Monday, 20 August 2012


I apologise...

In a rush to start the audio and with File Factory doing the usual tactic of leading people on and wasting their time befor telling that their FREE SERVICE is anything but?!

It seems what is free is the limited space for storage, who bloody cares when huge and decnt hard drives cost far less for a 2 Terabyte Drive than these people are expecting to charge you for 6 months storage.

Sure people can pay me £8 a month to store 10GB on my 2TB Drive. Once stored I will go buy another one and keep offereing the service, should be a millionaire in a year, LMAO.

To add insult to injury not only are they now telling me that I need to be a PREMIUM MEMBER but that anyone who wants to LISTEN NEEDS TO BE A PREMIUM MEMBER ... so I am deleting the posts....

You can imagine what kind of email I sent to those w*nkers?!


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