Friday, 24 August 2012


I will add that as well as all of that I have already covered there are a number of other areas yet to go up and this will be done all in good time over the next month.

I cannot tell you the areas in question but I can tell you how many and that the shock factor will increase somewhat...

There are 10, TEN, areas left to go of my areas of battles and ASSOCIATED DATA.

As stated these must be posted at the appropriate stages in what I am doing which coincides with two things going on at the moment...

One I cannot say right now but the other is that of the Legal battle my daughter has, though I think from the preliminary hearing 'battle' may be the wrong word.

End of September is and always has been the first KEY POINT in all this and then another now in MID NOVEMBER being the second. The mid november really only came to my attention lately and I had wanted to hear of that date for sometime.

I am also expecting a solicitor to request speaking to me and asking about my data, part of the reason I set up this blog in the first place. They can access anything they need and then when the orginals are needed abd my appearence requested, likely a High Court and NOT the current County Court, I can go and take long everything I have.

Also this blog makes the old saying 'killing two birds with one stone' look like an understatement as it can help others, access for my daughter, access for her solicitor, maybe even access for a solicitor I may yet find.

Also there is always the hope that enough people being aware of these facts my increase the amount of public support for various groups of people and even in so much as forcing the government to realise that they just cannot pukl this crao anymore.

Plus I do not have to keep answering the same questions put to me by different people, it is all here to read, see and workout so I do not have to keep joining the dots.

One can but hope and maybe hope springs eternal?!

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