Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Introduction to A Saint Called Allnights

My first blog!

Well about time I did one and was requested as well as suggested I create one due to the amount of 'stuff' going on the last three years.

Well if I am totally honest it has been really going on for 16 years and though I have evidence from around that time it was only three years ago that my evidence collecting grew exponentially, and that my friends is an understatement!

Now how DO YOU add pictures to these things? Hmm...

OK the picture I would like to start with is not err around, due to the fact that I have only had my laptop back from repair for a few days and only just finishing installing all security updates and not even started on reinstalling software, nor quite ALL my Documents, Pictures and everything else.

Even so and just today someone has already attempted to gain access to my network, unsuccessfully I might add!

This is also a different network to which I have used previously and is indeed the third, at least, I have set up. Each worked in a different way and was changed regularly in an attempt to stop anyone gaining access as I thought they might attempt it. Though I have recently changed it there has now been an attempt to get on the network though I have only been on for around 48 hours. They have attempted this before on my lasy network but software not only alerted me to any unknown connections but even roughly what hardware was used. On the previous network these devices were first off a iPod or iPhone and then after about a week of thinking they were getting away with it was accompanied by a Apple Macbook Pro. Tut-tut!

This is highly likely to be someone attempting to monitor and/or control what I post on the internet, however they have been unsuccesful in doing that and also the parts most sensative have not been posted or published to date anywhere on the internet.

Therefore this blog, like on other social sites to which I am a member, as shocking as things that I post may be the sensative items will only be posted when I know it is safe to do so. At a guess this would be about early September 2012.

Much of what I have is in all manner of formats ranging from scanned letters and emails to photos, videos, screenshots and even audio and video, though whether or not it is possible to post the latter two here I do not know right now. After all I saw a button asking if I would like to blog and clicked it about ten minutes prior to typing this out?!

The subject matter will consist of a great many things but most of it will be public offices of just about everyone you can think of. From the Police to Local Councils and more along with their associated governing bodies, though 'governing bodies' is hardly an apt description. Also all the Ombudsman associated too.

With all these postings there will also be the associated evidence of laws that were broken, the lies that were told (with the contradictions also given) and the obsession with money to the point where human life has become worthless. Sad as that may be and unfortunate fact of life I realised some time ago that I wanted to set out to prove.

As this has gone on I have kept abreast of the news, partly because much of what I have was sent to the media in a set of FOUR DVDs, though I have a FIFTH I have not contacted them regarding it. While feeding all these things to the media many thought I would be deluged with reporters and started to ask themselves WHY this did not and HAS NOT taken place. I, on the other hand, did not really expect anything to happen until aroud the end of September, for reasons I cannot divulge here just yet.

A vast majority of my revelations will come across as completely insane and no less so when the evidence that all in question failed to ask to see is posted! Unfortunately for many of these organisations they thought that the people, or public, were basically stupid and that they were untouchable and would be impossible for anyone to get anything on them nor get caught. Unfortunately the exact opposite is true and while delusions of grandeur run rife throughout these organisations it was VERY EASY for me to lead them on and into many tras whereby I could acquire what I needed or wanted to prove to others what they are capable of and are actually doing.

While watching the news bulletins and reading what I could I have found it strangely worrying and many news people quite contradictory in nature though this may be too early to tell for sure. though come September this will be proved one way or the other and if there is anyone left that can be relied on and trusted it should be revealed and though I have my doubts I certainly hope that society in the UK has not sunk that low.

So that is a brief (?) introduction on what is to come and while I do post there will be things that occur along the way.

It also might seem disjointed on many ocassions but trust me when I say thatr this is better laid out than how I HAD TO handle things along the way. A great many public and private offices that number in the dozens and with the possibility of fatal consequences, large scale loss of life and an increasing amount of pain in both intensity and frequency.

You have been warned!

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