Monday, 27 August 2012

Daily Routines & Pain

I thought at this point I would explain what it is I have told many authorities in my various attempts to acquire help.

The help is in a very braod spectrum of things...

Social Housing
To Work
Start my own business
Freedom Pass
Author Books (started 3 or 4 did not finish due to this have three I have finished almost)


WALKING: is painful (pain level 1-9)
(shooting pains in feet arches (sporadic- 7), ball of left foot (frequent 6), knees (sporadic-7), groin (occasional-5), Back (variable 2 to 7), now corns (frequent-6 to 8)
Then there is the sudden vomiting  or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagitis Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

NOTE: Knee pain occurs when knee locked (WHICH IT DOES NOT DO ON A BIKE). Do get some clicking with twinges though.

STANDING: stationary is even more painful
Heels (Permanent 7 to 9, Back- as above)
Then there is the sudden vomiting or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagits Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

CYCLING: Back Pain looking over shoulder. Odd twinges and clicks in knees.
Then there is the sudden vomiting or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagitis Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

CARRYING: Shoulder on right side hurts and can stiffen up

At Home:

On Sofa with feet on hard floor (as I have) heels hurt
Hips lock up in certain positions
Holding things too heavy in right hand not always possible
Bending crouching can be problematic often
Standing in shower is ... worrying!

Have accidents that seem to be worryingly increasing in frequency. Few years back no accidents on my bike for years and years and though i cycled thousands of miles, LITERALLY.

Last couple years had several accidents, last a few weeks back.

Fallen on stairs several times, covering walls and stairs with Chilli Con Carne, Weetabix (often) or various other food items! Damaged toe one time and knee on another and liekly various other things I wish to god i had now kept track of, due to slimy civil servants and their dark lords! lol.

I do not know what it is but I often get light headed and get some dizzy spells that are disoreintating and I cannot explain. When occurs as a car passenger it is utterly shite!! All I want to do is get out the car and crawl the rest of the way home!!


Plantar fasciitis (bi-lateral)
Pes Cavus (High Arched Feet)
Achilles tendonitis (bi-lateral)
Metatarsalgia (left foot)
Corns (not just bilateral but identical places in BOTH FEET, painful on right)

Suspected: Dupuytren's Contracture & Ledderhose Disease
Unknown: Locking middle toe left foot


Not known but look to be linked to Pes Cavus in feet.


Pain from Inguinal Hernia repair


Thought to be linked to Pes Cavus but X-Ray shows problem and yet to be discussed (2 weeks)


X-RAY shows something and yet to be discussed (2 weeks)


Right hand only, thank bloody God!!
Little finger slight inwards curl, pain along outside of hand when gripping carrying...
This could be the Dupuytren's Contracture and linked to shrinking Plantar fascia?!

Previously had thought that I had damaged this and never looked at or disregarded by Doctors

Now I have had this list to contend with while I have also dealt with ALL OTHER matters contained within this blog...

When really I only wanted to be involved with matters IN MY OTHER BLOGS!


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