Sunday, 14 December 2014


Where do people like Ian Duncan-Smith chine from?

Do you know I have raised my eyebrow so many times over people coming forward to defend the man each tune he is attacked that it's become permanently affixed to my Gluteus maximus!

I am sorry there is simply look defence to being an effing clott and being incompetent. This is simply because of the position he holds and that which he and other idiots like him are responsible for.

People's lives!

So when it was pointed out to Iain Duncan-Smith that the number of people who have had to resort of using the Tussell Trusts Food Banks have risen from a bad number to s ridiculously high number what did he say?

Numbers first and... umm...ahh well let us take it from when I moved to my current location which took place in 2007 on the 30th June was at the time around 10,000. That's before the global meltdown took place but three years after I had an argument with a family member about the recession coming. The current number, sorry do but know when they stopped counting on current number, is a little under 350,000.

Iain Duncan-Smith's response was to day that this was not to bad because Germany has a higher number?!

First off My Duncan-Smidiot, what...the...fuck has that got to do with anything?! Secondly, err please tell me that you bothered to work out the other comparisons in your statement?

Or in other words it won't matter a flying... squirrel if Germany has 400,000 people using food banks of their population is double the size of ours or more?! West Germany was big enough before it became one Germany again. The only thing you idiots are in government are bean counters and your either very bad ones or you just insist... umm on insisting that the British public are all thick and worthless?!

So which is it?


UK food bank use tiny, says minister

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