Monday, 25 February 2013


Well I sent them an email only an hour ago, if that and lo and behold I get a call from Argos.

It was not a case of it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that I had accused them of selling refurbished products, as I have been a victim of this previously, but more a case of IT WAS A CASE OF CALLING ME BECAUSE I STATED IT WAS REFURBISHED as this guy absolutely drivelled on for ages about how there was not anything going on like that?!

I mean he really went on, and on, and on and to be honest I did not understand a bloody word of it and they say I talk fast?! LOL

There was talk of repair which is why I asked him to repeat himself and make himself clear and then I asked to simple questions...

1) If you only opened up the box for QUALITY CONTROL, as you state, then HOW DID YOU MISS that this item was not just faulty but VERY FAULTY...


2) Well it has YOUR SEAL over the edge of the box but WHY DID IT NOT HAVE ANY NIKON SEALS SEALING THE BOX?!


Yet he just spun out a whole bloody list of drivel quoting WHY THEY OPENED THE BOX?

What is Nikon dishing out CRAP PRODUCTS?

I have a number of companies that are big and small that every product I have had has been shite and failed to work and they are Philips and Technika the Tesco label and I STILL HAVE BOTH ITEMS!!

Funny actually I can honestly state that out of around ten electronic items I have PURCHASED AS NEW in the last 6 years the only ones that worked were fecking nicked from my by Bailiff Jason Reeves and Waltham Forest Council?!?!


Anyway here is the AUDIO...ENJOY!

WHAT THE F... lmao!! You just cannot make it up you really cannot?!

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  1. Just thought of the Butcher from American Dad...

    no its true...I sell you SHODDY-LAMB?!

    Does the whole world send the UK the crap only for it to be sold to us at over the top prices and then with 100% interest on top??

    No wonder Shop Direct were arrogant and cocky as it seems it could well be a very widespread practice?!


    Solves that little puzzle at any rate, wonder if they are checking this whether or not they will be quite so socky in the future?!


    Hmm is that Stellios Santos I hear coming?? Hehe!