Sunday, 7 April 2013


Well added to a very shortlist only containing the reporter who appears on BBC NEWS 24 from The Independent it now appears The Observer is getting in on the act at the thirteenth hour?!

I still maintain that anyone that thinks this will actually work out fair and won't end up in the worst kind of unrest in the UK as well as and absolute surge in crime, thought its probably already at sky high levels and also curiously never reported on, are living in cloud cuckoo land.

When this is proven over the next few months and with this blog existing and he stating this all this time will you come clean and state you got it wrong?! I how so as any more crap will only fuel the public even more and you will just create even more hatred and ire and only fuel an skyway out of control situation.

Mr David Cameron I will personally hold you to that fairness statement you made and I am someone with not just one disability but more than several all treated as separate in the past but now about to be proved to be all one and the same.

This will destroy what you promised the public and the Citizen's Advice Bureau when you got in power. I also am holding you to several other things you promised too that have not materialised this far too.

You see if what you say is true then I will be awarded these Personal Independent Payments but I know you're a lying bustard and the moment I am NOT AWARDED THEM with even more pathetic lies and tricks than have been used and easily beaten to date.

Now therein lies my trap for the too four people in government and they are David Cameron, Ian Duncan Smith, George Osborne and the other one that lies and also been a Tory leader...err the foreign minister who had the blond hair HAGUE LOL, could not remember his name there for a moment, lol.

Then when I have done all this and it comes down to the work issue...well that will be a very interesting thing to FINALLY get around to and one I have long wanted to get of my proverbial chest for 15 years or more, lol.

Though I have to confess as to this discussion being laid bare right through the very core/vein of this entire blog as will as all my others too!

I did warn that it was not just this one blog but is indeed still twelve blogs which are still relevant to my points I've made and many I have yet to make.

If you do not pay attention you will be totally skinned alive and hung out to dry and yet I STILL have several back up plans that I have not not will not mention until they are in play and how it does not get that fast in all honesty.

But it is lies along with inhuman behaviour towards voters, disabled people and jobless as well as homeless that drives this and while your naivety or could not give a flying duck attitude persists them continue it shall.

With each week you will head down hill while I continue to rise and I will remember to wave to the FOUR STOOGES when I pass you sil along the way!


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