Friday, 5 December 2014


I heard something so utterly and completely ridiculous today that I simply had to posts about how idiotically stupid it is and they are.

Some Muslim men who returned from the middle east after fighting with the Islamic State we're arrested ages given long sentences.

I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever and they are either evil, stupid or both and have no right to even the own families.


The families have made a stupid statement which had been backed up by a stupid spokesperson, equally stupid and naive that the sentence was wrong and that they felt betrayed by the Police and that this sends out the wrong messages to other Muslim families coming forward with details about their relatives being away fighting and beheading British people.

Sends out the wrong message? Hmm maybe I have this all wrong?

Maybe it's entirely possible that the Muslims in this country here sees us for a pack of naive twats had a plan set up whereby the men can go abroad and then their families only need to tell the Police or other authorities about them fighting abroad and then they get let back into the UK without question or punishment?!

Yes so maybe the right message is..

'Yeah, sure. You can toddle off and behave like your not a British person and fight against and behest innocent British people abroad and then return to the country you sponge off and obviously have you respect for and we will just stupidly let you go this. While your at it you can come back with a different name and get a couple of hundred thousand pounds in aid while we give disabled people feck all you can use to go back out there again and next time you can bring some explosives back on the aircraft and brig that down too?! '

Is this the kind of message you want you give out? You can do add you likey as my add you tell is just before you return because we are fecking idiots?

Hmm, come to think of it... the way this country and is politicians and public services along with the rich and powerful and the rest they have behaved abd what they have done? Maybe we are fecking pratts and they are giving it the wrong message?!

Hmm well we have idiots in power that seem to think that they can solve this countries problems by punishing this who are not using up anywhere near enough money to make a difference but make them pay anyway? And when it don't work? We will make those innocent people pay even more than they did previously. Oh we won't stop and think what the consequences are that we fecked this up twice in a row making a nightmare scenario that continues for ten years of someone's life. It won't matter that the public will go around in angry mobs of hundreds and thousands asked the country to burn the they see responsible?! Yes I am sure that when they are angry thought you have tied us to a stake with dry sticks and wood all around its base we are sure we can reason with them?!

No you blithering idiots it is those of you people that come out with idiotic statements like that and this post is a prime example of not us but YOU people giving out the wrong message.

As for your statement about families that will not come forward in future because they will not act like incompetent idiots and wave the terror laws because your admitted you did it... you do pay attention to the news? Surely you do? GCHQ and MI5 and MI6 listening in on conversations? Harbouring and protecting a terrorist?! Yeah I'm sure there wiki be no firm of punishment on an entire family for this either?!

Jesus Christ! Where are their brains? In their arses?

Reason with them? While being tied to the proverbial stake? With fecking what they will reason with, God only knows!

If you don't let the fact that you can't do what you want in the UK or that the fact you think British Law dues not apply to you making it obvious you believe yourselves to be off sine higher authority/calling/life form then I think the whole family should leave.

You can take to rich yanks running the UK's now Not So Public Services with you along with all members of the main the political parties and Tony Blair.

There may well be another name added to that list before very long? Hmm sorry no you can take all those celebrity paedophiles with you whether proved guilty or not!

Good God! I do like using the 'I'm with stupid' line but perhaps the one should be we are with stupid?! Or stupids?! Lol.

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