Tuesday, 6 January 2015


In case your unaware the line above is from the James Bond film Goldeneye.

The post is in regards to another man called Dimitri. Dimitri Bontinck who travelled around the middle east to find his Jihadi son.

Now there is a man that I would hold in high regard. A man of action and one prepared to go out to an area of the world where he stands out like a sore thumb, yet still did it.

How many of the fathers of the other youngsters who have painted a beautiful picture in their heads while wearing rose tinted glasses because life is shot where they are so it must be utterly wonderful somewhere else?

The simple truth is that those that are in power including those vying and jostling to get in power are doing it for selfish reasons and not selfish ones. So appearances, tricks and lies might be different, Caucasians are just smarter at hiding it for a whole range of reasons.

Ergo when you get down to the nitty-gritty it is the same.

Rather unfortunately this writing on the wall has been totally missed by those that did nothing about it or too scared to do nothing about it or that now in power they want to pick and choose which acts they want to perform.

Dimitri stated that it was disgusting, I think was the word used, that no one gave a shit.

Well they don't Dimitri, Invariably they are only worried about their personal gains, their families, power or material things. Expensive, material things I might add. This is the same and actually made worse by journalism and the news media because, as it will no doubt come out, they have all studied degrees in journalism and yet in the politics side of things have themselves completely missed the direction we were heading, or avoided it. Instead asking repeated stupid question some rest made them ask so that the time on TV gets used up so the important questions can be avoided.

I am just amazed that an area of news journalism has managed to avoid being bought, owned or affiliated with the bigger news corporartions. Well not one not online that is because I am sure that at least 90% of what I have spoken of is reported in many other places? I have even linked one in from time to time and I actually rarely look. I get mine from the evil BBC App and sometimes I look at others, like Flipboard. I remember UK coloumn being sent to me by someone, why does Fleksy fart then add in a space after not touching it?! Yes UK Coloumn is one I remember and there are bound to be others. I imagine journalism in Scotland is not biased? Or at least most of it, lol.

I am extremely interested to see how various leaders squirm because their people are starting to make them uncomfortable while they avoid dealing with the issue, or leader of whatever nation because the media have loved the idea of reporting stories for the past ten years about how their leader gets on better with them than that of a neighbouring country or indeed just one they do not like?!

*sigh* really?!

To be honest I have watched and cringed for bloody years just how decking naive journalists are and especially one or two that think so highly of themselves and mostly around when a General Election comes around.

I emailed someone at the Daily Star the yesterday regarding an article on page 2 about victims to the Rorherham paedophile ring. This is because he seemed to be moaning about the bill to the taxpayer without actually stating what he was complaining about?!

So I asked him to confirm exactly why he was moaning and who he was moaning about? I mean normally when an idiot reports like that he is complaining that victims of said crimes, that the government both local and central are responsible for, are getting money?!

That is how it looks but that they don't want to actually say it because they have no morals themselves and do not want to look bad?

I asked Jerry Lawton to confirm what he was alluding to and suggested that if he did not like the fact that this is coming out of the taxpayers money then he won't like what I have been up to and nor what's coming over 2015-6!

If you think Mr Lawton that there is something wrong with these victims receiving damages then you are very amoral and should get out of journalism...Unless of course that is what it means to be conservative?

If it is neither of these things well then you should bloody well say so and if you want someone to blame, i.e..your not amoral then it's the consecutive governments... both Conservatives and Labour.
If you indeed come on here and read this and guessing my political leanings I assure you...you won't.

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