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Right, now then let me try this once again and using a word processor as simple word processing,  even just holding onto a few paragraphs is way beyond Google's capabilities.
I wont go into the subject of swiping on your keyboard where you stay off with your stylus our finger on the letter 'K' on the far right off the keyboard and Google will then decide the keys you still swiped to before stopping, changing direction to your second letter in your intended word are not relative to each other at all?! It well then decide that the letter you intended to use must be 'w' on the far left of the keyboard?! It then decides on a string of letters to make a word you not only did not want but letters you never went anywhere near while swiping. Often the word it replaces your intended one with renders the sentence confusing. Sometimes you repeat the process determined to teach the Goggle Eyed idiots a lesson,  or it's operating system which they claim learns but is total BS, and it will absolutely refuse to give you the word you want and even refuses to offer it on the list of alternatives?! Bizarre.

The best one is when you sometimes highlight the word starting with the letter from the other end of the keyboard and the alternatives pop up and dead centre in orange saying 'Did you mean this word?' and it gives you the effing word you swiped through, like it's deliberately winding you up?! Upon reading this some might be tempted to comment that it's my device or my standard keyboard and tempted to tell me to try others?



I have two very different devices. I have tried the Google Swipe, Swype (oddly brilliant on previous phone and android), TouchPal (right now) and several others. The results are always the same. It's like it is the core that is broken? Well it is, this much does not take place so often and so similarly in different products unless it's the underlying mechanics that are at fault.

My devices are, using now, Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 which had developed a hardware fault and the rubber tip off stylus broke off months ago. And me being extra careful with my gadgets too?! Just for the record and sorry PC World but you had neither a hand in the design or the manufacturing of this tablet pc. Designed by nVidia and manufactured by EVGA (VEGA acronym) though not very well it seems. The new nVidia tablet had only got the same number of cores as this one, though more powerful, an inch bigger screen but 2.5 times the price?! Err I think not... nVidia!

Yoy!! That rumbled on longer than I intended! Also remembered, as it occurred in that lady paragraph, that sometimes, oops did it again, Google coders must get bored and mischievous as well as lazy and incompetent as every now and then it less to suddenly move the cursor to somewhere else normally two to ten lines further back and mid sentence?!

Rank amateurs intent on taking over the world by taking over the Internet.
Now enough of all that.

This is an attempt to rewrite a long detailed post about...

umm anger management and memory loss, lol. 

What must be almost two weeks ago now something happened. Something I expected for a long time I have been lucky with but on borrowed time. I kind of got lucky again. 

I was hit by a double axle van. Not enough to knock me down but enough to knock me into the A10 dual carriageway.

I had been out the house retrieving items I had likely forgotten for a day or three before hand and possibly did on this day. Despite doing feck all really I went over the line and did too much. Despite the fact I take a lot of pills that despite doing something do not do enough and are totally the wrong prescription drugs anyway. I can't take any higher dosages as you end you feeling dizzy and sick all the time, Gabapentin.

When I get into these over doing it periods I get impatient, stressed and angry which I am ask the time anyway due to the memory blanks a dozen times a day or more and the usual pains.  Despite the pills and trying to go out every other day, unless I've forgotten things of course.

I was returning home from Sainsburys and heading along the A10 when a van was coming out a storage rental store. Now in my impatient and angry mode where stopping and standing still will now exacerbate things I went around the rear of the van. Only when I got to the far side the vans body was up against the gate post so I could not get through. I then decided to travel around to the front of the van as it was not moving. As I was rounding the near side corner I noticed the was a man of the passenger side so there were two in the cockpit. I managed to get right in front of the driver when suddenly... WHAM!! This van his me on my right side and I'm knocked a few feet to my left. I...was...enraged!
I had noticed that the two men were foreign looking and could have been Muslims, but then again maybe not. I thought this because with my bags in hand I sharply raised my arms up by 45 degrees and glared at the two men as if to say 'What the fuck?!' Having had my first bullet dodged for years hit my square in the face, err or rather the side, I was now expecting my second bullet to hit me rapidly... two angry foreigners making have and fist gestures of the rude kind.

I was very literally loosening the grip on my carrier bags and feeling the plastic edging ever further to my finger tips as I expected a huge physical battle to take place as I intended to follow up any hand signs and gestures with a lesson delivered the best way possible. Kicking their fecking arses. 

It was just what I expected to take place next and my frustrations, pains and anger were about to give way to a flood of chemicals. I had already decided that the passenger side guy was both smaller and older,  easy to get out and render unconscious so not having to worry about what he is up to behind my back. Leaving me to deal the younger, fitter driver by launching into the passenger side and while still digesting that I had the balls to take the two of the them on,  strike his chin hard, possibly breaking the jaw before reaching over to lever the door open and kicking him out to deal with him outside the van. Provided he had not given up through a broken jaw.

Luckily instead of reacting all cocky and with gestures they instead held their hands up SD if to both say sorry. Seeing this I dropped my arms and shrugged my shoulders and continued on home. After a quick meal and could hours into gaming on my PC I started to rub my right forearm and after doing this a few times I looked at it intently and wondered why it was hurting.

'Oh yeah, forgot...I got stuck by that van' I thought to myself. 

I then proceeded to continue forgetting and, despite my forearm having a muscular pain, forgot to tell my Doctor or two local friends for the next week.

When I was typing it this post and about this event previously, before those AMATEURS lost my text, I remembered the last time I lost it and nearly lashed out at someone. It was a few years back, had an audience...a big audience where...well where you would find audiences on the street. He rather deserved a good hiding in all honesty but the very hard northerner lost his aggressive, big mouthed,  cocky and rude attitude when I got both loud and threatening causing thousands of people to stop and look too see what the fuss was about... in the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. Well I did say where you would find audiences? Lol.

That was several years ago now and I think I was looking in Foyles bookstore and Blackwells and any others I could find. I think it may have been Orchid books? Likely a Saturday as even though it was around 6 years ago I would still not travel during a weekdays rush hour.

When traveling around walking hurts. The further I walk the pain gets progressively worse. I also and unfortunately get different pains depending on both what I am doing or even whether moving or stationary. Once the walking pain is in its early stages standing still brings on a very different but greater pain. The greater the walking pain gets the the greater the standing pain will be.

That was a brief description of only some of the pains in the areas of my feet. It dies bit include the sharp, flashing pain in the arches that renders me immobile momentarily or longer.

It also does not include the ankle clicking, achilles tendinitis like, knee pain, back pain or frozen right shoulder. Then consider managing all this and then compound all that with memory loss and the frustration that brings.

How the clock ticks.

Sensing the breaking bow..

After a slight break there for a moment to break the monotony, something else that both Google and myself do not seem to like.

The Oxford Street incident started when I, replete with walking stick, got barged on the stairs coming up from the tube station. The culprit was 6 foot 3 inches or more of a streak of piss wearing one of those army green jackets favored by the Mods, saw many today actually, and after the rude barging and never wanting to be out done or beaten by anyone at all, things not changed much then, I rounded another person and shoulder barged him towards a wall and got in front of him. There were some mumblings eminating (did not like 'eminating' and Schmidt really does have a limited vocabulary) from him I decided to make myself look innocent by commenting in a friendly manner about the amount of people.

It was at this very point that he managed to sing a few words together even if some did not belong when he said "Eh, dont go trying to make friends with me, like!"

He was Geordie, like that of a long term friend I had at the time. Now annoyed I was in phase one of punching someone's lights out when I sarcastically said "Like what?" you which he said "Eh?" to which I said "you ended your sentence with the word 'like', like what?" and he failed to see I was being sarcastic now in an attempt to piss him off to take a swing a he sit sounded very aggressive. I need not have worried as he got angrier and obviously was seeing me as an easy being when he said "I mean it!" before deciding I needed to be communicated with sign language by showing me his right fist landing a punch into his left palm with both being oddly only at waist height. I realised immediately he was trying to hide his threats from prying eyes. A mistake to do that to me, especially with a large audience!

So then at the top of my voice I then shouted out... 

"What?! You think your going to give me a good beating?! Well COME ON THEN!! I will even put my walking stick down and give you the first swing!"

Now what seemed like thousands of people stay to slow, stop and oh at the fuss now building while a now shocked Geordie who may now be realising that it was not his... wisest decision to pick on me. He continued making the punching gestures into his left palm but was now backing up against the wall of people that had formed in an effort to continue house threats before slipping away into the crowd. I would have normally used the word 'unnoticed' but the truth was he wasn't and didn't. I decided to give him more food fur thought fur the need twenty or so years when it loud once again I said...

"No, no! It's no good making gestures with you been hands about punching me. Your left hand won't hit you back! Now I have offered to put down my walking sick now it is time for you to make good on your threats?!"

Eventually he disappeared into the sea of bodies and I turned my attention to Charring Cross Road.
I had long since forgotten the incident in Oxford Street from around 5 years ago or so until I was typing out the post regarding getting hit by the van and expecting to fight two guys.

I live on the capital city. It has far too many people with far too many racist views while being standoffish and I'm not speaking about white people, though they have their own idiosyncracies too I have pointed out on so many occasions. The public transport is shit and using it during busy periods, so around six hours a day, is a nightmare and any condition that causes pain it's a no-no. The same for wheelchair users though oddly you get less sympathy if you have two legs despite causing half a dozen shite pains but someone in a wheelchair which you cannot escape and you get the sympathy.

Now I realised that a very long time ago and thought it both very odd and really ignorant.
So you can imagine that after I successfully diagnosed myself as suffering with Fibromyalgia and while having it confirmed had my suspicious right knee confirmed at the same time I later found out that the worst of my 4 conditions, 4th being tested, is called the 'invisible disease'. 

Now there are several aces I have held onto for some time now. They are intended to completely destroy the DWP & Atos when the time comes in 2015. You would think by now that my enemies have cottoned on to the fact that each time I reveal a killer blow I still have way better in my arsenal. Also the arts always things in the pipeline, several get put in motion this coming week.

The beauty of understanding how all the ailments work, ailments do not mean pains or rather symptoms do not always mean pain, is that it allows you to be able to focus more than you could before. Also you can gain an element of control over things that can be a benefit to you, or so it was with me. I will get to that during 2015 too.

I am absolutely dying to see how they react to my recent correspondences within, and without lol, the DWP. I also wonder if the have caught onto the fact that I can get many different types of really terrible attitudes out of them by contacting many different departments at the same time. Oops.

1 We have got it.
2 We did not know what you wanted.
3 You never asked for it.
4 We don't have the NHS documentation (meaning the two years they processed two claims, meant to take 12 weeks in total including, they did not contact my GP once!)
5 You never filled in the correct forms.
6 We will use the excuse that you never filled in the correct forms despite not sending them to you and not possessing a single document any longer anyway because we don't want to be taken to court for paying/forcing a Doctor to lie about you on your forms and letters.

So you see there were a few events and there are others I likely don't recall for now that took place over the years. 

I cover a great many over the last 2.5 years while providing documentation going bad back two years before this blogs inception (Radicals and Merseyside Police), 12 years when it comes to the NHS.

I just realised I really do not want to list all of my victims and the length of time I have held files on each. Pain in the posterior.

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