Monday, 8 December 2014


It would seem that bizarre events no matter how big or how seemingly insignificant in the beginning are a feature that runs throughout the life of this blog.

Today is far from an exception.

Deciding to have yet another go at finishing my house I finally got around and forced myself to put my bed clothes and bathroom mats in the washing machine.

I had forgotten that I had planned to chuck out the heater the landlord gave me becuase it is intermittent at best. The fact I chopped the plug off to remind myself did not help until I had purchased a new plug from the Town Market, taken two weeks to put it on the oil heater and then switch it on to dry my quilt cover and pillow case covers.

The morning started out with a phone call from a friend who has a son I like and telling me that when her useless ex boyfriend moved out he was quick to tell the DWP about it. The fact that she is a single mother did not stop them from using this as an excuse to cancel all and everty benefit she had. It has been several weeks and now the housing association, called Notting Hill Housing, are stating that if they do not get paid by Christmas (2014 and has three weeks) she will be evicted with her son. Should they do this, that would be Notting Hill Housing (I think they are called) I will become their biggest nightmare and I fully intend to make an example of them throughout 2015 now. Oh and yes, Notting Hill Housing, I am the one that urged her to record all phonecalls and you lied in a recording by telling her that this act was illegal and then threatening her with phoning the hired goons that only seem to go after people that are poor or earn little money today. Cannot remember what this group is called, everyone knows them and they lie to get out of spending money....oh yeah THE POLICE!


Back to the main thread now as I put my bedclothes over the heater to dry and it decided to stop working. Then I remembered! Feck it!!

Still I had one hard wired heater left in my bedroom and had to do some shuffling about.

A pile of crap had built up near my street door, little misdirection there, and among it was a table lamp and a umm...nnggg other electric device, oh yeah a desk fan, lol. I had been planning to put them out in the communal rubbish area, the rag and bone men have returned through the hard times and I did just that.

I opened my street door and in my front garden as I walked down my path I spied a brown envelope face down on the grass. I was initially confused as the postman had been and yet the enevelope did not look like it had been opened. I decided that it must be an old envelope that had fallen out of a bag or rubbish I had by my shed.

However when I picked it uip and flipped it over it was an unopened envelope. I held onto it until I had placed the two electrical items and then opened it up on the rturn to my house.

You see the one thing that both the DWP and Atos were far, far too lazy to do is look up my property using Google Earth. The bins cannot possibly block my street door as it is physically impossible to even get them anywhere NEAR my front gate! This is why we have communal bins. So I opened the envelope and read it on the path bak to my front gate and up my path to my house.

'My word!' I thought to myself as I had just explained to a friend on the phone, with the DWP troubles I mentioned, that is now no less than FOUR letters from the DWP in just three days! Surely a record.

What was the letter concerning? Well the fact that I found my first ever letter in 7.5 years face down on my front lawn, err yeah I have a front lawn too, might seem extremely suspicious when I now tell you what it concerned before I then show you.

Now before I do that I just want you to recall, if ytou read it, what a letter said I had just yesterday...

We did not send you the NHS documentation you requested because you did not specify which benefit it was relating to - The DWP
OOPS!So why did you send me 70 pages of my own correspondence then? Your educated guess was it? I suggest you return to school. But then maybe its because these posts are taken up by relatives of the higher classes? Well they do joke that they are all inbred?!


Now I have already typed out a letter I was going to send to both the departments that sent me the letter and although it now seems pointless I am going to post them off anyway. Only now I am going to be far more insulting than I am on this post...far, FAR more insulting.

The letter?

I am writing in response to a request you made to us in June 2014. I sincerely apologise for the late response.
Request for Personal Information (They have no idea how to place the reference clearly!)
You requested the following information: 
Correspondence from your GP
We have been unable to obtain the information.
Please accept our apologies....(yadda, yadda, yadda!)
So then, what do YOU make of it?

It feels so good when the plans just drop into place.

Scanned Letter...

Of course its so much cheaper to pay several people £35,000 to £50,000 or more a year to do this than to pay someone £9,000 in benefits which is only the governments fault is so high anyway due to the house pricing allowed to sky rocket which I said for years would lead to a collapse of gragantuan proportions. OOPS!

Oh and of course what could possibly be wrong with that?

I mean its not like its lead to a financial meltdown of any kind has it now?

I am of course going to contact the ombudsman to the DWP yet again, called ICE though the last correspondences claimed they were NOT ombudsman despite investigating my claims and coming up with nothing!

:P ( I wonder if they know what a colon and a letter 'P' means?)

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