Thursday, 23 August 2012


Just want to recap at this juncture...

Despite the increasing amount I am posting on here i will NEVER get to post all of it.

Now will I be able to explain the whole story, despite how it may be appearing already. There are far more things and a mountain of digital data to work through. There will be parts that are just not THAT significant, well to most anyway. There are those and I dare say MANY that I have forgotten I have stored and may never come across in this time that I do this.

Several weeks may seem like a long time but I will explain...

The data went over 20GB some time ago...

A Text Document of a couple pages would amount to a few kilobytes

A picture, depending on its resolution, on here anyway, could be 500 kilobytes to 8 megabytes

Now the Audio can vary greatly depending on its compression, how much it is squashed effectively. Lossless formats, like that of FLAC are large and one music track would take up 20MB, though I do not use this.

An MP3 track would be around 3MB

Then there is a even smaller compression you all use without knowing it and that is AMR. This is the compression used in mobile phones. My largest sound file, split up on here as the Police Visit Part ONE is 800MB approximately.

Video is relatively similar to photos by way of both resolution and compression but you ave to factor in the LENGTH. Some compressions use tricks by way of 'guessing' parts of an image that stay the same while other parts contain movement, effectively living sections as an onscreen picture while dealing with the parts that do contain movement. These can be clever and have a good compression ratio but there is always some loss of quality.

Now my data contains all compression types, no lossless at all, and yet this totals somewhere close to...

25 Gigabytes... a BLU-RAY would be needed, 5 DVDs would be needed 40 CDs would be needed.

25,000 Megabytes

at a GUESS?!

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