Thursday, 8 January 2015


Well it has been a mad day... truly mad.

I had to go out after both my worst night and morning with this flu thus far out of four days on the trot. Still spinning mentally from the atrocities in Paris and the Department Of Work and Pensions ringing me repeatedly.

I could not remember if my regular repeat prescriptions were due to be collected and my throat was red raw sore so I decided to go to my Boots Chemist for some tinctures and potent cough medicine.
I was not due my prescription.

Nose was burning while I was out. The two cough syrups did a good job.

After chatting to a friend about what had happened in Paris as well as the overdue Pay Per Click ad revenue and the surprising phone calls from the DWP I then headed for my GP Surgery.

Now I had thought that I was going to be told I was Type 2 Diabetic or something else. I did not think I had a gluten problem. I knew the blood count would be normal and in fact the one test that came back as a failure was...well was one that always comes back as a failure. So I was completely confused.

That test was my cholesterol levels being too high... again.

I stated that after the phone call asking me to go in I thought that they had found something. He then explained a few things while he took my blood pressure. I was speaking about something... ooh yes I was explaining that things were too tough to be able to have the right diet. Then I explained that the DWP have not exactly been a help when he asked me to relax as he needed to take the blood pressure test again. That was a first occurrence for me. He may have then mentioned my blood pressure being high previously either at Barney Hospital or an earlier test and I said I was aware it had been high in recent times a couple of times.

He then looked concerned and said he needed to test it again!

After the three tests it was confirmed my blood pressure was high and suddenly there was some concern with my cholesterol being high too.

This is because a narrowing of the arteries makes it harder to get the blood around. So more pressure is needed.

Now by a strange coincidence a high cholesterol level is normally from smoking, like those adverts of fat from your arteries/veins seeping out looking like porridge. The other usual suspects of cholesterol levels being high are obesity, alcohol and a few other recreational drugs and your diet. A strange coincidence because I lost weight over several years, don't drink and had quit smoking.

Cutting a long story short my GO heard about my passing out, getting hit by that van...finally he then said he has to put me on a prescription to get my blood pressure down. Pick up the pills tomorrow.

I wonder if it will stop the nausea, fainting and feeling tired?

Oh yes and I finally listened to the DWP voicemail and recorded it. Oddly there was just one and the others were ones from my mother on Boxing Day?!

So this year which I thought would be...eventful in a number of ways has actually gotten off to a very early start!

I managed to find other Ad Affiliates and I have emailed them and may get the answers I seek. This will explain if anyone I have dealt with has definately screwed me. Perhaps finally get some money back I lost years ago because the DWP unfairly cancelled it along with tens of thousands of others.
The DWP and there insignificant others are all on their most revealing last acts. Unless they manage to give me ever more ammo to work with? Whatever they decide to do I cannot lose. I do not remember what was said but remember Cardiff being mentioned and getting something to me in two weeks?! Interesting as you cannot possibly get a letter to a GP and back in two weeks.

Of course there is the General Election in May and I will be riding arises while cracking my whip along the way.

There should be changes in the wind for my involvements with both animals (amphibians, fish, reptiles) and Orchids along with a big return to British Wildlife. In fact this may get a small excursion to the continent for several days?!

Unfortunately there are those evil doers that try to kill and destroy everything they personally do not want or like claiming some dead prophet wants it to happen. A prophet who tried to get them to behave civil but knew them and their weaknesses extremely well as he promised fifty virgins to each one!

Yeah, he pretty much had them summed up but I bet he would not be happy to see how much his intentions had been twisted?!

As for my blood pressure, well never really knew how dangerous it is by causing death fairly easily and going mainly unnoticed. It can also affect your vision and both temporarily or permanently.
So hypertension and....err hypertensive retinopathy. I think, lol.

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