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Just a simple screenshot fopr this post and some of my usual editing. Just to show what I sent and the fact I sent it to five different DWP departments!

It also refused to accept emails bigger than 10MB so had to send them in two parts.

Of course I want them to miss the fact that I have shown no labels or tags.

Oh yeah...I did say I was going to be sarcastic?

I suppose then you might want to read the emails? Lol!


Dear Sirs

I strongly suggest you pay close attention to both the emails pasted below sent to 5 other departments but also the attachments where several of your departments drop each other gith into a steaming pile of Rhinoceros poo.


Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Health Services Correspondence

After I sign off below there are two letters to both Atos and ICE.

Attached are a whole series of scanned documents which has four from the DWP that I had hoped would arrive very close to each other as I put several plans in motion concurrently.

This worked.

I have six things running concurrently right at the present time now.

I suggest you pay close attention to both what I have stated below and what I have included above. This is because despite the mountain of things I have already I have now mamanged to acquire from your own hands everything to arrive in a short space of time to prove that your lying to the British public and added to that taking a extremely large sum of m,oney for it.

You have no idea just how interested I am to get any further correspondence from any of you. I am a long way from being finished either and when it all comes to light in around 6 months time it will be something that will long be remembered. Remembering is the name of the game, always has.


Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs


Remember me?

Dear Sirs


Remember me?

Well I am back and despite having a mountain of things for you to look at on my blog I knew you would not.

So I put in motion a number of plans that ran simultaneously.

Oddly enough I also have a large number of things, at least six if I remember, running concurrently as of this moment that will take 3 to 6 months to achieve.

Did I ever mention that Which? Magazine were in correspondence? Or that a Vicar and family have expressed their gratitude for what I have done?

They really have not seen anything yet.

Now about your defrauding of the British taxpayer, I need to pint out to you that this was never ever about you awarding me money as I knew that both you and the DWP would not! In fact I was BANKING on this.

I did not want a caning of staff.

I did not simply want to make a very long list of psotions untenable.

What I did want, however, was to get enough of the ublic to know what your up to that would cause an event the likes of which wopuld make sure that this contempt shown towards human life and the British public would never, EVER happen again.

That is not ewven the main thing.

I have provided a number of attachments to the very things that I had run concurrently up until today and how these have paid of, oh and the scanned letters is not all and I strongly suggest you read a copy and paste of a letter I have also emailed to ICE?!

Oh and remember... I am not done yet and have 6 plans in place running concorrently right now.


Martin Haswell BSc

Do you remember that so called investigation you did as regards my case?

Well I have one more request of you and a whole bunch of letters I have had from the DWP not only stating in their own words that they have screwed up in a rather large way, unfortunately for both them and you I DO KNOW why, plus I have their own words that they not oinly did not process my claim correctly and in line with the law but have dropped both themselves and your right 'in it'!

These letters arrived within 48 hours of each other...

  • Did not provide me with the documentation I requested via a Subject Access Request instead sent me copies of my own emails to them?!
  • I trust you KNOW how a SAR works? No its not saracasm, well maybe a little...
  • Then claimed they did not send me what I requested because I did not state 'which benefits I was referring to
  • Silly me I had thought the line 'Please send me all correspondence and forms pertaining to evidence requested of the NHS' was pretty self explanatory?! I guess not.
  • They claimed to have sent me a SAR form, they did not, and then sent another one to files they cannot find?!
  • The last letter is the one stating they cannot find it and I have a recorded telepohoine call from several months ago stating they cannot find them
  • Oh and the letter states I requested them in June 2014? Lol, oooh no! I do not think so! I asked them this when I put in my claim for PIPs that I was just refused despite the fact that they have not contacted a GP regarding my health!! Oooh DEAR!

For your perusal I have included a series of blood tests I am about to have because my GP, unlike the last two that chose to lie and side with you and the DWP, is now somewhat concerned about my health. I have already had Emergency Response Teams sent to me and orderedf to hospital where they though I had either stomach or colon cancer and were shocked I knew what they were looking for.

Now picture a barrel floating on a creek without a paddle in sight and a rather amorous Pteradactyl is flying in at full pelt?

Now guess what you are all bent over?

I was never happy with just you showing that your not dfoing the jobs your paid a rather large sum of money for, hence my previous Freedom Of Information request.

I was never ever going to be happy with simply making a large number of highly paid careers by the British taxpayer purely unteneable either.

The years I spent plouging, pardon the pun, everything I could for evidence was to show the British public the truth and that there would be so much anger that eventually an event woukld take place that would never ever allow the same thing to happen again....EVER!

Thanks to the incompetence of everyone I have battled this has been made extremely easy apart from the inordinate amopunt of time it takes all you over paid people to do the simplest of things.

Oh? You do not agree? Well then I will simply refer you to both the above as well as the blog you should have paid more attention to but which I both knew and hoped that you would not.

I will let you all ponder what that last point was made.


Martin Haswell BSc

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2014 15:03:08 +0000

Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your further email.

We do not have a current referral for you from the DWP in relation to a claim for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and we have no record of corresponding with you regarding your ESA referral since 3rd October 2014 when we sent you form BF223 to complete, explaining why you did not attend the appointment. On the 2nd October. Your referral was closed and returned to the DWP office dealing with your ESA claim when you failed to attend the appointment and there is no record of any further contact with you regarding your ESA referral. The reason why a home visit had not been authorized for your ESA referral has already been explained and I can add nothing further to this.

ESA and PIP referrals are handled under different contracts and I am unable to assist you with any concerns you have about a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) referral or whether they have asked you to attend an appointment at a venue outside Enfield.  Please contact the PIP Customer Service Team at should you have any concerns about this.

Your Subject Access Request for copies of all documents we hold has been noted.  The Health Service Directorate are responsible for all data held by Atos Healthcare and as such, I have referred your request to them.


Christine Hughes
Senior Complaints Manager

Subject: Freedom Of Information Request
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 20:46:08 +0000

Dear Sirs


I was going to just write 'umm latter dated [blah,blah]' and then be sarcastic about it because it is not what I asked for.

However it is what I wanted and what I expected.

Mind you your going to have to go to the incompetent idiot and moron that sanctioned this letter probably by way of interception. Because I had already had a conversation with someone on the phone and already pointed out several...aspects of what I did and what I do.

I requested all medical evidence held upon me be sent to me.

This is not what I receieved.

You sent me my own emails to you and Atos and nothing else.

But they are my emails and hence I already posses both them and the replies.

I stated in the phone conversation that I not only had all these but have published them on my blog and so so as and when i get them!

So why would anyone in their right mind gather up all the emails I sent and them print them out and send them to me when my Freedom Of Information request specifically asked for medical EVIDENCE held on me?!

Also the deliberate mistake of the fact I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance? Did you throw that out along with the rest of the self-damning evidence I requested just as I hoped you would do?!

So yes, thank you for your pointless package of crap, it is just what I wanted and have been waiting for since I put the request in.

You can tell those that think themelves intelligent that I know who they are and that they are not intelligent and I just shgowed them ho bloody dunce they truly are. The ones really costing Britain stack loads of cash and think themselves some birthroight to being paid vast salaries while being as fit as a fiddle, despite being half-witted, and yet think people with dreaful afflictions have no rights for money to just fecking survive?!

Thank you for giving me this finaql nail. Well that is not strictly true as there are a great many in motion, most like this one I have forgotten about...ahhh yes, forgotten. That is something else I wanted to explain now we are in the subject of dying a screaming death, forgotten. Yes, I do that a lot. But then the bosses at the DWP and at Atos know this just like they also know that Fibromyalgia is linked to a sleeping disorder and we have a p[roblem with mobility...

Which is also why along with losing all the medical evidence conveniently which is not because you threw out all the releveant stuff you did have which now provers to the British public that you did indeed throw it all out ti get rid of said evidence....oooh I digress, where was I?

Oooh yeah your so called assessments, arranged by YOU and not Atos, though they are as guilty as you are, were deliberately arranged for 9AM or similar in the morning while getting futher and further way from Enfield in North London the last one being Lambeth in South London!!

I simplay cannot believe that both the DWP and Atos were so easily manipulated and beaten time after time after time?! Amazing, truly amazing which begs the question how you got away with it for so long and how no one caught you?! Yes I know how long you have been lying to the British public.

So is your excuse going to be that you used to give out disability like confetti? Or maybe that I made out I was a foreigner and not born here and that you ususally just hand out everything they ask for to them and not British people? If so I would like to know the reason why?

Soi then this will be interesting as I am dying to know how you and Atos now attempt to get out of this corner while continuing to screw me and the British Public over a barrel?!

To state once again...

My Freedom Of Information request was for medical evidence you have on me for thirteen years.

I have a letter here from yousrelves stating that you turned me down on one application for Disabiklity Living Allowance because, and I QUOTE, "Your GP filled in the form wrong." which was Dr Huq at Dr Rooban's Surgery who stated that you were liars and that she had and that even had she not its standard procedure and has been for over three decades that forms filled in wrong by GP's are automatically sent back to the surgery and requested this is corrected.

So tell the person who intercepted that letter I recieved or indeed the one that requested you send me that pointless crap and tell them that I now have them by the balls and there is no no way to escape it from here on in.

Oh I am so looking forward to see what you say next?!

This email will be going off to all the others departments that get paid for screwing the British public and disabkled people over while comitting fraud by receving taxpayers money for services they have no intention to performing.

Excuses and quoting scripture will be pointless and if your the so called Independent Case Examiners....don't. I will use foul language and call you a bunch of degrading names albeit quite accurate ones.

Look forward to grovelling from you.


Martin Haswell BSc

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