Thursday, 23 August 2012


So an impasse is approaching of interesting significance.

To be honest I must confess that along this very extended journey I have littered my wake with a great many things. Some of these things are not immediately obvious while others are, or should have been.

In time and at the correct point these will be revealed but to do this now would negate the very reason for their intended purpose. It was also a little bit of fun too if I have to admit and I was not interested to see just who might pick up on them.

Also there are different ones intended for different audiences, so to speak. Some are pretty key that some should have picked up on and will be likely embarrassing to some while others merely amusing.

However what they are meant to do is show things in ourselves that we miss. In all honesty this all turned out to have a very similar role as the of my ate father's Eulogy though this was not my intention in the beginning but during at one point I suddenly realised that I was attempting to achieve a very similar thing.

However where there were only, GOD only I state, 500 people present this could be on a much wider scale and indeed many that heard that speech have not even read this yet. SO family and friends I refer to, none of which have read any of this to date and I have told no one the address.

Indeed they have only now been made aware that there IS INDEED a blog that I created I have not yet received a text from any family nor friends giving me an opinion on it, be it good or bad, and as some of my family and a few of my friends seem to be very good at this I know they have not read the blog as yet.

At this juncture there is till more to do and worse is yet to come, but timing in all this is everything.

But a fan has been switched on and someone is standing by with a shovel of ... stuff?!

The different organisations I have been involved with have 'argued the toss' and ignored the facts. Facts hat I fed little by little to show without a doubt that their intentions are sinister. In the case of public offices and civil servants this is indeed a serious matter despite the fact that some have failed to realise this that I know.

Some, however, have realised the scale of this and what I have been working towards. Indeed when I state this I mean many are face to face.

The disbelief of what I was, and have been for awhile, doing began to dawn upon them. The odd part about this is that what many doubters failed to realise is that many professional people I have spoken to regarding this have realised the gravity of what I did. Primarily I refer to health professionals of a different areas and now that has spread to at least a small number of solicitors.

Any that are left with doubts still have to eventually discover the CLUES I have littered about throughout all this mess. Chaos it may have seemed to any of you but indeed it was Chaos to me to. What many failed to realise is that I 'disappeared' for a long time and in many case that was around 18 months or more. In all that time I was battling away at this and at that point 18 months ago it became very serious indeed and this grew exponentially. Only a select few were aware of this and mist were those BOUND by a patient confidentiality clause in their contracts. So they were the only ones I could trust not to talk, as many have now proved me correct on since declaring what I had been doing.

Speak between many took place about whether or not what I had divulged was real and come decided after a time it was not, and freely gave opinions as to why their claims were correct. Little was I aware that I was surrounded by such experts so highly knowledgeable on the matters I become embroiled in. In fact at times and with some people if I was in their shoes I would rather DIE than to make claims I could not back up as the looming and inevitable embarrassment would surely kill me. This was purely in most of not all cases one of egos and oddly mostly men.

Some had a deep rooted envy of me that I was aware of but they thought had been kept hidden a long time but with the thought of the possibilities of what I had done jealousy came about and they would do anything but believe the new information to be true so far as to state to others aware of the facts that it was all wrong but without giving not only any credible reason why not but no reason at all from what I can find out. Not that it was important as it was pure curiosity really. There was only one of two possibilities when these things occurred, the reason could be first that I was mistaken, two that I was lying. The third that I was crazy, well sorry that is a cop out for even if this was the case you still have to deal with the big question, is it true or not.

Someone once said the measure between insanity and genius is measured only by success. God knows who that was. I know my late friend Ken would be laughing like a drain if he was still here to witness what was not unfolding.

Now whatever happens in the next few months and no matter what umm 'light' is shed on some people involved and who this is I do not know. I will state, however, in that if this turns out to be bad it is not my doing but your own. I do not know what else I could say about that and as much of the things I refer to were said 'behind my back I could hardly warn you of the outcome of stating stuff like that. Well even stating that only comes into being if their is an outcome at all.

Hence my reference to an impasse.

The odd thing is the one I have often worried about is a member of my own family. They are not, how should I say, entirely honest in their endeavours to crave to be the centre of attention. I have long feared the day, which I always knew was some way off and WHY it was pointless warning them, that there maybe some attention and that if they do what they normally do to us in front of journalists they will be skinned and eaten alive.

Again this will not be my fault.

However and as I have stated many times either online or face to face there is indeed a big scheme, funny as I type that I fell out with one wan.. person who actually used that term. Oh dear no helping him then. Oddly that individual still plays an important factor and he does not even know it yet. Maybe he never will, who knows?

So there are clues and these may be uncovered by those other than the ones they were intended for. These that may uncover these clues may be readers already been on here or indeed they could be solicitors. More importantly they could also be journalists but only those with a combination of intelligence and compassion are likely to discover them.

If you have not worked that out I have put them there to SEE if they are discovered any by WHO it is that discovers them. There are also side benefits to these clues too and it was too good an opportunity to miss to scatter them about.

Also the title should correctly read MOOT POINTS but did not sound quite right. These MOOT POINTS are those very reasons that I genuinely had for each of my battles.

These organisations were on a time limit, as STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ONLY APPLIES TO US AND NOT THEM. This is the case in EVERY SINGLE AREA I have been embroiled in. It ias also to show that their lazy and careless, not to mention blindingly ignorant, attitude to the general public and real life that when each and every one of them does it it combines to turn anyones life into a potential lving nightmare.

Now as i have come not only to deal with so many but for the most part so very, very long and anywhere between 3 and 20 years, it is t highlight this.

A divulging of one set of clues in one of two parts will show this in one go for those who have difficulties working it out for themselves. It is designed also to make them look foolish and incompetent.

I dare say there will be a point in time when they may 'catch wind' of what I managed to do to an entire council. I also dare say that their very souls at the top will live in absolute white fear and that is also my intention. Very much so.

A little back of what the dish out all combined into a few days or weeks and at the right time.



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