Monday, 15 April 2013

Department of Work and Pensions (MISNOMER) Owned by SERCO?!

OK this came as a bit of a shock... I need to look into this but too busy trying to remain with a roof over my head and food.

Odd is it not that I now cannot find the time to actually find the ultimate answers to those I have been looking for, for so very long and indeed if this is who it is I have been seeking out?!

I find the people ultimately reponsible for destroyinh the United Kingdom while performing so many inhumane actions upon my people when I would not even treat a Dog in the same manner. Just as I do locate them I have to pause because they have sent me on a wild goose chase over my rent payments and Incapacity Benefit?!

Well it all makes sense now it really does because for the longest time now dealing with Enfield Council, Waltham Forest Council and others along with the Department of Work and Pension has for over ten years now felt like dealing with a PRIVATE COMPANY and NOT a state institution?!

Indeed dealing with them of late has been exactly like dealing with private companies that have turned out to be American owned?! The kinds of companies who get caught stealing billions of Great British Pounds from us and do refuse to even turn up to the inquiry?!

How the hell is an American company, IF indeed it turns out that they ARE, end up handling the TAXES of the United Kingdom between them getting paid by millions upon millions and then haded out to a fair few and now they do not even want to do that?!

Where are the organisations and secret outfits that are supposed to protect our shores form being invaded?!?!

This is utter madness, all the time we have wasted billions on weapons and defence and the whole time we have been bloody invaded, bled dry and now left out in the cold by everyone to starve to death?!

Also if you consider that all the criminal foreigners have been allowed in this country from everywhere else almost seems like an agreement now to get them all over here to the point of tensions boiling over and then there is a civil war here, all the foreign people will get slaughtered in the process, all of them not to mention British people too. So they get rid of everyone trash for them and they get US to do it?!


Now consider this...

IF INDEED it turns out that SERCO have been running things then do you not find it a little bit two faced and odd that the Americans who told us we are bing too soft on the Muslims are the ones running the councils and the DWP and therefore the AMERICANS who are givving everything to the foreigners and not the Brits so that a conflict erupts between the different races and cultures?

This would mean that the UK has been effectively used and designated a battle ground to get all the criminal elements in, any Brits worth saving would have made money and moved overseas, then create an absolute blood bath by turning innocent people against each other then claim all the possessions left behind after the streets have ran red with blood?

Meaning that everyone is being manipulated?

Now what I foind a rather worrying thing is that in all thr ioting and protesting that I KNOW is coming these grop temslevss have been manipulated...

You will go down to the city and destroy public buildings that will be paid for by YOU and ME?!?! I never did like this philosophy and always see it as shooting yourself in the foot.

Meanwhile the properties and the houses of the perpetrators sit in the idyllic settings when their community has no idea that worshippers of Stan exist among them, lol.

Damage to their personal property and private firms would cost them andf their insurance companies, probably also AMerican owned too, so would 'hot home' and 'get the message across' a great deal more clearly than destroying ou own public buildings and costing British Small businesses money.


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