Sunday, 7 April 2013


Well I imagine that headline will appear before very long...

You see Mr. Osborne claims to be in time with the majority of the public and he could court possible mean the British public so he must have a second home paid for by taxpayers and on MARS as that must be the public he is talking about. The Martian Public as depicted by H.G. Wells no doubt as World Domination and abuse of the human race seems to be all the rage these days.


Well we will see won't we George Osborne? History will be set in done before long and you, all your lies, naivety and destroyer of civilised British Society along with the small minority of idiots that agree with you will be remembered fire all the worst possible reasons.

Also I don't know where you get off gaping on about bedroom tax and other changes. I think you will find I for one have expressed no opinion on this matter. Also I never said that the WELFARE SYSTEM was OK and I think you will find that if you our anyone else gets their facts straight I strongly believed it needed a huge overhaul.

However what I dislike is people like you, liars who now doubt come from money probably cheated our of the public lol, who will use the fact that out is broken to break it even more to get you, your chums and your cronies out of your hole!

You see I KNOW FOR A FACT that I have not only proved this but will continue to do so and you chose so very unwisely to alter the welfare state and use cloak and dagger tactics to screw disabled people out if money. Also if it was fairer, by the way you have a very warped idea of the word fair, you would not have wiped out the word disability in the welfare state!

You see while everyone else was running around like headless chickens worrying about what they were going to lose in the changeover I was fast more interested in the deletion of the very term as a fast bigger threat.

This was totally missed by many campaigners I came into contact with briefly. You are trying to kick disabled people off the welfare state altogether.

What is sad us that this who are unsure of their own jobs or careers now as elk as fit people on benefits should pay very close attention to this and for two very good reasons...

1) Obviously and at any point this could be you One day...

2) If they can treat sick and disabled people like they are what chance does anyone else have with being treated fairly and with common decency?

As I said before this looking after your own arse and only worrying about number one is self defeating I am afraid. You will not win any battles as a single man army or a very small army.

Also failure to appreciate difficulties in the lives of others is going to have some pretty serious consequences before very long.

At heart I am a mathematician and scientist and I know a thing our two about people....

...there is a point when so many have been guru our greatly suffered that it then spreads like wildfire because it has had a knock on effect to do many that everyone it almost everyone is affected.

Now when THIS happens I can tell you this...

...whatever you think you have in place to protect yourselves you will find either disintegrating before your eyes or realise that certain options have been rendered redundant.

But do not worry yourself over this...I will explain more when the time comes...not long now just a couple if months should do it and if it had not taken place by then it will at least be obvious that it Erik only be down to a matter of time.

Then I can call you and your cronies whatever I want, especially that pathetic dunce Ian Duncan Smith.


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