Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mental Patient

OK so after trying to find a way to take action against bailiffs, NHS and DWP and getting nowhere fast and in total financial difficulties due to what had taken place I meet somoene on eBay who makes me an offer, a business partnership?!

He was already importing Orchids from far east. Had girflriend and property in Thailand but plan was to have me run things on UK side, i would live in three bedroom house near coast in Norfolk he lived in Thailand and ran things that end.

I offer to go up for three days to help him out as he is inundated with work and I would get a chance to see the 'lay of the land' and him. But he begs me to stay another 23 days.

I have no cash so he buys my tobacco and food for the time I am there. However in time he starts becoming demanding, bossy and temperamental and also does not know a great deal about that he is dealing in.

NO LESS than THREE of his friends also WARN ME about him and towards the end of my stay, knackered pissed off and just want to get hom but reliant on him, two other friends who were, well suffering from severe mental problems, stay at the house.

A week before my return I had already decided this was NOT for me but he was asking me several times a day if I was still going to do it, to which I said yes. I was up there with my physical pains with no cash and had even forgotten my proper shoes and did not want to upset the apple cart.

On arriving home, despite only having a Toyota Yaris, he wanted to return to Norfolk with ALL my belongings?! As well as all my Orchids but I only gave him some of them. I figured I would leave it a week before telling him and he would drop off my things, costing around £2000, of at my home near the M25 on the way to Heathrow.

Nope, what he did was keep everything, he had VERY GAY tendencies with everything else, and start to send me hate mail on a regular basis?!

Mostly came via false account on Facebook which I deleted him from previously, as he was saying bizarre things on my Facebook Wall sounding like the NUTTER that he was and scaring half my friends. He would also make remarks about me that were untrue with the intention of some peopel thinking the wrong things about me and thought this was FUNNY?!?!

I was still recovering and suffering from my anxiety disorder due to the bailiffs and he had also been tyrying very hard to convince me I was bipolar and had been asking me to, instead of running things in the UK, MOVE TO THAILAND WITH HIM?!?!

I will only add this picture for now but I dare say I can dig up others. Needless to say this went NOWHERE at all, i even had a call from Enfield Council sayint these two would work together to help me to move house, as he was creeping in my garden taking things away and returning them months later?!

Fecking oddball!!!

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