Tuesday, 21 August 2012


OK now as I am using a cloud storage account that was setup up a year ago this means adding thngs is very easy, well those I had already uploaded that is.

Now here is something that will make you scream with laughter while being extremely worried at the same time.

I will add that the reference to going to hospital was a lie, like the 7 types of cancer she has worked her way through in the last 6 or so years.

Also this was a woman that stole my grandchildren and then expected to drop them, well the younger child who is a normal child and not being quiet like the older one... I think you can work that out.

This is also ONLY about the younger one, curiously.

Also this is only a very small 3MB file edited down from a 100MB file and I unfortunately missed the two lots of screaming, one before I got on the phone and one before I could get the app to do it running, I was also attempting to get somewhere hence the cars going by...

SO was walking along the road with two phones held up praying I was getting that recorded while being able to hear the screaming.

Yes it has been tense at times!


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