Thursday, 28 February 2013


Well here it is! I have taken a few photos of it, including it NOT fitting in the case the Nikon L810 DID fit in but I am not complaining. lol.

You see that tells me it has a far bigger and wider lens and I made the decision based on a couple of webpages I visited which were...

Pocket Lint and in particular...

Steves Digital Cameras if I remember correctly?!

The latter was an impressive site and clearly showed how the Olympus has less noise at an ISO of 800, which is good as low light shots will be better, than the Nikon P510.

Now that I have it I am surprised at how easy it it to use, I did try out the previous SP-810UZ of the CEX fiasco, and it seemed a little harder to use than my Nikon Coolpix S8200 and focusing too was tricky...

This 820 model seems a world away to me than that play I had with the 810 and that getting shots is a great deal easier than the Nikons I had even on maximum zooms?! It also identifies objects in the scene and can choose to focus on one. If it is the wrong one just release the button and press again slightly and it would focus on another and possibly the correct one?!


The rear screen is bigger and clearer too making it easier.

Yes it has no view finder but I do not see that as being that big a deal right now if I am honest but maybe I will in time.

The only downsides is that it fells ever so slightly cheap, especially the lens housing, but that feeling is waning. It would have been nice if it had that rubbery wet look finish you normally see on these cameras as the actually overall design is very nice.

Be warned though as I was convinced the camera, from all its photos, was tiny and would easily fit in the hard case I wasted money on for the Nikon L810?! INdeed if I ever get around to putting up the recording of me in the Argos Store getting this you will clearly, or not, hear me state that if I go for this and not the Nikon P510 at least this WILL fit in my hard case?!

Umm it is big only as far as the lens is concerened but that is no bad thing, right?! LOL.

After all its the lens really that is all important with only ease of use coming into play in recent times due to all this automated focusing and zooming.

By the way there are some clever stuff to manipulate you shots taken in the MAGIC setting and drawing in particular I LOVE.

It has a minimal amount of manual control with a P 0Program) Setting but if it had control of at least the aperture and shutter speed it would have been perfect.

I was worried about switching over to this Olympus despite me liking what I had previously seen and read but I am glad now that I did. Friends that run a local store got to see the zoom power of it and were well impressed.

Does not do something annoying the Nikon L810 did in that when you forgot to take the lens cap of the camera did not like it and requested you switch it off and on after removing the cover?!

Bad design and stupid if you ask me. I am used to taking covers off because I have owned several SLRs in 30 years. But a current Nikon Coolpix opens and closes its own cover and I got used to this only to get the L810 and have it want to protrude the lens a little when switching on?! STUPID!

This camera does not move the lens at all on switching on so forgetting to take off the cover is not big deal and does not WASTE precious seconds...

...I only hope that Nikon models with the 20 suffix in them have corrected this bad design fault?!

Unusual for Olympus going for a MODERN design and not making it look like a 1970s camera. Beautiful to look at.

This hard case below I could place the Nikon Coolpix L810 inside and close the case with a snug fit?!

As you can see I could not even come close with the Olympus?! LMAO! You may think that would make the camera far heavier than the Nikon but it is indeed a little lighter in matter of fact.

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