Wednesday, 20 February 2013


So …?! Yes indeedy siree BOB! At times I most certainly AM an IDIOT!!


So there was a round TWO between me and the DWP/Job Centre and it was good, but only in the sense that it was damn funny! I failed to record it and there was no real incriminating evidence that was OBVIOUS and only that whereby answering of questions and reactions to my comments and statement were AVOIDED at ALL COSTS.

This was witnessed however by the two people I know in that local store. In fact that lady in question was on the verge of bursting into laughter every time I glanced over to her and I was worried that she would and arouse suspicion of the Job Centre in Glasgow that was on the phone to me.

Indeed I asked my mate Stefan afterward if I sounded good as it is all OK thinking I abound with this confidence but I cannot hear myself and hate the sound of my own voice at any rate. He just smiled and said yes it was funny, you were smarmy, cocky, oozing in confidence and made it abundantly clear to them AND US that you had them by the balls!! I laughed at this.

Indeed they both stated that they both thought separately that they thought I was going to start screaming, shouting and swearing down the phone at any minute. I think the smiles from them both came after a couple of minutes when they realised that though I was right up along that boundary and skipping back and forth between it that I was NOT going to go down that path. But the fact that I was skirting this boundary meant that the person on the other end was always on edge and always on her toes yes it was a wee Scots lass I spoke to.

My friends then ran through a list, every now and then as they recalled each thing, of how they nearly burst into laughter when I came out with cocky comments and many of which they could actually work out what had been said to me to make me make them. I think that one friend may now realise that when they are suggesting that I say this and state that or remind them of the lies and evidence I have need not bother. Though I always do like to hear peoples ideas, even if it does not seem that way, as I do get to hear good ideas or can even point me in the right direction to a good idea! Every single lie and cheat they have used is easily recalled by a memory like mind and stated chapter and verse. Indeed I will even ask odd questions and while the unfortunate victim squirms and uses every ounce of energy to evade the question they are indeed giving me what I want.

You see unlike many journalists on TV I do NOT ask the questions to which I bloody well know that will NOT get the answer I want but do get an answer that is bloody obvious to everyone, oh no. I ask question by which the obvious answer will tell me a thing or two?!


ME: Are you aware of the mentioning of your organisation and Atos and their lies in the House of Commons recently by a Michael Meacher MP?

JC WOMAN: Excuse me? No I could not possibly comment on that?!

ME: I did not ASK YOU to comment, I asked if you was AWARE OF IT?!




ME: Do you know Terry Moran?


ME: You do NOT know Terry Moran? Your head boss and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Work and Pensions?!

JC WOMAN: Ohh THAT Terry Moran, yes I do of course.

ME: Well he has known for eight month that I cannot go that far and WHY and that I am well aware that it is NOT ONLY ATOS but also the DWP that lies, along with the JOB CENTRE?!

(Tells me they damn well know everything about me and all the contents of the blog, maybe I should remind her the Prime minister is called David Cameron, just in case she had forgotten?!)


JC WOMAN: I will pass this on to a DECISION MAKER who will pay you tomorrow.

ME: Well do you want the name of the Hereditary Disease I suffer with?


ME: Why not?!

JC WOMAN: Well is it not in your file?

ME: Well no as it was only diagnosed recently! (by me do not forget and that reminds me of something  else to add, lol) (I wanted to say: well you thick cow you are supposed to have the fecking notes in front of you can you not read either?! EXCEPT for the letter/EMAIL STATING WHY I had not attended the assessments so they are LYING by stating they had not received them as I sent them to the wrong place?! Charcot Marie Tooth Disease would ONLY BE on my file if they received the correspondence WHEREBY I EXPLAINED for the UMPTEENTH TIME(and told them it was the umpteenth time) explaining CMT)

JC WOMAN: Well why would I want to know that?

ME: Umm, WELL why would you? MAYBE BECAUSE you have phoned me to ask me WHY I have not attended these assessments for the UMPTEENTH TIME and that you STATED that you are passing this INFORMATION ONTO a DECISION MAKER?! (you stupid idiot (thinking))

(Tells me they are already WELL AWARE of what I have, no one is that THICK! So they have been evading the issue for ten years which would therefore mean that the NHS have been well aware of e having CMT for years!) [WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO KNOW?]


JC WOMAN: I am only phoning to find out why you had not attended the assessments!

ME: Oh well that is easy and I can do that over the phone!

JC WOMAN: You can? Well how can you do that? (condescending tone)

ME: Are your departments able to access the Internet?


ME: Well do you have a pen and paper? (I KNOW SHE IS SITTING ON FRONT OF A COMPUTER!)


ME: Well I have a blog and that has all the evidence with all the letters as well as all the lies that go back for ten years and along with that for each one there is a video or picture that shows these lies up for what they are and all the NHS letter and appointments are on there too! (no mention of audio or video)

JC WOMAN: Oh NO! We are NOT in a position to be able to do that. I thought you meant INTERNALLY?! (What the FECK does THAT MEAN?! I did say INTERNET!!)

(This tells me that SHE is WELL AWARE of the BLOG address! I already KNEW that they KNOW about it as like others before them I GVE IT TO THEM! The question was, was this all a test to check me out and did they ring up KNOWING THAT THEY ARE EVIL LYING BASTARDS?! The answer is…YES!)



I also pointed out extremely clearly that their trickery of treating each area of pain, or indeed DIAGNOSED AILMENT, as if you only have ONE AILMENT, is about to backfire as I have long since sent in details of all these ailments going back ten years. I stated that this was morally and illegally wrong and it just so happens that all of that which has gone before turns out to all be one and the same thing!!

No point in listing she says, I say because she was... LOST FOR WORDS!!

Oh deary, deary me!

These are just four examples of me running rings around yet another person that thinks that they are only ringing up and talking to a dead-beat, low-life loser with less brain cells than the 6 they have that fail to work as team players.

Another thing I pulled her about was, after groaning at hearing the same spiel yet again, was that each person is asking the exact same thing which in itself is wrong as you are ASSUMING that this was ONE or possibly TWO requests for me to attend an assessment and only RECENTLY…

… I said “RIGHT! Let us get this straight and out of the way, this has been on-going since January 2011 so YES OVER TWO YEARS!! I was first asked to travel a dozen miles to be assessed several times and told them each time I can NOT get there. My mother lives in SPITTING DISTANCE from Atos centres and I do NOT go there either!! Then they arranged to visit me and was arranged THREE TIMES and on each time they not only FAILED to turn up but also gave three absolutely incompetent and DREADFUL lies on each occasion that were so bad and so easily proven to be outright lies that it was ridiculously stupid to do! They then started to assist yet again that I attend to the areas that it had already long since been decided by them was TOO FAR for me to go, hence the HOME VISITS, and then months later I get a letter from you, THAT I ANSWERED TOO, telling me my IB is being cancelled based on a pack of lies all of which is easily proven and now in the INTERNET for the world to see!

On a final note, yes I need to put up the AUDIO that lasts for over an hour…

…but I had to answer security questions at least once and maybe twice or more and need to just go through the file and EDIT THOSE OUT.

I also will put up the latest audio at my Physiotherapy session which was OK, for once, and Eve is nice and genuinely helpful. You will hear us speak about it, her speak about her conversation with Maya and me speak, while having my painful back manipulated, about CMT and how it was missed and how I stumbled on it based on a single statement by a Podiatrist.

You will also hear me explain that TOO the Val at the Enfield Job Centre.

Oddly I half expected to have an attempt to catch me out by the DWP at some point due to the amount of time that has passed since this, not STARTED As you might think, but since I LAST applied for DLA. I expected a letter or indeed a call in to an office somewhere whereby they would present to me a series of photos or videos and threaten me with fraud and legal action over this blog, if they had found it themselves…

…what they fail to realise is people that know me, like the one today that smile and said you had them by the balls and they would HAVE to have known that, will say that ‘YOU ALWAYS HAVE AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!’ and laugh and I answer…;BECAUSE THERE IS AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!’


Now another factor is that the DWP and the Job Centre absolutely love quoting chapter and verse when it comes to common sense. What they fail to realise that I am well aware of and have been for bloody years is that their so – called RULES and PROTOCOLS, especially so with the DLA, cannot even come close to representing common sense in any shape or form…

…INDEED I have often thought that MYSELF ALONE and if faced by another tribunal panel or even Judges and quoted this that I will myself quote CHAPTER AND VERSE and tear asunder any defence they hope to have based on any form of common sense whatsoever.

Of course I cannot divulge what these are on here, they are a whole set of aces I have and do not want to show THEM just how many aces I have!

I might end up adding to this post over time. If over the next several days I get things I stated to this Job Centre woman repeated to me that I had forgotten about then I will add them in. I dare say there were a few as this conversation went on for way over twenty minutes, possibly thirty.



Not been inside a job centre for ages and maybe they were all thinking this is just a tiny dude of 5 feet 2 inches with a big mouth?

Maybe after I was in there they phoned up and spoke to the people at the Job Centre and said 'yeah he 5 feet 2 inches with a big mouth?'

Maybe the reply was...

"HELL NO! This dude was 6 foot and I thought he was going to take out all the reception staff when he got angry, when he shouted over at the top of his voice to the guy who insulted him when he walked in everyone quaked?! The lady who interviewed him upstairs was tied up in knots by him and looked worried, her colleague on the next desk agreed with him and nodded his head and just prior to leaving he pulled out his phone and told the public inside that he had recorded all the staff lying through their teeth?!

Oh and his walking stick looked like it was made if steel and he crouched on the floor while WE did not answer the damn phones as he was obviously in pain and we do not provide seats for anyone other than members of staff!




  1. This is a joke, you undermine your own efforts with this poorly written... Thing. It's border line incomprehensible, and a very frustrating read.

  2. I won't bother repeating myself regarding hi spellchecker on Blogger app used on second hand American phone from Very Catalogue.

    Our the fact this is free and that I DO NOT have a CAUSE as you put it. It that your the first person in 32,000 or in a tiny minority of 0000000.1%, oh ok I cannot be bothered to work out how many naughts I need but likely not enough?!

    Our how about the fact I'll shears on pain and on top of that take prescription drugs, TWO NOW, that make he woozy and get me high?!

    Oh dear!

    You're not my GP are you?! Lol.

    His name us John and if you are our you do work for any of the above well my God, you just made a real fool of yourself and it had not helped your cause if you are one of them.

    Yes I roll not go on too long but refer you and others to my reply to your other comment.

    If you are not affiliated then I will repeat what I have said over and over some horses you can lead to water but you cannot make then drink.

    However in this instance they old adage does not describe it well as in this case the horse can see the water while it is slowly dying of thirst!


  3. Hmm now despite already winning an award for the amount of likes and only being online for three months on a rival blogging site it seems my copy and paste of my answers to you Mr Johnny13 has received more likes in 24 hours than I have EVER seen on that site.

    At this rate you may actually help me to win the SECOND likes reward a damn site quicker than I acquired the first?!


    In future before you feel that urge to comment, why do you not try this little thing I like to call READING?!

    Then you may find out there are REASONS for the way particular posts are written and I do want them that way, though not quite ineligible granted and I cannot comment on this post as I never have and nor have or or indeed WILL I re-read it.

    Because I want people to know the MOOD and State I was in when I wrote it.

    But then if you were any good at reading you would know this too.

    Yup I think I am done with the lambasting?! You have to be cruel to be kind unfortunately and you have to bring people back to earth before you can help them sometimes, if indeed it is possible to help them at all?!