Monday, 15 April 2013


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ME: OHH THIS OS GOOD REAL GOOD. Trust an big AMerican company to show off too much, the Tony Stark Syndrome, lol.
  • have a forward order book that stands at £19.4bn
  • operate traffic management systems covering more than 17,500kms of roads worldwide
  • provide a secure computer and software support service to all 66 UK law enforcement agencies (yes was told about this already)
  • manage 192,000 square miles of airspace in five countries
  • employ 5000 scientists
  • manage education authorities on behalf of local governments
  • provide defence support services worldwide
  • transport more than 275,000 passengers everyday on our driverless trains on London's Docklands Light Railway.

"The UK provides around 60% of our business and continues to be an exciting market for us. With our expertise and track record, and a receptive marketplace, we're developing innovative solutions for government and industry across a wide range of activities."

ME: I bet it is exciting?! WHo is running the 'book' on the winner in the battle of the races 2013?!

ME: So we are not the ONLY stupid and NAIVE ones?!...

Continental Europe and Middle East 
From our roots in IT support contracts in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, to our aeronautical, transport and airport technical services expertise in the Middle East, we have an increasingly diverse business.

Asia Pacific 
As well as operations in Australia and New Zealand, we have a presence in Hong Kong. In India, we are a leading provider of BPO services, supporting leading organisations in this rapidly growing economy.

North America 
Since entering the North American market in 1993, we've built our businesses in the US and Canada to be a leading provider of services to federal government.

 "The framework defines what we want to achieve (our Vision)"

ME: I bet it does not! LMAO!

The Work Programme is a key part of the Government’s reforms to deliver a 21st century welfare system. Serco is a FTSE 100 international service company, which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos. 
ME: Hey download the PDF?! I DID!!! LMAO!
Hertfordshire Council

Peterborough City Council

Derbyshire Dales District Council

Derby City Council

Glasgow City Council

Ealing Council

Wandsworth Council



Let us see if they had anything to do with the bailiffs and the NHS in PART TWO...

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