Sunday, 28 December 2014


Was only a matter of time.

Had previously figured it would likely be 2016 before the cracks widened into gasping chasms exposing the most rancid of internal wranglings going on within the NHS?

The first fractures showing themselves just a few months before the big crumble.

But here we have a very real possibility.

Planned NHS changes have led to anger due to the way they will fall with specialist operations including certain cancers?

Lol. They are obviously showing anger because they have to die to this blog's existence?! But they did try reading some times.

I have bitter only already covered these things previously but shown that it had been going on a very long time. Yet a number of people have become...angry?! Only... NOW?!

Hmm something of a mystery, that one. There is no way that any amount of Doctors or General Practitioners are going to convince me they had no idea any of what I have exposed actually going on within the NHS. No bloody way.

However I did expect something of a parting of the Red Sea when it comes to realization that many things my since going in where going to be... reaching the wider British public and indeed the world.

Planned NHS cash changes spark anger

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