Monday, 15 April 2013


A very llong time ago and way, way back at the beginning of this blog which started over 8 months ago from posting this post I said something to you all.

Now I have said over and over and over again to see the bigger picture you need to SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE and this wont be done by flicking through a few posts.

Life does not fit into bite sized sound bites and if you or someone you know is hurting, suffering, in pain or worse DEAD it is because you are unwilling to learn.

SO at the beginning and THROUGHOUT the life of this blog I stated that it was dead easy to catch them ALL AT IT because the lies and tricks were EXACTLY THE SAME?!
 If you are unaware that I stated this not only once but bloody repeatedly and several dozen times well to put it simply you are NOT helping yourselves!!

Now I initally thought that this was because all orders went right to the top, meaning Prime Minister David Cameron but this is not true and did not sit well with me anyway. I had long since maintained they were mere puppets and window dressing and took their orders from elsewhere.

Now go back to what I said about all the lies and tricks were the same no matter whether or not it was the NHS, Police, Local Councils, the DWP, any of a a group of other organisations besides these too.


An AMerican company running British Instututions because we are too stupid to run our own?!

Managed to fool an entire nation by using the same tactics, lies and manipulation techniques across several industries?!?!

The people who curiously pay out to any foreigners that come here (you had better doe a search on my blog for the Home Office UK Border Agency File I have in my possession) no matter how bloody pathetic the lies so that they can start a rasce war and rid this land of too many people, plus all the villainous foreigners allowed to coe over?!

Maybe the company took payments from the governments of these countries to rid them of their criminal segment of society?!

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