Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I signed this petition this morning.

If there is one thing I simply cannot abide it is men and women who are supposed to be educated, intelligent and according to this willing to queue up to defend them in the media in the chance of lucrative position, nice?!

Well, no.

I saw an even more of an idiotic statement by Erik Schmidt, yes he of Google infamy and yes here I go again. Lol. Apprently when he took over Google's motto was 'Don't be Evil'? First I ever heard of this...umm, motto!

Would be nice if it were true but in fact in the last few years I have seen the exact opposite is true of this and then, last night I read what Erik Schmidt said...

'When I took over I found this [motto] to be ridiculou' and also 'There is no way to measure evil'.


Well I derived two things from these statements...

1 Good people are partly evil?

2 Now I understand why Google sends a shiver down my spine whenever I hear their name and he is the reason it is...err 'EVIL'?! Lol!

Hmm well Mr Schmidt let me see if I can lend you a hand momentarily and give you some pretty long yardsticks?

1 One way of measuring evil is to calculate how many people you are ripping off and by how much in total...and I mean GLOBAL! That is one measure

2 Another way I can think of, off the top of my head so to speak, is to see how low you can go by what groups of people you have ripped off and lied to?!

3 A third method I have devised off the top of my head, simply by thinking about your statements as I type this out, is in your attempts to carry on looking good is when you do things supposedly for free, until someone comes along five or ten years later and reports differently, is what groups you like to allude to that your helping in any of your projects. For free which is so noble because your so strapped for cash?! These 'projects' you do I have no doubts that due to the sudden media attention you have had at the shear number of companies you buy and and how often has prompted you to do a 'whiter than white' project or two.

Right then Mr Schmidt, lets get down to business shall we just based on these three measurements? I would imagine that the answer to the first would run into tens of millions of people, hundreds of millions in fact.

Then, Mr Schmidt, you simply have to look at the poorest groups and the most vulenrable groups and I really do not know or could know if your company is guilty in this instant.

Lastly are the projects done for free to help you appear in the media to appear 'whiter than white' and I found speeches about the Raspberry Pi project as...stomach churning. You created a fuss over a tiny computer that can be built and have thousands if not millions of applications and built as a brain for an endless list of things?

But it was for children to learn to program with, was it not? What you cannot teach children to learn to code on a modern PC or laptop?

No it is obviously for the benefit of others and good that you appear good natured. I mean it is not like you can wait for a year or two and have tens of millions of these things, maybe hundreds of millions, you can then write an operating system for is it?

Oh..no, wait, what?!

I do my ususal wandering off topic.

Anyhoo the point I wanted to make here is that you cannot close the stable door once the horse has bolted!

You simply allowed the housing market, especially here in London, sky rocket because ot meant more money. More sales means more taxes, stamp duty and this was just great because what with this market and the banking market were the only two things makin serious money?!

Everything we ever head as a nation was not supported, based on the whims and idiocy predictions of a very select few, or sold off or even just abondoned altogether.

Today we kick around in the dirst for scraps and wait for the charitable nature of others to be involved with anything. Basically piggy backing someone elses coat tails!

Now that you have managed to screw up these industries along with everything else, yeah do not even think of an excuse of shifting blame your all the same, you want those that entrusted you and voted for you to make things right to pay, and pay, and pay.


This is true of the bedroom tax. You cannot simply change to rules, force people to pay what they do not have or move to somewhere they do not know because its your fault the rents and house prices are so high.

Yesterday I recieved a call from a friend who was having some issues with her flat and the housing association, Notting Hill Housing I think they are called. These were the ones that when realised they had been recorded threatened the tenant with the Police and in fact said they were going to call them and they would arrest her, sounding more like hired guns to the hoghest bidder than they are a peacekeeping force! More on that one before very long.

Now it also turned out that a local newspapaer, possibly The Enfield Independent, suddenly become interested and wanted to go around to look at the huge moat full of water that has encircled her block of flats for over 6 months now?! I told her several 'I told you so's' but with detail as to why they are done and why the lackadaisical attitude.

She still believes in her GP but this might be about to change, I warned her so she did not get any nasty surprises. I told her that it is no good sitting there with a smiling Doctor who sounds nice and seems human to be as he or she appears.

But then I did teach this person the recording thing and now she is realising that it is not the big hoohaa that they claim and that they have very deliberately installed fear into her by lying so that they can continue to get away with...well it just may turn out yet to be murder?!

They may not be the only one, eh energy companies?!

I will always post up a good petition expecially if its for the vulnerable and poor and if its truly ridicuous it gets a couple of posts. IF it is TRULY NOBLE it will get my full attention and this, I am sorry to say to my enemies, you really do not want!

Especially when very soon I will be dispatching mine one by one and this will ultimately lead to me having a great deal more time on my hands! About the same time I would have acquired a veritable arsenal of tools to help me too?! Maybe even...SUPPORT?!

Ooh! Imagine that? Me with tools to really do a lot more and the reach of my finger tips increasing by the powers of tens, plural?!


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