Sunday, 5 August 2012


OK so I have covered my health conditions, albiet not all the pictures and only a fraction, and the same applies to the DWP and DLA.

Now from that led onto to being attacked and defrauded by bailiffs, though I gave better than I got and have regretted ever since deciding NOT to hospitalise the legalised thief for the rest of his days, that will not happen again.

So they took (in brackets is what THEY CLAIM they got at AUCTION)

Litespeed Ocoee Mountain Bike costing... (like new!!)                                        £4,500    (£400)
Panasonic Blu-Ray BD-30 player (launched couple months before)                       £350    (    £5)
Toshiba DVD Upscaler (cheap and new)                                                                   £60    (   £10)
Omega Seamaster Watch (cost me £120 but worth...)                                              £600    (£120)
Samnsung Series 6 40 Inch LCD TV (few months old)                                         £1,300   (£200)

As I knew this was utter cobblers I get a call one day from a friend and he comes to my property to tell me that the people that built the bike for me, one of a kind custom made, know WHERE it was sold and for HOW much!!!

(£2,400 more than they claim. The other items I know not about but £5 for brand new Blu-Ray player and double that for a cheap upscaler?! Errr NO!!)

I was then intercepted by a women on Consumer Action Group website that claimed, and everyone said she was a 'good guy' that I had BIGGEST CASE she had ever seen and that the damages were in the hundreds of thousands to a million?!

After providing details of witness and documents she start to jerk me around and then i discover she is AFFILIATED WITH THE DEBT COMPANY AND BAILIFFS?!?!

After telling her of what I know, and her claiming first she did not know Allison Laughton of the Bailiff Watchdog Company and a week later statig they were old friends she does and performs an old Hitchcock trick.... The Lady Vanishes!!

Not all documents here but enough. The Boy Band REJECT, Chris Lucas, did NOT attend my property!!! Like everything else blatant bollocks, but despite all this evidence and research no one was interested. When they were, they soon lost interest realsing they would get threatened.

Community Legal Advice staff, several in fact, told me I had a good case and then a Claire Prince misquoted the laws of the land by stating that it is OK for an assault to take place?!

Also there was a BIG CASE for fraud here and I contacted HMRC with all details but what happened? NOTHING!! Go figure. First of three mentions on this blog of HMRC and mnay other public offices and associated correspondence of lies, contradictions and inactions are to follow. Maybe around two dozen or so once I have dug it all up.

Trying to keep this in a chornological order, so NHS screw me, DWP screw me, Councils screw me (FOUR), Bailiffs screw me, madman screws me (hmm next) and then a whole bunch of Police, IPCC, over a dozen Ombudsmen, Hidden Agency and many others.

After this is up to date I will add some that will be prior to all this taking place, have done that in snippets so far.


I still have barely started and from here on in it will get god damn crazy before going into the heady heights of the realms of fantasy. However fantastic things will sound they are, quite unfortunately, TRUE!! As the posts will be accompanied all the way through with PICTURES and DOCUMENTS!!!

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