Thursday, 4 December 2014


Well it is a very strange kind of limbo I am currently in. Like an alternate phase between two different realities, or different dimensions you could say.

Now some things really do pop in out of the blue unexpectedly and as some seem to think they come in threes so they have for me of late.

First off a ... tool, literally, that I had wanted to acquire that would help with what I do and add a completely new and much need dimension to things all to do with corruption is within my hands.

Yesterday I attended my GP surgery and due to my condition flaring up I managed to get there twenty minutes late at 4.40pm and yes that time is afternoon and I assure you its infuriating. This had me apologising profusely and though he did not mind, I did. This apologising also reminded me of something I have been forgetting to tell him for several months in that I seem to lose time. Quite literally so and the sorts of times you hear about with ... err alien abductions, lol. opposed to minutes.

Now it also turned out he is also concerened about my 'new' condition that seems to be quite stubborn. I had another bout of it but pain only around level 5 and a brief belching of an aroma that had my alarm bells going off like Big Ben. Oh dear. I explained that there were to factors to consider I had taken note of during all these bouts and they are onions being involved in each occurence and lactobacilis being involved in all remissions.

He said he wanted a series of blood tests performed, oddly some like a blood count I had done not long ago, which was normal at the time.

I was rather surprised when I pulled them out of my bag earlier today at a friends shop to find there were four sheets of paper. 'Crikey' I thought, 'another four tests' when I then noticed that one sheet appeared to have 7 tests alone on it, meaning a possible ten all told? Shivver me timbers!

Then this morning I had to letters through the door and from two different departments of the Department of Work and Pensions?! Two, I hear you say?

Yes, one stated that they had passed my request on, so who the feck called me I dunno. They had also stated that a form asking me what I want had been sent to me and I had claimed I had not received anything?! Err first off I fecking told them a dozen times already and SECONDLY they sent me prinouts of all the emails I sent them?!

So are they now stating they did not know what I wanted and just sent me my own fecking documents along with a form requesting what I wanted that never turned up for documentation I have now been asking them repeatedly for for a whole fecking year?!

Ask yourself how much of YOUR taxes have gone to how many people working on this for a whole fecking year?!


It gets better as you will see from the scans of these documents and the Phlaebotomy, blood test forms, I provide below that they sent me a copy of my own email stating clearly send all documentation you have on me?!

Now admittedly I forgot to state that this was regarding NHS documentation within that single line and maybe not put in that line bout would have been mentioned within the email and in all previous emails I sent to them!

They are all on here anyway and there really is no getting around this fact. But I will play the game and I have a form they sent me, which despite what they say they did not do so previously, and I will put this in the POST as well as in email and I will post up on this blog evidence that I have done this as and when I do it in the coming days.

Right first up are the Phlaebotomy Request Forms (Blood Tests)...

Now this is nothing to do with either my Fibromyalgia (FACT), Right Knee Issue (speaks for itself) but maybe my Oesophagitis but then again maybe not, i.e. could be Crohn's Disease, Coeliac Disease or something else or could be an inbalance of bacteria within the gut that can take 6 months of Lactobacilis casei (think Yakult) to regain equilibrium? Possibly, I am guessing, bought about via food poisoning or bad hygiene I have trouble keeping on top of here at home?

A reminder of the only 60 page plus package they sent that consisted only of email printouts to and from them?!

Also I may remind you that the sole intention of contacting them in the first place was to acquire the NHS documentation and that is it and that is all!

This was because I knew the documentation was based on falsified information either by them or because that they had requested it of several GPs and that upon requesting them they would then vanish because not only could I take legal action against them, which they would wrongly not see as a threat, but that the GPs they requested to lie about me upon the forms and documentation would take legal action against them.

That was the sole theory that existed for me and nice as it would have been to actually have been sent the offending documentaion it was not feasable that this would be the case and was highly likely the documentation I can prove over and over they possessed would mysteriously disappear.

FOI DWP 161114

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