Monday, 18 February 2013


I just ran around today like an idiot after I visited a well known chain of stores after seeing on their website that they would pay me £66 in an exchange for an item I own?!

This is a pair of Atomic Floyd Airjax Titanium 2 costing £150 new.

They had an item I was planning to buy this Wednesday but when I realised they would five me £66 and this is just for headphones called Airjax some friends encouraged me to cycle home before I go up for my physiotherapy appointment, gran my headphones and cash and go down there afterwards.

I did just that and knew I was overdoing it but I wanted to get this item as two similar ones but a different manufacturer had both disappeared recently from their store.

It was cheap for the price and perfect for what I wanted so I was a bit panicky it would sell before I got paid?!

Only when I finally got in there all hot and bothered the chap i had complained about in January 2011 who had done everything to avoide me ever since then and recently lies to me about the third disc which was misiing fro Icea Age 4, and I let slide, was standing net to a young lasy who said to me the following...

Store Girl: "We cannot take this!"

ME: "Why not?"

Store Girl: Because it is not sealed and been opened!"

ME: "I am sorry, WHAT?"

Store Girl then says something about people's ears, there was nothing about this on their website and I tell her that I bought them from a Cash Converter type store and that makes no sense whatsoever before walking out embarrassed and disappointed. That is now three times in just over a year in the same store. The other one I go to from time to time but further away I have never had any issues with.

So they are advertising that they will buy headphones for ONE THIRD of their value but the box has to be sealed so they are therefore BRAND NEW?! Umm well in all honesty that is impossible and even chains like Sevenoaks Hifi and Audio-T do not make mark ups anywhere NEAR that amount.

Also who in the world is going to walk in a store with an item that cost £150, as my headphones did, and then sell them happily for £50 (£66 was for EXCHANGE ONLY)?!

EDIT: Three reasons it is bullcrap... firstly if its infections well then you just put new silicones or buds on them, secondly its not illegal and not stated on their website and thirdly mine are NOT IN EAR HEADPHONES so should not have been applicable?!

It simply put is only possible one single and solitary way!!

Oddly enough this chain of stores intrigues me and I have often had my theories into this store and many that I speak to now think the same thing. Quite how they have managed to survive the last three years and acquire the stck they have, as well as how quickly they ave got it, astounds me.

Very recently on the news a woman with a faily was remarking about the horse-meat scandal and said that you just cannot trust any of these big stores any more to actually sell you what it states on the packet.

Well I for one am finding that you just cannot trust ANYTHING AT ALL that you buy being what they stated it was when they sold it to you?!

EDIT: Oh I forgot, I have emailed to store in question and reminded them of the January 2011 insult because i did not want to hear their lies, the missing third disc of Ice Age 4 and an explanation to why they refused me and how they can ever manage to buy said items for the amount they used.

I am also that furious as well as embarrassed about it I do not want to go in there on Wednesday and buy the item I want?! LMAO!

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