Friday, 17 August 2012


Here are a number of screenshots from various folders of my Email folders but this is only for one email account for now...

First up a selection from 60 pages of sent emails... should be one or two from 2007 to 2008 which shows how long I have been chasing people and organisations down.

Despite what I state is in the screenshots there will, obviously, be other emails that may be relevant to any area of interest amyone is here for! There will also be listed many other emails of interest but I will not list them, instead leave those there for certain people to SPOT.

So 60 pages of this and each screenshot is missing 6 emails of the bottom, I really cannot get THAT anal!! LOL.

Next up a few about the Bailiffs and the Litespeed Ocoee Mountain Bike and with some from What Mountain Bike Magazine who published pictures of it, remember it was custom built, as well as emails from the people that built it telling me how much it went for, well they were £50 below not that it matters much.

Also is shown how I emailed Waltham Forest Council about the lies corruption and fraud and they did...well nothing.

Also is someone who was ultra friendly and ultra helpful who approached me in the Consumer Action Group website... except she lied and kept contradicting herself. Sent me an appallingly laid out letter to check, which if i 15 year ld handed in as work would be failed purely on the use of font type alone.

Promises on the phone of it being a huge case and hundreds thousands in damages.

Once recieved all paperwork and witness details, and her finding out that I was aware she was LINKED to eh bailiffs and debt collectors she vanished. As did my witness Tony Murray, who told me and the three people that work in the shop he and two friends that were there at the time the bike was sold would ALL ACT as WITNESSES.

Oh well.


Next up some emails whereby I have emailed ICE (Idependent Case Examiners of DWP)

This will have to be added to at a later as there are a number of emails I still need to take screenshots of for the other areas of involvements so expect this post to expand somewhat, LOL!

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