Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Many moons ago and when my daughter first disappeared from my life I found myself in another situation that there was no hep for.

Sure if this moment and records from my life were dug up I am sure certain 'parties' would say I received plenty of help but that simply would not be true. I saw plenty of people who were supposed to help and I had three periods of my life like that but they did nothing in the way of help whatsoever.

In this one particular period I was suffering over my daughter I was convinced that, due to very odd things going on, that there had been a spell cast on me as mad as it sounds. I ended up finding a guy called Keith Hudson who owned an odd store with books and Tarot cards and all manner of things to do with he occult. We met and talked regularly at his store.

Through Keith I was introduced to a Medium called Gloria and I used to meet up with her and a group of very helpful and very nice Mediums. Now although I like Gloria who was a Medium I did not like her mate who was Extra Large! I am sorry I just could not resist that joke, lol.

I remember Keith trying for the longest time to buy and read a book and I could not remember the title for the life of me. I may have bought it and lost it throughout the annal of time but I never read and probably never bought it. I also do not remember what it was about either but my memory is telling me that it was likely some conspiracy type story.

It would not surprise me to discover it had something to do with the Illuminati as oddly ever now and then this word seems to pup up with me. Now I do not really buy into certain things and the existence of any Illuminati have never been proved. This does not mean they do not exist and chaces are there are likely a group out there that call themselves the Illuminati. There could also be six groups.

It is also just one group of normal people if they exist at all and this is a big planet with many countries and many powerful and influential people, whether they be good or bad. If there WAS an Illuminati then...

They would be normal men or women with delusions of grandeur that live in a house somewhere using the bog like the rest of us.

They are not reptilian...ooh wait was not a reptile theme to do with the book in the title? Hmm where was I? I do not remember but I can say that there are not many things that distinguish one person from the next...

Their Intelligence
Their Beliefs

Of course there is also good and bad to consider but that is another matter entirely. And another POST, lol.

I find it odd when those with money want to take things out on those without. They act like their is a never ending pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow and we should all have exactly the same amount of money. Wait a minute that sounds like a communist? Or a socialist? LMAO. Yes they seem to conveniently forgot there is a finite amount of money in ANY given society.

For me this behaviour of naming and blaming is my measure of FAILURE of the people doing the blaming.

Also as far as jobs and the Welfare State goes well I would not say it is impossible to have everyon in jobs but I will say this...



You can start of by talking like you have a few synapses and speak like member of the public are intelligent, even if the two idiots I saw on the BBC News at Margaret Thatcher's funeral are brain-dead. You know speaking with a posh accent only makes you SOUND intelligent and this morning was a stark contrast fro appearing and reality. The guy standing next to her was without any synapses altogether, lol.

So stop speaking in the media like there are eleventy millions of pounds sitting around the country in bins and stop speaking like there are a dozen jobs on every street corner!

Now even with the naive and just plain stupid people that there are in the country there is one difference today and I have spent almost 9 months teaching you this lesson...

..there will always be someone like me on the Internet to teach them and SHOW THEM the truth.

How do I know there are others?

Because I have just spent NINE MONTHS training others to be like me!!!


Now please excuse me as I have to go and now attack the idiots over the fact that my Incapacity Benefit did INDEED fail to arrive in my bank account despite contacting then TWICE! I also have to sort out Enfield Council too.

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