Monday, 26 January 2015


Another 'I told you so' and twice in ten minutes! Lol!

I told everyone I know long ago when I started over 4 years ago and once after a comment of 'Your bit James Bond!' and annoyed by this I answered 'no James Bond wishes he was me!' before going on to say '... and you say I watch too much TV... which is funny for someone that had a living room devoid of a TV!

I had many people... or egos would be a more accurate description who works day all manner of things when I started. This was fueled by the fact I already had a large number of jealous people lying shut me in an attempt to degrade my goals reached or abilities in the past. Awhile before I started my serious involvements with MI5 and GCHQ though brief they may have been.

They also stated that I would not get anywhere.

That those I attacked would not give a shit, read 'be phased' regarding my attacks. Find out if this was right in 24 hours.

That I would not get anything beyond the rules laid out...err, read about that one in twenty four hours.
Hmm I wonder if a reader from here had done me the greatest of courtesies by making an effort to prove true that which I have already explained. It's not like the movies?! Lmao!

Oh of you did? Thanks. Well if you didn't... thanks anyway! Lol!

So someone pretended to be the head of GCHQ and got through to David Cameron?! Lol! My Good God... you really cannot make this shit up?! Lol, in fact that could have been a title to this blog? 'You Cannot Make This Shit Up....Dossier'? Lol!

I actually laughed out loud when I heard that after a few seconds he put the phone down, no doubt remembering the fiasco with the fake Queen phone call and of course an election coming up?!
Not that I think it would do him much good?! Write the opposite as a matter of fact...a shame he did take as he may have stated something like..

"Oh fuck the terrorists...these are the names of the private companies I have told the NSA/CIA I would listen in on so that they can perform a hostile take over at the most financially  beneficial time while we sell more of their sub standard returned electronic goods through Argos, PC World, Shop Direct and B&Q!"

Now that would have been so very cool and would finally get everyone believing in me and the knowledge I possess become much more widely known at a much faster rate?

Though in all honesty this may well happen in the next few days or few weeks? You will have to wait for that post of revealing things in the next 24 hours or so.

Hoax call to David Cameron prompts security review -

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