to everyone. But they are so self obsessed, amoral and stupid that they have not stopped to think if what will happen when this time comes.

If you are reading this I will telly you that if I was in your shoes I would start shitting my pants about now.

But then if it turns out that the rumors and things I read about are true and they are Americans who have played a bunch of fools as... will bloody fools then it won't matter because they know they can fuck off to America. Well provided they are here and not actually running things into the ground here will sitting overt in the states? Or in a golf course? 

Anyway I have resembled on and made my point and I do have some other news stories to post about, lol.

Labour attacks street light cuts

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Will it was only a matter of time before the subject of insurance for your gadgets was to hit the headlines. Late...but at least it is finally getting noticed once enough people complain about it.

Now this will be looked at I wonder if anyone or ask involved rook reside that the gadgets were not new in purchase? For new this is a step closer to that rainy place. Odd that in the car if PC World it was covered way over ten years ago and still fires on?!

However something else caught my attention in this article...will tell things in fact.

Now bearing in mind that you talking about gadgets here, please remember this...

First to the insurance companies do not cover your gadgets I'd they were taken it off the house?

They are gadgets! The very label suggests that the things are SMALL in which case they are...portable!

Secondly it states that the Financial Services Authority state that in half of the claims out in that were rejected that half of these were wrongly rejected!

Simply unbelievable. Why would you even buy gadgets if bit too take them outside the house? 

Surely that would come under contents insurance? They just do but know what to lie about next?

A prime example of a greedy, or number of, corporations that exist ninety for old rope.
Interested to see where this one goes.

Gadget insurance complaints rise


I stated before in previous posts that I am aghast at the state of PC gaming and the more titles I go through the worse it gets. I mean that literally.

The worse it gets with games the worse it looks for reviewers.

Yesterday and today I have been playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Now to give you an idea of how ridiculous it appears to be in all aspects I ordered the Splinter Cell Blacklist game at the same time as I ordered Call Of Juarez Gunslinger and Red Faction Armageddon. For some bizarre reason the Splinter Cell Blacklist game took a great deal longer to arrive than the other two. Now then where one thing stands out...
While the Splinter Cell game was downloading its second patch which seemed to also be 17GB I finally completed Call If Juarez Gunslinger. Well I say finally because I was stuck at this stage where I was in a huge gunfight with not only all the famous US outlaws but each character had several versions of themselves...hardly seems fair does it?

Did I mention they were all ghosts? Lol.

No I say 'finally' because I was stuck for a fair old while. I did not realise this was the end of the game mind you. I could not believe I had finished it while waiting six hours for Splinter Cell Blacklist to finish installing despite ordering the games at exactly the same time!

I doubt I have completed 20% of the other title, Red Faction Armageddon.

When I started playing Splinter Cell I really did not know what to expect. I have always wanted to try all the Tom Clancy games but read such bad things about them all. There are a lot of titles and the vast majority of them get extremely bad reviews by magazines and gamers.

I have scratched my head over this for a fair old while and it simply makes no sense, how the hell are these idiots making any money? Unless it's just the PC versions of the games in which case see something needs to be done. 

The more and more I play the more and more I think that either games software houses or the publishers or perhaps both are taking the right royal piss out of PC owners.
A few new titles in to my return to gaming and I came across something I never had before and I very much mean this literally. I was completely confused when I paused and tried to save my game progress. I was stunned and spent bloody ages looking for something that simply was not there?!
How very bizarre that is! It's literally unnerving because you don't trust whatever is it has shut its saving checkpoints. 

Now the odd thing about realising you have this bloody stupid, yes bloody stupid, system in games but I have one series where this literally occurs, read changes, during one particular series. I think this was where it occurred and that was Crysis. The first one you good safe your games and a quick look at Crysis 3 and it was gone.

I don't know whether it's pure laziness or they are literally taking the piss but I have gotten so frustrated about this that I feel I want to contact the coders and publishers and talk then to piss off over you consoles completely and one come back when they have they have grown up!

So my first few titles of Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Elder Scrolls Skyrim and the old fashioned way.

Yet all those three titles I mentioned all have this checkpoint system and one game dies this very badly. Very badly.

This is so obvious and potentially game breaking that's it's amateurish but the fees they command are anything but. 

Splinter Cell Blacklist is the one that implements it badly. Also the design of the game is also somewhat bad too. In fact the whole Tom Clancy bunch I have are still really messed up. I will explain each and with the reasons...

Ghost Recon Phantoms
Was told by Game Store was single player but the exact opposite is true. Was surprisingly better and more fun to play than I thought it would be. I also paid for it die it being a free game. Graphics pretty good and nice controls, especially the getting into cover button as well as firing from cover.
Pay to win which I detest as utter angreed and will destroy the gaming industry for all but idiots, believe me.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Expected and hoped it would be similar to Phantoms and it was... mostly. A bit short though and menus and other noon gaming screens where abysmal and bland.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare
Thought this would be like Phantoms but no, old, bad graphics and bloody hard. You get seen when it's impossible to be seen. Uninstalled it.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2
As above but not uninstalled just yet.

Splinter Cell Blacklist
Odd as it has the best graphics out of my bunch but other things let it down badly. I think that gamers get bitter about shite games because they want to like them so badly but that they end up feeling let down.

Aiming from cover often really stupid and does not work! Why you would it something in the game that's still broken I have no idea. Often your cross hairs are on a wall when submitting to aim from cover.

Saving checkpoints often too far apart in sections that will become boring quickly and then frustrating soon after. The first mission went like a dream but then the same thing happens with the two next missions?!

The controls are clunky like the aiming from cover is. It is already like this was a prototype to test the new controls? 

After a break for sleep just then I returned to playing Splinter Cell Blacklist and I am afraid to say that the three games I just bought are very disappointing, very very disappointing indeed.

The layout of the missions are absolutely dreadful and so is the game elements. Everyone is scattered about and each part is like a game of chess with everyone on high alert?! They simply would not be like this unless there was a full on attack or they knew one was coming. There is also no skill involved devastate toy work from trial and error which you have no choice in doing because along with far too many men scattered about they have the aforementioned dogs and can survive several bullets to the face while wearing normal clothing while your downed with a lot less.

I also had a really fecking annoying part where I managed to progress further and fur done bizarre reason they placed in the odd guys with armor?! I guess the cheers thought they were being clever and smart, err no your not, in suggesting that they can only afford helmets for one in ten men?!

Here is a tip guys, anyone in the spy or military industry that wants to be covert in their actions they do not go wading right through the middle of a complex with so little in the way of cover.

The controls are clunky whereas in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms game is just right and not only are they clunky they are also terribly unresponsive.

If this were any other type of gadget you brought the would be an uproar about it, often making the news and at times millions of things can be recalled from a hoover to a car. 

But hey, is only pennies your wasting right? I mean fifty or sixty quid is nothing really...or should I say twelve quid a month for god knows how many months? Or both?!

There should be a body set up that makes sure these games are not either shite or broken before going out the door. If they are and insist upon releasing them then they should be told they can only will them at gashed the price.

I tell you the only way you get through to anyone is money...well outside of physical violence towards them and no I don't mean threats, murder or manslaughter!

I am not saying this because of my own frustrations, you will really need to get you realize this about me. Have I bought a game on release at full price yet? No. So this does not affect me really and the only frustration I have is that I would want to buy one at full price within the first week of release but it is foolhardy to do this. I mean you would have to be a complete fool to just keep doing that!

Two titles I was looking forwards to were Dragon Age Inquisition and FarCry 4. Now with FarCry this was down to since really stupid game design. When it is that bad and you the discovery that 80% of gamers dry the same and it's even listed in games magazines in their to ten of cardinal rules you do winner to who these people are?

Now when I took my...sabbatical from games they had just worked out that the driving force behind games should be gamers and gaming access not money. Oh? Well no it shouldn't and anyone can say what as many times as they like it simply won't change facts. Done and done! The euphoria from playing games is as old as anything whereas the fault ridden idea that everything is driven by money is wrong, been around only five minutes and already proved itself as being felt ridden and simply does not work. The pioneers did it because they enjoyed it with the very idea if being paid to do that which you enjoy was a good thing to achieve.

But like everything else everyone starts to view others as reaching the point ode sitting on your arse while the dollars mount up. When this happens you lose focus and do not strive so hard to come up with ideas. The may well be exceptions to this rule but I cannot think of any. Though I did read an inspiring article about a couple living in a tree house while making thrift own games!

The of course you have the seeking of their souls because a few hundred thousand is not enough, they want millions. Or millions are not enough they want billions. Lol.
Like a man with a name like Dyson you start up thinking you could create something new or vastly improve something that already exists. You want to recreate something or you want to create something completely new. But surely you want it to be good, right?

If and when I create something I want it to wow people. I would want it to blow their minds. I would want it to be both polished and operational as well as well built and reliable. These are the golden rules for seeing the boat out to sail.

Full stop!

But this has evaporated over time with everything. Now you have these groups of people that simply want to buy a customer base. They buy something that's successful and then make a pile of bull manure to flocks of people hungry for more of the same.

They think of spending far less money while taking the same or very similar amounts of the surf. This simply does not work. They stupidly and stubbornly state it does and is the only way, well they are not going to admit they are idiots ate they, to you things.'s not. Your just unbelievably stupid and naive and think that the customer base are more stupid and naive than you are?! Which I rather find offensive somewhat, dear boy!
Hmm shoveling shite out the door. Sounds like a good line to use for the headline? Lol.
No I have yet to purchase a title that's new because I am still missing one component for my PC, put off because over £300 has gone others. Even saying that I would still wait awhile. Oh yes, I wandered off there for a meander, sorry a bit light headed right now.

FarCry 4 got lower scores than I expected it to get and everyone seems to say something derogatory about the missions! This really annoyed me because I immediately thought the exact she things that marred FarCry 3 had remained.

This to me means someone wants firing or at least kicked in the gonads to be taught a lesson. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

I have listened to the absolute garbage doing the rounds for years about PC gaming is going to die a death. They were staying this long before my computer science degree and for the last 14 years since then.

I started to think at one point that the rumors of these PC's demise was manufactured by either the game coders themselves or by the publishers? With the idea of doing people complaining so they can get a while new pile of cash for the same product. Could be both but I imagine the publishers would be the likely culprits?

What amazes me with the Tom Clancy games is that I have five titles here now and only two are alike while the others differ drastically in their controls. Weird.

I would be interested to speak to people that are fans of this lot, would be interesting to see what they say.

Now I did have A Tom Clancy title many years ago. I think it was likely prior to Quake 3 Arena but could have been after that title was released. Whichever one it was I am sure I remember you belonged to a group of four. I seem to remember, perhaps wrongly, having to control each one of the four which was confusing at the time.

A world away from a couple of titles of theirs I played recently with Future Soldier and the two Advanced Warfare games. Though the two latter titles are ridiculously hard. 
It seems to me that there were stages in game making when it was not just physics they needed lessons in but eyesight too! Maybe they're still is? Just tonight I was playing Ghost Recon Phantoms when I was killed by a sniper watching a passageway I did not even go anywhere near?! The were a couple of times tonight when I was killed and the culprit was shown behind a wall, one so badly I thought there must have been the user of cheat codes because a few bullets that found me actually rounded a corner by several feet!

Now also quite bizarre was the fact that this was not the only oddball thing to occur. The was a period where everything just went mad. All the opposing side seem to be running around like nutters for several minutes before I noticed a couple of them were moonwalking backwards?! The was also a period where I emptied two complete clips into an opponent who survived only to turn around and kill me with a single bullet?! This happened twice and another time was when I shot someone several times who disappeared fur a split second behind a corner and then appeared again getting my last couple of bullets in the magazine but this opponent, who had been struck by at least ten of my bullets, just carried on walking towards me while aiming his gun at me as if he or she knew they would not die?!

No they did not have that strange glowing red forcefield thing going on either. I did at least figure that one out. Not the red shimmering fog either which interferes with electronics, or appears to.

Oh yes, I am also extremely interested to know how I can be invisible (cloaked), laying on a floor and 200 yards away and after shifting my position I do get my head blown off as I raise my head before I even clap eyes on them?!

I don't know if updates can make things go awry. These strange goings on did not happen previously. It was almost as if I was playing a team that were several tiers above me in the weapons and gadgets department. 
So there matchmaking is a bit odd either that or I'm not completely all up on how everything works. I got added to a fire team and I have no idea what that is. Not sure how the clans work yet either.

Well I did say I was new at this.

Maybe when I've finished typing and posting this I will actually go and look. Well I have planned to do that several times but.. well I forgot. I do that and I tend to lose track of time too.

Would be interesting to drive into this with the relevant companies and governing bodies and due to what I managed to acquire on all the public services, bar two, and several big name retailers I should do rather well. Especially as I have learned new tricks and plenty of gadgets too. 

I would have to wait until I have cleared some of the backlog of things I have been working on for my corrupting blog. The two Police forces along with the DWP, Atos and the NHS will all likely be cleared over the next 6 months. My 7 concurrently running plans shod have it since reached their destination too? Metaphorically speaking of course.
I find one thing extremely bizarre that is not merely just going on but seems to be the case right across the board and everywhere I look...

Over time as we, human beings, learn so we then improve the things that we use and the things that we do.

Of late the opposite is true and all actions and creations seem to have gradually for worse and worse in the last ten years of so.

I hope this changes before to long?

Unfortunately those that now need to take action to change things for the better wing because they will either fail to see it or just be stubborn and wait for it to fix itself.

I for one simply hope that where games are concerned that we have now had two Fallout games and one Elder Scrolls with Skyrim asking with FarCry 3 and now 4 and the greedy companies will realise that they will benefit more if they concentrate on both working models and fun to play ones. 

Though the tithes might have their own little niggles the are easily forgiven when the title is something special.

Hopefully these linear games with mad chess like sections that threaten to bore you to the point of blood setting from your nose and eyes?! Lol.

If Splinter Cell Blacklist had a large open world a little harder than Skyrim with the control line that of Dead Island Riptide or Call Of Juarez Gunslinger ir even its own Ghost Recon Phantoms it would have been up there with the greatest games. What you are left with is a stylish and good looking game with a great idea adrift in a confusing sea of mediocrity.

I am hoping that this all now ends but then does not get fucked up by a bunch of greedy idiots that wasn't micro transactions and okay to win methods in games who did only prove themselves to be even now stupid than this by doing that "..this is the way it's heading"?! No it's not you moron! Just because the greedy corporations you sold your souls too stress all insisting they want it this way you only get permission to do so from gamers. Because they will be the ones to part with their cash. Only complete idiots pay to win on these things and while many gamers with a brain are already up in arms over this it won't be that if before even the most naive realist its a con. Yup a con.

Luckily for me Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Moby and Radiohead among others never asked for a monthly fees to continue listening to the music on a CD every month. Otherwise I would end up paying several thousand each month?!

So hopefully I am keeping my fingers crossed that they realise their mistakes?

Though somehow I doubt it.