Sunday, 28 December 2014


If I wanted a story that was not only totally weird in every way, made an identical earlier incident look even more suspicious song with highlighting why journalists have no brain... well this is it!

Rather unfortunately this means lives lost once again to the tune of a couple of hundred.

I find myself in utter disbelief once again add yet another aircraft had gone missing.

I heard one BBC reporter say ask the same things stated the last time this happened back in March 2014. He then stared that they will solve this mystery and I wondered where he was in the last eight months?

"Mate?! You have to solve the last one before you can start claiming this one will get solved!" immediately flashed through my mind.

Then he mentions that there were previously two planes that have gone missing?! I then wondered where in the world I was in the last eight months?!

Now I could be mistaken but I thought I heard someone say that the aircraft were all the same model of Airbus? If true this is simply to much of a coincidence. I also have to wonder as to why then that they have be an unable to figure out is their aircraft at fault?

I think even Meatloaf would agree that in this occasion three out of three is bad?!

I wondered whether I heard this correctly because I realised that if this was the case then it would strongly suggest that some corporation burial plan had been going on, surely?

Time will tell as this amount of occurrence is impossible to go without the inevitable questions... inevitable questions from those with any grey matter working simultaneously as a team, that is.
Meanwhile I am wondering whether I should feel astounded or not that it has had to take three of the same aircraft going missing before anything is done or even asked of Airbus?

I simply cannot believe that it chilled happen twice within a year that two huge aircraft laden with passengers could just completely disappear without trace! So imagine how I am thinking that it could now be three of them?!

Sorry but flying is it for me, especially if it's an Airbus A320! Until such a time it's proven that the vanashings have nothing to do with the aircraft being faulty.

I do not know if O mentioned this recently, but trust me when I say I do, but I believe today's aircraft are catchy in the stone age,  so too speak.

You would no doubt find my ramblings on this on the other posts where I talk about Concorde. A futuristic and supersonic aircraft that amazed me when I was a kid and could not wait to see what came next! Imagine my disappointment when I look up to the clouds today when Concorde is long gone and the bulbous pigs with wings still down the sky leaving their snail like trails everywhere they go?

Despite the claims by companies to the contrary, everything had stagnated these last two decades. Sure things have moved forwards but at a snail's pace. I do wonder you this being deliberate in one or more areas. Because certain... factions decided that there were some things the wider public should both have while their military should.

If this was the case it was the most brain damaged, stupid bloody thing to ever do. Because you would then hold back everything and when you got that...someone else who come along, do it better better and on a huge scale, sell their products which will help them produce far better devices before very long.

Hmm now that would seem hugely unlikely... after all what's the chances of any other countries surpassing the likes of the UK...hmm yeah maybe not the UK, but the USA and Germany?
It would seem that father time has a great deal to answer for?

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