Thursday, 16 August 2012


Well waddya know...

Last night I had a reply to an email I had...well forgotten about really.

I had long since thought that the NHS Podiatrist was not being completely forthright with me. Due to a statement he made about my Plantar fascia becoming ever shorter which is inextricably linked to the amount of pain I experience, therefore also increasing in intensity.

What I did not get and one of the reasons I was shocked and disappointed at being discharged on my first appointment, later to be proved correct by the CORNS appearing, was a complete answer to my conditions.

In my search for my own answers I found two conditions that seem to match up with what I had but the descriptions were vague at best. The shortening Plantar fascia and the Pes Cavus (High Arches) were all I had to go on. I did manage to link the pains in my ankles, ball of left foot, knees, hips and back to this, possibly groin, condition of High Arches which coincidentally Mr Julian Livingstone said quite categorically ... NO. Or to quote him directly "99% of knee conditions are just knee conditions, 99% of back conditions are just back conditions, 99% of hip..." and so on and so forth. The conditions I came across are...

Dupuytren's Contracture - First by a private Podiatrist simply answering an email but appeared to only affect the hands?! Producing bending/clawing of fingers. (Oddly I do have problem with smallest finger on right hand I have mentioned many times online and to Doctors for years KEY POINT)

Ledderhose Disease - Seemingly seems to be the same as above but the name when it affects the FEET! But my toes did not claw, quite the opposite in fact?!

I did not like the way he said it, I did not like HOW he said it and I did not like WHERE he said it as they were ushering me out the door in the hallway and had just informed me I was discharged?!

Now I am going to post TWO PICTURES only which are screenshots from my mobile phone. These are from a member of the British Dupuytren's Society and what it contains far outstrips (without even seeing me) what the NHS achieved in over 12 years (have to wait 3 months for another appointment).

Trying not to go on and on in my emails, a fact that as the months and years go in without solution becomes extremely and increasingly harder to do while recipients want everything in sound bites, two sentences, which is damned frustrating, non-professional and rude considering they are PAID for this (excluding help and volunteer organisations of course). So he did not have all the facts.

One surprising thing was the reference to having the condition in your hands normally as well. I at first thought 'damn it, I am going round in circles again' before I suddenly realised that my odd shaped little finger in my right hand, with the pain, actually fits the bill?!?!

This little finger peculiarity I have had for many, many years and first noticed around 1995, give or take a year or two. I attended college in 1996 and the university in 1997 and in those four years, as it still does today, the little finger and the outside of my right hand aches if I type too long. Holding a medium to large saucepan in my right hand is painful.

Oh, I just remembered going to play tennis with my late father and one brother and on making contact with the tennis ball to serve a massive amount of pain from the outside of my right hand shot up my arm. I tried to continue but each time I made contact withthe ball the same thing happened. Yet some years later there was another tennis session and that time I managed to be able to play without too much pain?! WEIRD. I remember the time of that distinctly as after a few hours session with just me and the same brother on getting in the car I heard the announcement on the radio of the 9/11 Twin Towers incident in New York and remember driving home thinking I must be hallucinating.

Cannot comment any further on this as I have not attempted to play tennis since, lol.

Also of particular interest in the email is that the toes do not claw like the fingers do in the hand condition, possibly the reasoning behind the two names as recognition and diagnosis would therefore be different.

That was the one thing that I had doubts about as my toes tend to curl upwards and not downwards, mystery solved.

Also of note is what he states about the recognition of the condition and the NHS and in all honesty I had LONG SINCE thought that every so-called Doctor I came into contact with or had been demanded I travel in pain to go and see, are not in anyway remotely close to being qualified to comment, assess nor make important life altering decisions on a condition such as mine. First off I have spent 12 years fiding my answers and all have come from people OUTSIDE the NHS?!?! So if they cannot do it in 12 years how can anyone else in an hour or two? NO WAY.

I also liked his way of stating that you have to lead them by the hand, god how many times have a done that and still had them ignore it. Also and this has happened 95% of the time, and something I am particularly going to make them pay for, is that when you DO tey and research and as soon as they hear the words "I read in this book..." or "I read on the internet..." they immediately roll their eyes?! This is damned annoying as the attitude is you can only be intelligent if you possess a medical degree, no other degrees qualify, lol. Also they themselves have proved over the years that they did not have a fucking clue so had one hell of a cheek having this attitude and only shows them up for the incompetent, deluded and self-righteous arseholes that they are, BAR NONE. LMFAO.

Now of particular interest will be where the conversation goes from here?!

I have sent him a few questions and a few more details regarding my own experiences plus, of course, an offer of help to what I hold in my possession.

Hmm it is funny how my key point in the year, end of September to end October, all seems to have other pursuits converging on this time to?!

Roll on October!!

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