Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I have been to the job centre and was there for over an hour...

Several great things happened, they let very our of bag several times. I had a row with 6ft Arab looking gentleman who got cocky and insulting and lied. I got annoyed and snapped when he said "your not listening" and I replied "no, YOUR  NOT LISTENING MATE!!" and that was within thirty seconds.

They tried to pass the buck and I was eventually seen by a woman why fully agreed with me and was shown letters regarding physiotherapy and neurology appointments coming up in next few Weeks. She tried rio state that the doctors from Atos would gone to my home and I told her how they failed to do this three tunes and lied about it and easily proven on each failed visit. I told her about this site too.

When I was then requested to PHONE the Incapacity Benefit Department from inside the building, something I tried to do three times from a write if phones with NO BLOODY CHAIRS I got great pleasure in calling over tune Arab gentleman who was insulting. I had been there over an hour and he said it loud, to a now packed, Job Centre that I knew full well why it was canceled because I refused to be assessed...

...I was astounded, and secretly pleased, that he suddenly had this vast amount of knowledge of my case despite being a doorman and I if course was easily pleased as it then provided me with an excuse to say out loud so staff and public can hear that "no mate and you all know full well WHY I refused and have told all of you over two dozen times including the boss of the DWP, TERRY MORAN COO, and she knows it on the phone as does the woman upstairs I spoke too understand too. It was canceled based on trickery and lies and that is why I am here!"

He handed the phone back and walked away and I was then told they would sort something out and phone new on my mobile BEFORE 4PM and that was over two hours ago at present.

Of course it was all recorded and will go up tonight once I have edited out security details.

Once I came off the phone I was now bring watched by all and was my butterball charming self when not being accused of being dishonest our an attempt to blacken my name in front if a couple of dozen members if the public...

I then pulled my smartphone out of my pocket with the recording app still playing and showing the doing wave of what it picked up in real time. I turned to a guy standing near me and tapped him on the shoulder and said...

"brilliant devices these!" And he says it was a nice phone befit I continued...

"yes and SMARTPHONES are bloody handy for recording people and organisations that lie so you can expose them?!"

To which I got a reaction of looks before I swung my rucksack over my shoulder and left the building.

Two members of staff were sitting at their desks directly opposite me and the doorman would not have seen it but may have heard it.

Even if not I am sure the conversation about me was rife and by the end of the day they all would be telling each other about it.

Indeed on the second floor when I explained to Val as I was leaving and standing that she can now see that their masters are liars and that they knew damn well about all my pains, ohh forgot to tell them I had a bad toothache I'm called into Dentist for, and my anxiety disorder and that they deliberately wanted me to come on here and hurt someone on their front line staff so that I would be arrested and discredited. As I insinuated how despicable this was the chap in glasses worrying to her right was looking st me and nodding!


I list count of how many times I had to say... "Oh do I have to explain this again?!"

The number if times I was told it was because I refused to be assessed and I said "oh for feck sake! NO!! I never refused and explained this on various medias and a dozen times on each media and its not one assessment its a dozen our more since January 2011 and there of those it was YOU that failed to turn up and lied about it!

I shall record myself saying that and if I have to go back in tomorrow and said the same thing I will say..."wait, my jaw hurts from yacking and I recorded myself answering that question ad I KNEW I would get asked over and over again!!

Maybe then if that happens they may finally have some electrical activity with the three synapses in their brains causing data top go back and forth between the for brain cells each possesses and realise I have long done had then "bang to RIGHTS"?!


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