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Despite this being typed out on my tablet PC, which seriously needs replacing preferably with something far more stable, I am doing this using OfficeSuite Pro which had had done rather cool alterations and updates. Not that it was rubbish before!

Now I think I purchased this which was bloody annoying as I used QuickOffice Pro before which cost me £10 but then was subsequently purchased by Google who then ruined it. 

I am rather getting pissed off at everyone holding their grubby little hands out for cash and then selling their souls took the devil for a big pile of cash.

I think, as no one else can be arsed or have the brass balls to do so, I have no choice but to stay looking for prime examples of software developers that take advantage of those if us willing to pay for software and then take the piss?!

I am going to expose where I can any piss taking and then harp on about any sales of companies and champion that refunds should be offered to those that purchased the software previously only to have it crippled by a different, over confident but in fact, idiot company that thinks it can do what it wants and do no wrong.

I will tell a brief story about a chap who write into the letters section of Micro Mart magazine who bought audio software of a name I cannot recall but cost a tall order of £350.00, three hundred and fifty, but came with a dongle so that he could use the software anywhere. The dongle stored the security details like password.

He then said that a few months into using this product he had been happy with it all went south for the winter. He was presented with a message to state that the security software details were wrong?! He then tried the dongle in all USB ports but was greeted with the same message and the same thing happened with different devices!

He contacted the manufacturers who then told him that he would have to send the dongle to them in America, he is in the UK, but that he would have to pay the return postage of $50?!?! As he rightly pointed out a dongle is the size of your thumb and weighs very little, ten grams or so?

No I may be wrong but the was mention of another fee and I am not sure if this was instead of our in addition to and this was $60. When complaining of this they suggested he buy a new dongle which was only slightly different from the postage cost from America. A point that I found a little convenient as did he.

He was furious and rightly so and near the end of this letter he then remarked about the people that think all software should be free, 'for the masses' was one line I read recently. He explained that he was not in this camp and neither am I. But that he was insinuating, and I agree, that if you behave like greedy twats and then unhelpful twats then you can't really blame people for having been burned several times and then going the cracked route.

I totally agree.

I got into a conversation once regarding the software for the masses is idea and the guy I was chatting to was a Linux user also creating his own. Linux is a stable OS, with very few exceptions, that is similar to iOS at its core. When I talked abort the pros of using Windows he then made the statement about software being free and him always getting free software. Well this is a great idea in practise and you don't get nine of the shit, and I mean effing literally, you get with what is often way over priced software. Yes.. it... is! When I asked why he was so hell bent on free software he then said something totally daft and said "because you can spend more on more powerful hardware!"!

Very few things would require serious amount of processing and graphics power these days and only things like video editing, large numbers of files being compressed and of course computer games. The first of these you would likely not want to do in Linux. The second possibly so but not that big a deal to warrant his statement. The third? Well no. Just no and even with the recent emergence of Steam for Linux the titles available are extremely tiny and Steam had only been announced as opposed to released at the time.
I then said that the very idea was daft because you would not expect hardware to be free and despite the cost of the buildings you can make the chips in a very short space of time. They can then be used to build cards or motherboards in another short space of time. I then did that you cannot do this with software. Even the most simple of programs could take weeks to complete and misty modern software can take one person a year to do and a team a dozen strong four years and sometimes longer when it comes to games. I then explained that it was madness you think this way and made no sense at all. You could not expect a team of people to work for four years for free!

I have often wondered about done of the mentality behind this and wonder if it's down to a tangible/tactile thing or something a bit more complex? If someone creates something they did not actually create it, it was there all along and they only discovered it. An example would be that the rennaisance artist Michaelangelo would have a huge block of marble to start with. At the end of his gradual chipping away he had the most beautiful of figures to present to the world, or those that commissioned his services. But that statue was the already... Michaelangelo simply had to discover it.

Software is just a series of code cobbled together to do a job.

Now in recent times things got a bit out of hand but allowed to do so because of... well fans really. In his day Michaelangelo would do his masterpiece and get his payment. You work too produce something and you get paid. Work... paid. The better you were the more you got paid. This was also true of all the famous composers, though Wolfang Amadeus Mozart had a fair share of ups and downs.

Now before I move on to where many of you already realise now that I am going with this I will state that we often realise that when we look back in history sooner this we did were wrong. Some of the attitudes to things were wrong. Over time we tend to change when w realise they were wrong. However some things are far more stubborn about change and this normally had to do with money. All note actually those with too much of if.

At some point in history things changed. This occurred with the invention of the grammaphone or the reproduced audio of the speaking voice. His Masters Voice. 

Suddenly you could create something and then sell it over and over again. As apes, humans as a species does not like monotony. There had been millions of examples that we don't and yet those with money enough to break out of their monotony still force it upon others. Liked they have some divine right to it based on machines and others do not. But it's the obvious fact that we are apes all that causes us to pull at from to much monotony and nothing will ever change that. Many have tried to alter large elements of the problem to try and stop it from having it's ultimate and inevitable effect. 

Of course I am referring to musicians creating music and then being able to copy it over and over and therefore getting paid over and over again for the same piece of work. I am sure owners of building firms wish they could do the same without all the hard work? But it simply became an accepted fact and before long musicians expected the ridiculous amounts of money most never reach but expected it year in, year out.

In one industry the exact opposite is true today and in complete contrast to the music industry is the art industry. Primarily antique art but applies to modern art too. In fact it's such a contrast that to do something similar carries a prison sentence!

Michaelangelo has been dead for hundreds of years but if you was to copy accurately one of his masterpieces you would likely get into deep water. Especially if you sold it and failed to mention that you created it... err recreated it.

Well you might think.. well of course you dummy?

But it's the art. The figure is the same thing in every way and every detail. But value is placed in a far greater amount of its the very thing created by the artist themselves. But it's the same thing? The beautiful piece of art is exact in every way. If the figure created by Michaelengelo was ugly and the same was true of the rest of his creations then antiques experts and dealers would say "Michael who?"

This same thing can be applied to movies of course.

However there is one musician today, or could be group of musicians, that kind of realised many things and did things somewhat... differently and to great effect which garnered a lot of publicity and was extremely fair. Maybe even over top too?


However if I bought an album today of Pink Floyd, my favorite band, or Radiohead, my other favorite band, and I am sure everyone would agree that if the quality was shit it worse still had audio cut out momentarily half way through so much as a single track there would be an outcry. If they played some music on TV and you bought the album and the music you heard president that led you to the purchase once again the would be an outcry.
It would not be allowed and replacements or refunds would be given whether offered or forced to do by some body or other.

As for these bodies more and more were created over the years and these are known as QUANGOS, or Quasi Government Organisation or something, lol. However these are fur the most part not even quangos as you first have to actually do something.

Today to many rely on these old systems while the ability to do all the things mentioned within the confines of your own home! But they don't like this, not one bit. The are still masses of people that strive till be where the bands I mentioned are or queue sound even blocks to sing in some talent show. But the world and technology is changing. But they don't like it.

Move around the industries and back to software and all the rules are then out. For some unfathomable reason.

In Europe though have a banana with the wrong type of bend, they are a natural product you bloody half-wits, or own a device with a 3.5mm audio jack and they then completely wreck the sound, quality and entertainment factor because we are all children and need to do as we are told. Patronizing, delusional morons and yet as I understand it they also cannot sort their own crap out and keep stealing billions of us in the UK because they believe the morons in government when they lie about how well we are doing. Well either that or they don't give a rats arse about I will rephrase that they care less about the British public than our own government do?!

It is times like these that I wonder what would be sure to me by those that are my mirror image in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and even China?! It would be very interesting to speak to anyone that was my foreign counterpart. A true counter part that is and they must exist out there somewhere?

This post will came about, or that first part of it, because the section I will now write about was already typed out. Only now I am going this in a word processor because Google are not very good at that it turns out.

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