Thursday, 21 February 2013


Yes well although better this morning I felt groggy still.

However after realising I had indeed been paid I went out to get that item I had spoken about and...guess what?

I walked in, looked across into a cabinet and at first I thought it still there?! But alas it was no longer there and I turned my eyes skyward and letting out a long breath, turned on my heels and walked out.

It just seemed fated to turn out that way and that was three times attempting to get one single thing that I really NEED rather than want and I did not get it anyway.

I did go to Argos and had a quick look at the lower model but was £40 more while being less powerful?! Oddly in Argos the next model down from THAT ONE is actually more expensive than the dearer one?! I had seen this before in their catalogue first and had to do a double take and rub my eyes!

Now I will tell you it was a CAMERA!!

Cheapest model in Argos is £145 - This is the Olympus SP 620 UZ with 21x Zoom

Next model up in range is £139.99 - Olympus SP 720 UZ with 26x Zoom

Top Model in Argos in range is £229.99 Olympus SP 820 UZ with 40x Zoom

Now in all honesty I really, REALLY liked the top model.

The one I saw along the road from Argos was the previous model to the top model and not nearly as nice, stylish or powerful but at £98 I thought it would be good for what I wanted it for.

This was the Olympus SP 810 UZ and was £98 but in Tesco they had it still available NEW for £186?!

In Argos the cheapest and least powerful model is £5 dearer than the next model UP the range?!?!

Then the NEXT MODEL goes off into the stratosphere, though not really only compared to previous model, in the price difference?!

It gets more confusing if you pop down the road to PC World where the have the Olympus SP 620 UZ that is in Argos for £145 and up for £122. On Amazon it is £110!

On Amazon the 820 is £199.99, making the asking price in Tesco for the older 810 UZ utter madness.

So I thought I am not going to pay out £140 as it is too much and I decided I should really hold out and try not to spend any cash for awhile and then get the 820 Olympus as its the best tool for the job!

I travelled to my friends shop and started feeling ill and groggy again before receiving a phone call from my sister saying that her and Bill were going to come round to see me. I said I was at my friends store and they said that would pick me up. Ten minutes later though my condition was getting worse and I started to feel I was going to vomit. I had eaten too in the town after failing to buy a camera and failing to but the new James Bond film Skyfall on Blu-Ray too?! Oh I know I was ill when I actually did that?!

I ended up leaving to go home, telling Steve I will see him in a few days and walked home in biting winds and wondering if I was going to throw up in someone's garden?!

I made it home without leaving a god awful smelly lawn pizza anywhere and put the kettle on and a few minutes later my sister and Bill arrived.

We spoke about the visit I had that I posted about on here and of course it turns out that the truth of the events that was explained to me were not really that close to reality!

Cannot recall if I typed it but I was TOLD that one brother was now OK with my two other siblings, a brother and sister. I was told that my sister said that her and another brother had got together and sorted it out and it was all OK now.

My sister had frozen and her boyfriend Bill was looking puzzled and ever so slightly shaking his head before I said...

"ooh! It was more lies then? I might have known?!"

My sister looked all open mouthed and that is despite the fact that we should know this by now and she said "ERR! NO! I never sorted NOTHING out and he is still not talking to me and I do not know about 'other brother'"

I looked at Billy and he looked at me and a conversation about it went on for next couple hours as we went through some food and a few cups of tea. My sister actually asked me what I thought was wrong and I replied "cracked in the head" before Bill explained that this night in question around the house I moaned about he had got shocked when something he said got bought up and that he was furious and extremely embarrassed when my mother repeated it to a room full of people!

I said I did not blame it, she will use any trick to draw attention to herself...

I then got told there is a letter going around and Bill looked at me and stated a line from the letter. I said 'a letter?!' all confused and it turns out that she has this 'LETTER' from a GP. It states how she has been in several times regarding the same thing to her GP and it has been about US. Due to what terrible children we are and how she cannot handle anything and the stress of us...

...indeed I had received a phone call while she was here in Saturday and explained to my sister and her boyfriend exactly what happened and said that while I was on the phone, something that would have pissed off my mother as the world has to stop for her and if not then you are accused of caring for others and the family of others more than her even if you do this ONCE in five years. She said to her partner "I do not know where I got my kids from....I think I found them under an 'effing' tree?!"

She did not know I had heard that. My sister's eyes went wide and so did Bill's and then we all agreed that we should not be surprised really after all this time.

But Bill tells me that when you read this GP letter it states that she is going through a great deal of stress because of her kids and it is LIKELY the cause of her POSSIBLE EPILEPSY?!

Maybe I am starting to wonder that the NHS had a file on my mother and it is due to that, that they POSSIBLY assumed I had been lying all these years?! Bad for them if they did but you do have to wonder. Manifestation of ills that do not exist is a common thing for my mother to do and anything she does have will be far worse than anything you have regardless of what it is. The number of times I have heard her dismiss other's illnesses and ailments before she even knows WHAT their illnesses are?!

She will even go as far as DIAGNOSING one of us and picking something for less painful that what she has diagnosed herself with?!


The government thinks that they can screw everyone, even those with disabilities and leave the family to cope and deal with it. Yes well no way Jose and in all honesty mateys, we have no one that even comes close of help and support and would only succeed in putting you in a nut-house and I know because I skirted with this myself when I was suffering really badly with my anxiety disorder and living there and kept admitting myself to clinics thinking I was losing it or bipolar. Only to be told by medical staff that I am not crazy and with my life history, which is hear for the most part, oh OK 50% of it maybe, it is a miracle I am alive.

However you have to understand that I do not come close to every medical expert I meet stating this or even half of them! No it is more like one in ten because it is only these few professional medical people that realise that taking note of your history is the best way to get an idea and not sit there saying..

Oh its a bug, oh its flu, its this its that you keep going away with prescription to cheap drugs no one wants and hopefully you will get bored and not come back any more while U get paid stupid money to do feck all and get contracts form companies for drugs that do not work and hand them out to naive morons like you?! Best of all is that I am covered because ... well YOUR NOT A DOCTOR!

You do not need to be a Doctor to diagnose a disease correctly and arrogance was your biggest mistake.

Liek i told my sister when she quizzed me about CMT, as I had realised she had doubts and I already covered that weeks ago. She had failed to realise when she said I kept coming up with all these pains and I said they were names of SYMPTOMS but I did not have the rhyme, reason or CAUSE. I was interested in the WHY and in all honesty the only question left for me to answer is only curiosity in that could the car accident been a contributing factor as to why so many areas of my body ended uo being affected? Or started of a sequence of things that would have knock on effects to others.

My sister actually said "hold on! Your saying that the disease in this book actually explains EVERYTHNG you get? I said YUP!!"

"Your also saying that DICK (a brother) is slow and cannot get out of bed as he has done all his life could be down to this?" I said YUP, it can cause bad fatigue?!

I reminded her of when she and my mother came to the hospital after my Inguinal OP and she asked why I reminded her of that and I explained what happens when you have CMT and your given a general anaesthetic and explained what happened to me several years before with my wisdom teeth. He eyes grew wide at this point.

I reminded her of the waking up and screaming the house down when my mother and brother was hear and how I did it in front of her and she remembered and I just gestured towards the book.

Bill said but the book basically says that any of these things can be that and my sister agreed and I said NO. Think about it for a moment I have all these things and they are listed in there. IT STARTS with the feet and lower legs and over time affects other areas IF your unlucky. The fact that I have all these symptoms and they occurred in the ORDER that they did throughout my life is... well cannot be explained away, it is too much of a coincidence. No chance in hell and a matter of pure deduction as everything is elementary and once all else has been discounted without remains, no matter how bizarre, HAS TO BE the truth! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But this is NOT bizarre, it fits my history like a tailor made glove from Saville Row in London!

Anyone that is willing tp place bets against me are VERY BRAVE PEOPLE, but I would advise to NOT take up gambling and possibly do not even consider BINGO?! LMAO. Well I wouldn't lol, after all look at my history, luck is not one of those things I have ever been adorned with and even the one time I did it benefited someone else and not me, lmao!

I have just been hoping over the years that the Chinese were tight with their yin, yang philosophy. If they have I will be a millionaire by the end of 2013, LMFAO!!

So once I explained that according to mother her....ills are far worse than my latest events and diagnoses even though she did not even remember the name I text her nor find out anything about it and therefore knew nothing about it. Except when it comes to telling me its not as bad as hers before pausing and then following with ... "its not a competition you know?!"

Oddly she has been doing this since BEFORE she told everyone she was epileptic?! Oh and do not think Grand Mal either! She has never had one! Oddly enough I DID, but it was only once and mmmm a very, VERY long time ago. Now let me think now my daughter would have been around 2 years old and she has just turned 20?!

Oh no my mother does not like it when someone as something worse than her, even when I do not contact anyone in the family and tell them whats going on, I do not text them for weeks on end even though pain is an all day everyday thing. I do not ask for help even when I do need it and I go weeks without getting visitors before then getting three in a week and even in ONE DAY?! Weird!

No I am not crowing on about it err wait!! HEHE! Well yes I do on here of course but its NOT about the pain and anguish, this is not a personality contest blog, it is about the shirking of duties by senior and highly paid people that should not and have no right to handle the public's hard earned taxes as they lie and cheat.

It is about the truth and that the rich and powerful in this country should hang their heads in shame for the way they have behaved and for me no different to the tyrants and all the claims of Western Civilization being corrupt they have now not only gone and proved to the world is true but continuing to carry on regardless despite being widely exposed for what they are!

Of course I include government and members of parliament until they prove themselves otherwise?! Your not adorned with these qualities and you not Gods and Idols, you EARN the peoples trust and your position is one that carries HONOUR and not just a free meal ticket and pass to do whatever you want and get out of jail free card?!?!

Ooh I think I covered just about everyone with those little remarks, lmao!

I digress...

....I went into Argos after they left and still groggy as I am now and ended up buying a Nikon L810 Bridge Camera with a 26x Zoom.


Annnd were back IN the room!!

Yes so I get fed up with buying stuff as its always a bloody headache. What I am wanting to do I should be buying a good manual control DSLR by Nikon like the new D80 I think it is with 36 Megapixel CCD. I should also have one long zoom with a fast lens, One short zoom and one MACRO lens as I am now gradually doing it professionally.

Yes photography was one of my loves for many years along with all the other blogs and subjects I have not covered. No I bought a Nikon for £120, actually half price but not what I wanted and not enough manual control so means I will need another in time. Well that is provided there is a significant improvement over shots from my OTHER NIKON CAMERA?!

There has better be, you will see what I mean by the weekend, or I will be on to Nikon to find out why and they will not like that! Little play with it and it seems fine but something about the Zoom was a trifle worrying but look again tomorrow. Might only know when looking at picture results but the 21x zoomed image from my seating position looked worryingly similar to the one on my 14x Zoom Nikon?!

I just hope they do not as I wasted money I can ill afford spending tight now, Eon will be none too pleased but if all the companies and public offices like to use common sense when none of them possess any at all then...well you have to spend money to make money?! Morons!

Well it looks kinda nice and zooms kinda nice, some things better to use than my other camera. flash for instance, press button up it pops and on. Not diving into menus and clicking buttons. Quick and easy. Of course taking shots of things very far away, as I am always bloody doing, you want a powerful zoom but ADDED to this you need a FAST LENS. AS the Nikons and Olympus cameras were stating around 3.1 and 3.2 this was pretty good. A nice big objective lens to gather more light too and hopefully shots up to and including 24x and 25x zoom will be sharp and clear and not washed out and slightly blurry like they are on my other Nikon at 14x Zoom.

Oh yes my OTHER NIKON?!

Hmm do not recall if I stated it but ... GOT THAT FROM LITTLEWOODS!

Motorola Atrix phone was bloosy easy to work out it was second hand and damaged within a day or two but when I turned to look at the Nikon this was harder to tell. A few quirky things it did in the beginning and a scuffed box had me suspicious. Focusing a bit odd and non existent at times too but...

Now own TWO Nikons!

I can compare operation, compare software, compare photos and I can even compare the bloody BOXES?! HEHEHE.

So might not be quite what I wanted, or as I insist NEEDED. But this new Nikon Coolpix L810 might just provide me with a bit more than a whole catalogue of BETTER QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS?!

DAMN! Those two AUDIO RECORDINGS and a few hundred screen test photos?!?!

So much to do and so little time?!?!

LMAO nahh just too many other things i have to do and many of them piecemeal.


I digress.

You have to watch when I meanders like that and check all my meanders going right back in my posts, lol. It is nit just simple sarcasm you see I sometimes just throw things in for them to pick up in of they are all, or some of them, going through it. AT the same time I am giving them a big hint the certain....drawbacks to courses of action they want to take. Little by little I let the sarcasm flow and I will actually have in there that I am well aware of a route they could take and I let them no of something I could do to counter. In there is my defence or defences even.

Of course the fact that I have been at it for so very long now and the posts are in the hundreds it also lends to he bigger picture in that is there anything that there is not already an answer waiting to be used?!

Well NO not really. I have lots of possible questions and all the possible actions that can be taken, always had!

Now you see what is meant when I stated earlier that there really IS an answer to everything is you stick to the TRUTH!!


Groggy andcannot be bothered to check for typos, God this sickness feeling is real shit! Lets hope tomorrow morning I have shaken it off, WHATEVER IT IS but its a bit freaky, lol.

NOT BLOODY MAN-FLU... Oh yes scientists have proved that Man-Flue exists?!?! HEHEHE I FORGOT. I never suffered from it anyway but yes apparently men do get it bad and I do not remember what the reasons were provided. LOL. Just thought it really funny to read that!

Right I have lasted longer than I though but now I am off.. to bed and read this blasted MANUAL!! Err I think.... I am a MAN we do not do manuals!! Well actually I do not really use them much I normally get used to it on my own and then over time flick through it for things I have yet to discover, lol.


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