Saturday, 6 April 2013


OK my turn to br frustrated with the weathermen, or someone, SOMEWHERE?!

Now I heard that the cold weather, that has been battering me senseless and at times though was going to just do me in there in the street and leave me for dead, was going to continue up until the end of April?!

So after two years of needing to do it, I went out and bought a jacket, and one to help me with the wildlife in being forest green in colour which I bought from Millets and a Peter Storm jacket.

Got it in a sale and only one my size and I am pleased with it. Only, and I am damned sure I remarked about exactly what I am going to tell you next but I said that with MY LUCK as soon as I buy it, it will go bloody warm and sunny in a matter of bloody days.

I was out today with my Barr & Stroud binoculars and my Olympus Super Zoom Camera filming and getting photos of Wildlife cooking in the sun at times in my very first day OUT with my new GREEN JACKET?!?!

For the F&#?$~#;{}!!! LOVE OF GOD!!!

Bloody £40 spent I could have done with holding onto because yet another incompetent idiot being paid a vast salalry to be an idiot says freezing cold up until the end of April?!

Now the Met Office is saying it will gradually creep up in temperature over the next week? Meaning that if today is anything to go by I should have ordered those sleeveless green fishing jackets I saw on Amazon and I could have bought two for half the price of this jacket?!?!



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