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David Cameron that is, not you the reader! Well unless your David Cameron reading those of course! Or George Osborne. Or someone that believes in the Conservative Party, wellll the current one. Or indeed anyone that agrees with them. Wellll with everything they say and do.... OK, OK some of the things they say and do!?!

Hmm that one kind of run away from me.

Well the title still stands... he lied to the British public after being in power for all of five minutes.
I can assure you that you do not even have to hear it from me as thousands of disabled people will likely explain it to you as can the Citizens Advice Bureau!

Unless of course they are more than just window dressing and actually help the government?

After all it was THEY that told Cameron that people with several ailments that combined were classed as a disability were not treated as such and he that agreed and did he would change this!

He did nothing. No that's a lie! He then made it a great deal worse.

When I started started all this I was one of these people... with one slight difference or two ...

1 I had over a dozen things that had no diagnosis

2 I had thought I had two or three undiagnosed conditions to go with the three I had.

3 I was previously in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and A Free Freedom Pass that was then taken away

4 I then start closing in on my condition while the NHS fist in their seats and after a false start I then realise my dozen pains and embarrassing symptoms can all be under the same condition when a dozen Doctors said it was impossible

5 Despite proving that I have a dozen physical disabilities under one condition and three other conditions on top of this they still find a way to say no.

This very last reason is what has driven me mad for quite some time and in fact I am going to show the reason why and that I suspected this long ago.

Now you must realise that I have alluded to this very thing previously... I just... did not go into the subject in any detail.

There was a lot to do and a lot you divulge. The still is. But it was always going you be hard doing all the things I publish on here as well as... well punish it all and keep track of everything.


Embarrassing Conditions

Several Legal Battles still several to go

No help,  no car,  no travel help even

Memory Loss

Gathering Gadgets, Devices, Building Computers, sold sub standard refurbished crap that don't work, through several smart phones

Two Police Forces, MI5, GCHQ (if your calling me names.. Grow up and read the fecking stuff I on here before you look like a DICK to millions of people)

Four Local Councils

The NHS several hospitals and surgeries

DWP,  HMRC and others(ooh feck me blogger! You worthless piece of crap!)
Several household name retailers.

And do not even ask me how many ombudsman I have dealt with our hits many I have missed...

Ooh like Bailiffs

Ooh and Debt Collectors

Ooh and Courts

Oh and... DAMMIT!!

Oooh yeah the media! That's a long list.

Lists of lists, lots of long lists. Funny that was what one ex said about me. 'Always writing lists' she while laughing. Hehe yeah well she ain't laughing now about them and will be glowing neon green with envy later in 2015. Lol.

Why am I listing the things? I'm taking screen shots over three next week and publishing them over the next few weeks?!

I'm tired. No I'm a dumb arse at times. Just not when it matters most.

No. When it matters most I am whatever I am needed to be.

Hence why my knowledge bases are very broad. Knowledge bases can be more than just intellectual things.

As much as I love intellectual subjects of various sciences from astronomy through herpetology, batrachology and ichthyology to meteorology, seismology and volcanology to areas of botany like Orchids and carnivorous plants there are needs for other things too.

Well like cycling... Kung Fu... films and music. Hmm music, a deep subject for me music. Maybe later in the new year?

I started off talking about a dick and ended up on music.

Cameron urges 'right choice' in 2015

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